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The Feds want speed limiters and surveillance devices installed in every car, truck and bus

The Feds want speed limiters and surveillance devices installed in every car, truck and bus.

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Welsh Island Haunted By 20,000 Ghosts Looking For New Manager

A Welsh Island reportedly inhabited by 20,000 ghosts, a farmer or two, and some sheep is looking for a new manager for the winter.

According to RT.com [1]:

The Welsh island, known as Bardsey Island, has special significance for the Celtic church. According to local legend, it is inhabited by the ghosts of 20,000 saints who were buried there.

Bardsey Island Trust, the body responsible for its upkeep, said the job is a “unique opportunity.”

The Island’s current manager, Rhodri Evans, will step down after two years to pursue a path in the arts.

Caroline Williams, who works for the Bardsey Island Trust, told the Times the job is dual-pronged.

“For six months of the year over the spring and summer, the role is about looking after the visitors who come to the island, and the cottages,” she said.

“Then for the other six months, the role changes and it is more isolated, and the job is about keeping up the maintenance on the island over the winter.”

welsh island

Despite its remote position, Bardsey Island has solar panels and internet access. Castaways interested in the position are required to speak Welsh and English and should apply before the close of July 31.

source http://yournewswire.com/welsh-island-haunted-by-20000-ghosts-looking-for-new-manager/

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Should You Buy a Sound Card for Your PC?

If there’s one thing music lovers would love, it is better quality of sound. Distortion-free, high quality and natural sounding sound. Unfortunately, since we live in this so-called digital world, we’ve got to deal with things like ‘electrical interference’ and the likes. Which begs the question – should anyone really consider buying a sound card for a PC?

Standard Sound Card

Audio Experience On PCs

Granted that talking about the audio experience on PCs is not as exciting as talking about Titan X graphic cards with SLI and 3 monitor setup with 4K display, but the truth is – audio experience is a big part of whatever media you enjoy on your PC. It’s not just about audiophiles or gaming enthusiasts, everyone loves listening to music and there is no point in putting up with an average experience.

Understanding PC Builds

A PC is not really the ideal place for any kind of hardware to be added for enhancing sound. Why, you ask? Well, as I’ve already mentioned, we have to put up with electrical interferences of all kinds in our digital lives and there are plenty of such issues inside a PC.

You have several different components inside a PC which are connected to the power source, like the motherboard, the hard drives and even your graphic cards (if you have those). Each of these components will surely then, in some way, produce electrical interference.

PC Internal

Electrical Interference Is Your Enemy

This interference will bleed in to the portion where you’re adding the sound card and will manifest itself as some kind of hissing or distortion of some kind. That’s not saying that the computing industry hasn’t made any progress in this regard. In fact, integrated audio has got a whole lot better in recent years from the early days. But, not a lot of this advancement helped in amplifying sound clearly and without, you know, interference!

continue http://www.guidingtech.com/47356/sound-card-necessary/

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ProxyHam’s early demise gives way to new and improved privacy devices

Privacy advocates disappointed about the sudden and unexplained demise of the ProxyHam device for connecting to the Internet have reason to cheer up: there are two similarly low-cost boxes that do the same thing or even better.

The more impressive of the two is the ProxyGambit, a $235 device that allows people to access an Internet connection from anywhere in the world without revealing their true location or IP address. One-upping the ProxyHam, its radio link can offer a range of up to six miles, more than double the 2.5 miles of the ProxyHam. More significantly, it can use a reverse-tunneled GSM bridge that connects to the Internet and exits through a wireless network anywhere in the world, a capability that provides even greater range.

Its creator, serial hacker Samy Kamkar, wrote in a blog post:

A high speed (150Mbps+) link is available with direct line of sight from 10km+ away, or if further away, a 2G GSM connection produces a reverse TCP tunnel serializing a shell into the device accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet or GSM. Either method proxies your connection through local wifi networks near the device, shielding and making it more difficult to determine your true location, IP and identity.

ProxyGambit is an improvement and reincarnation of ProxyHam, the promising device that was to debut at Defcon 2015, yet vanished with no source, documentation or reason for its “destruction”. ProxyHam “promised to mask your location online by putting you up to 2.5 miles away from your router”

continue http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/07/proxyhams-early-demise-gives-way-to-new-and-improved-privacy-devices/

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Darth Vader Leads Funeral For Badass Grandmother

Lorna Johnson, a 56-year-old tarot-card-carrying ‘White Witch,’ was laid to rest by a funeral party that included Darth Vader and Beetljuice. The Luton, UK grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer in October of 2014, and died in June of this year.

