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English Bulldog Absolutely LOVES Pinball

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Government Agent Blows Up Federal Lab While Making Meth — No Arrests, No Charges

Not that meth labs are wonderful or anything, but once again, this shows there is one rule for the government, another for everyone else. The government loves to fight the drug war… and make the drugs, too.


Gaithersburg, Maryland – A high-ranking NIST officer was recently forced to resign after creating an explosion inside of a government lab while attempting to manufacture methamphetamine.

According to NBC News, the explosion happened at the Gaithersburg, Md. campus of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, around 7:30 PM on Saturday.

An officer on the scene, who has not been named by police, was reportedly found with severe burns on his hands and arms, implicating him in the explosion.

Additionally, supplies were found on the scene that are typically associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine. When they arrived, police reportedly found pseudoephedrine, drain opener and even a recipe for methamphetamine.

Witnesses told police that after the explosion, the officer was seen throwing something in the trash and then running to his care to hide a duffle bag. The officer then attempted to tell police that he accidentally burned himself with a lighter.

SOURCE http://washingtonweeklynews.com/government-agent-blows-up-federal-lab-while-making-meth-no-arrests-no-charges/

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Ripping CDs and movies for personal use is once again illegal in UK

Making copies of copyrighted music and videos for personal use is again illegal in the UK because of a ruling by the High Court issued today.

Today’s ruling quashes the 2014 regulation that made it legal to make personal copies of performances for private use as long as the person doing so has lawfully acquired the content and doesn’t distribute it to anyone else. That regulation allowed people to make backups or play songs or movies in different formats but didn’t allow selling copies or sharing them with family and friends.

But the High Court ruled last month that the regulation hadn’t been enacted properly. The personal use exception wasn’t immediately thrown out because other remedies could have been considered, but today’s ruling takes it off the books.

“A judge ruled that the government was wrong legally when it decided not to introduce a compensation scheme for songwriters, musicians, and other rights holders who face losses as a result of their copyright being infringed,” the BBC reported. The decision came “after a legal challenge from Basca, the Musicians’ Union, and industry representatives UK Music.”

It seems unlikely that anyone would be punished for making copies if they’re not distributing them. “It’s unclear how the change will be enforced,” the BBC noted. “Court action was rare under the previous law and the industry often turned a blind eye to people copying data for personal use.

continue http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/07/ripping-cds-and-movies-for-personal-use-is-once-again-illegal-in-uk/

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Oslo Creates World’s First ‘Highway’ to Protect Endangered Bees

oslo_bee_highwayFrom flower-emblazoned cemeteries to rooftop gardens and balconies, Norway’s capital Oslo is creating a “bee highway” to protect endangered pollinators essential to food production.

“We are constantly reshaping our environment to meet our needs, forgetting that other species also live in it,” Agnes Lyche Melvaer, head of the Bybi, an environmental group supporting urban bees, which is leading the project.

“To correct that we need to return places to them to live and feed,” she explained, sitting on a bench in a lush city centre square bursting with early Nordic summer growth.

With its sunflowers, marigolds and other nectar-bearing flowers planted by bee-loving locals and school children, Abel’s Garden was until recently covered only in grass but is now a floral “feeding station” for bees.

Oslo’s “bee highway” aims to give the insects a safe passage through the city, lined with relays providing food and shelter – the first such system in the world, according to the organisers.

Participants in the project – state bodies, companies, associations and private individuals – are invited to post their contribution on a website (polli.no), which maps out the bees’ route across the city.

On the 12th floor of an ultra-modern office block in the capital’s chic business district on the edge of Oslo fjord, a major accountancy firm has covered parts of its terrace in brightly-flowering Sedum plants and two bee hives.

continue http://fracturedparadigm.com/2015/07/22/oslo-creates-worlds-first-highway-to-protect-endangered-bees/

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