How Dumb Are Americans? Coloring Books for Adults on Best Seller Lists

It’s been painfully obvious for years that common sense and intelligence are vanishing commodities.

Just go out in any public area and take note of the number of people plugged into their electronic gadgets, completely disconnected from the world around them. Go anyplace where groups of people are conversing and listen to the coarse language and locker-room talk.

Watch cable, listen to popular music, browse trendy galleries and cringe at what passes for culture these days. Peruse websites like Media Matters, the Daily Kos and Huffington Post and marvel at how low the national conversation can go.

(I know, glass houses, etc. At least I reserve my cussing for special occasions.)

But it’s a lingering question, just how dumb are we getting?

Dumb enough, apparently, that some of the hottest selling books today are coloring books … for adults.

No, not that kind of “adult.” But actual coloring books full of flowers, cities, pretty pictures and the like intended to make adults spend hours filling in the shapes with colored pens, pencils or even crayons.

A check of Amazon’s Top 20 best sellers this week showed as many as eight adult coloring books.

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