Nazi Concentration Camp Victim’s Remains Found… In Jars

A memorial near Strasbourg to the 86 Jews killed for August Hirt's medical experiments

A memorial near Strasbourg to the 86 Jews killed for August Hirt’s medical experiments
Image: Christian Lutz

REMAINS BELONGING TO victims of Nazi anatomy professor August Hirt have been found at a forensic medicine institute in Strasbourg, eastern France, local authorities said in a statement.

86 Jews had been sent to the gas chambers in 1943 and their bodies brought to the French city , then under Nazi occupation and where Hirt was assembling a macabre collection of corpses.

The bodies, some intact, others dismembered or burned, were found in November 1944 after the liberation of Strasbourg, in bins filled with distilled alcohol. They were then buried in a common grave in 1946 following autopsies.

But on 9 July, historian Raphael Toledano found that some remains were still lying undiscovered at the forensic medicine institute more than 70 years on.

Along with the current director of the institute Jean-Sebastien Raul, the historian managed to identify several of the body parts, including “a jar containing skin fragments of a gas chamber victim”.

Test-tubes containing the intestine and stomach of a victim were also found.

The remains found at the institute had actually been preserved by a forensic professor from Strasbourg’s medicine faculty, Camille Simonin, as part of an investigation into Hirt’s crimes.


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