“My mum’s favourite time of year was Halloween,” son Neil Johnson told the Guardian. She always “said you need to celebrate, you need to have a party. So we’re not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. My mum wouldn’t want that.”

Johnson leaves behind four children and 10 grandchildren; her husband died in November. Co-op Funeralcare funeral director Brett Houghton led the service dressed as Darth Vader.

(h/t: guardian)

“My mum’s favourite time of year was Halloween. We always had parties, dressed up, decorated the house. The kids loved it, we loved it. It was something we always did”

“She classed herself as a white witch and was into the tarot readings and that sort of thing”

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Smartphone use can reveal if you are depressed: Study

Smartphone use can reveal if you are depressed: Study

NEW YORK: The more time you spend on your phone, the more likely you are suffering from depression, says a study.

According to researchers, depression can be detected from your smartphone sensor data by tracking the number of minutes you use the phone and your daily geographical locations.

The team from Northwestern University found that the average daily usage for depressed individuals was about 68 minutes.

For non-depressed individuals, it was about 17 minutes.

Spending most of your time at home and most of your time in fewer locations was also linked to depression.

Also, having a less regular day-to-day schedule, leaving your house and going to work at different times each day, for example, is also linked to depression.

“With phone sensor and GPS data, we can detect if a person has depressive symptoms and the severity of those symptoms without asking them any questions,” said senior study author David Mohr from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

continue http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/computing/Smartphone-use-can-reveal-if-you-are-depressed-Study/articleshow/48113500.cms

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Canadian hitchhiking robot takes on the US

You wouldn’t hurt a cute little robot, eh?

A squeaky-voiced robot from Canada is throwing down the gauntlet in a politeness challenge to the U.S.—can it hitchhike across the country and survive intact?

HitchBot will begin an epic journey across the U.S. on Friday, thumbing rides from Massachusetts to California in what will be a test of both public manners and attitudes toward anthropomorphic machines. It will make its way from Salem to San Francisco, following successful treks across Canada and Germany and a sojourn in the Netherlands.

Like all hitchhikers, HitchBot relies upon the kindness of strangers. It’s placed along a roadside, one rubber glove thumb in the air, and waits for a kindly motorist to pick it up, carry it into a vehicle and haul it down the road.

The kid-sized bot attracted significant media attention in Canada during its 6,000-kilometer journey from Halifax to Victoria last year. Left on a road by Halifax airport, it was picked up minutes later. After 19 lifts over three and a half weeks, it was on the Pacific coast in the capital of British Columbia.

HitchBot doesn’t have much in terms of robotic features. It’s fashioned from what seem to be odds and ends from a garage—a bucket, a child booster seat, pool noodles, a cake saver, yellow gardening gloves and yellow rubber boots.

continue http://www.itworld.com/article/2949634/canadian-hitchhiking-robot-takes-on-the-us.html#tk.rss_news

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HackingTeam’s evil Android app had code to bypass Google Play screening

Security researchers at Trend Micro’s Trend Labs have uncovered a trick in a sample of a fake news application for Android created by the network exploitation tool provider HackingTeam that may have allowed the company’s customers to sneak spyware through the Google Play store’s code review. While the application in question may have only been downloaded fewer than 50 times from Google Play, the technique may have been used in other Android apps developed for Hacking Team customers—and may now be copied by others trying to get malware onto Android devices.

The sample app, called “BeNews”, is designed as a Trojan horse for Hacking Team’s RCSAndroid “backdoor” malware. It used the name of a defunct news site to make it seem like a legitimate Android application. Wish Wu of Trend Labs wrote in a blog post that Trend Labs team found the source code for the app within the leaked Hacking Team files, along with documentation “that teaches customers how to use it,” he wrote. “Based on these, we believe that the Hacking Team provided the app to customers to bus used as a lure to download RCSAndroid malware on a target’s Android device.”

The app exploits a local privilege escalation vulnerability in Android which has been determined to affect all versions of the mobile operating system from Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) to 4.4.4 (“KitKat”). Other versions may be vulnerable as well, according to Wish. The exploit, which also affected other Linux operating systems, was documented last summer.

continue http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/07/hackingteams-evil-android-app-had-code-to-bypass-google-play-screening/

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