UK Government Experiments On Animals With EBOLA and PLAGUE Exposed

THOUSANDS of animals have been infected with deadly diseases including Ebola and the plague in “grotesque” experiments funded by the British government, it can be revealed.

A rabbit and monkey being tested at Porton Down laboratoryCRUELTY FREE INTERNATIONAL

Rabbits and monkeys are just some of the thousands of animals being tested at Porton Down laboratory

Ministry of Defence (MoD) researchers have tested on 4,124 monkeys, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents in the last year alone.

They all died during the torturous process, which can last months, while others were slaughtered at the end of tests, which have sparked fury from animal rights campaigners.

The greusome testing has seen marmoset monkeys infected with haemorrhagic fever, macaques infected with Tuberculosis, mice given Ebola and pneumonic plague, and rabbits forced to endure infected wounds.

Animals are abused in the Government-owned Porton Down laboratory in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to improve medical treatments within the military.

Previous experiments carried out at the laboratory include pigs being blown up or exposed to lethal chemical warfare agents such as phosgene and sulphur mustard, and marmosets infected with anthrax and guinea pigs poisoned with toxic nerve agents.

Animal rights group Cruelty Free International claim details of these warfare experiments are not included in annual animal-testing statistics published by the Home Office meaning many people will have no idea the suffering is taking place.


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