Flash is dying. Here’s how to kill it

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They say you should never compromise your security for the sake of simplicity.

And yet most of us have installed Flash, the popular web browser plugin at some point in the last year, because a popup said so, or for a time you needed it for that Facebook game you played once, but never used again. All the meanwhile, you’re open season to hackers and malware — even if you didn’t know it. Just this month alone, three previously undisclosed vulnerabilities were found in the trove of data stolen from the surveillance company Hacking Team.

Flash is buggy, riddled with security vulnerabilities, requires updating every few days (at least it seems), and hogs your computer’s memory. Flash is a burden on your online life, and yet you put up with it because the impression is that — you would think — that the internet would be a duller, pixelated place where rich video and animated content no longer existed.

Flash may have been for a while the be-all and end-all for the web experience. You’d be wrong. Almost anyone using a phone or a tablet nowadays is already on the Flash-less experience, and you probably didn’t realize it. Flash was never allowed on the iPhone or iPad, and Android ditched the plugin in 2012.

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