Facebook Now Knows & Records Every Website You Visit

I’ve written before about Facebook and it’s invasion of privacy, and their ever-increasing careless attitude towards protecting our information.  You can read about that here.  Now, Facebook is taking it even further, by harvesting not only all of your private and personal data – but, also, it is logging and recording EVERY single website you visit.

According to a report from Natural News [1]:

You probably know that Facebook collects and stores your personal data and preferences to form a profile that it uses to generate advertising content targeted directly at you. But did you know that Facebook also looks at all the other websites you visit and stores that data, too? Facebook also collects your online search data along with some of the details you give to retailers when you purchase something.

Zuckerberg and his Facebook shareholders make huge amounts of money by partnering with what are known as “data brokers.”

Bruce Schneier, a data security expert, defines data brokers as entities which:

‘collect demographic information: names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, gender, age, marital status, presence and ages of children in household, education level, profession, income level, political affiliation, cars driven, and information about homes and other property. They collect lists of things you’ve purchased, when you’ve purchased them, and how you paid for them. They keep track of deaths, divorces, and diseases in your family. They collect everything about what you do on the Internet.’

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