Should You Buy a Sound Card for Your PC?

If there’s one thing music lovers would love, it is better quality of sound. Distortion-free, high quality and natural sounding sound. Unfortunately, since we live in this so-called digital world, we’ve got to deal with things like ‘electrical interference’ and the likes. Which begs the question – should anyone really consider buying a sound card for a PC?

Standard Sound Card

Audio Experience On PCs

Granted that talking about the audio experience on PCs is not as exciting as talking about Titan X graphic cards with SLI and 3 monitor setup with 4K display, but the truth is – audio experience is a big part of whatever media you enjoy on your PC. It’s not just about audiophiles or gaming enthusiasts, everyone loves listening to music and there is no point in putting up with an average experience.

Understanding PC Builds

A PC is not really the ideal place for any kind of hardware to be added for enhancing sound. Why, you ask? Well, as I’ve already mentioned, we have to put up with electrical interferences of all kinds in our digital lives and there are plenty of such issues inside a PC.

You have several different components inside a PC which are connected to the power source, like the motherboard, the hard drives and even your graphic cards (if you have those). Each of these components will surely then, in some way, produce electrical interference.

PC Internal

Electrical Interference Is Your Enemy

This interference will bleed in to the portion where you’re adding the sound card and will manifest itself as some kind of hissing or distortion of some kind. That’s not saying that the computing industry hasn’t made any progress in this regard. In fact, integrated audio has got a whole lot better in recent years from the early days. But, not a lot of this advancement helped in amplifying sound clearly and without, you know, interference!


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