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Finnish Politician Suggests Tracker Implants for Welfare Recipients


A politician from Finland’s conservative Finns Party suggested implanting welfare recipients with satellite-tracking chips following news that some recipients continued receiving payments after leaving the country to join ISIL.

A member of Finland’s right-wing Finns Party, Pasi Maenranta, has suggested implanting all recipients of government assistance with satellite-tracked chips if they choose to leave the country.

Maenranta made the proposal after Finnish media revealed that some recipients of government assistance continued to receive payments after leaving the country to join ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Maenranta does not believe that the idea raises privacy concerns because of existing tracking technology in services such as Facebook.

“The law should be changed: To receive payments from Kela [the Social Insurance Institution], one has to tell exact data about your location using your personal code, read by a satellite. It is also possible to implant electronic chips to all going abroad, who for example receive medical welfare from Kela,” Maenranta wrote on his Facebook page.

continue http://www.sputniknews.com/europe/20150813/1025708375/finland-finns-party-tracking-implant-welfare.html

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Hesitation can get you killed.

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NASA wants you to design a smartwatch app for astronauts

Ed White became the first American to “walk” in space on June 3, 1965. On his left arm is an Omega Speedmaster. NASA

For as long as there have been humans in space, there have been watches accompanying them on their wrists, with the most famous being the Omega Speedmaster worn by NASA’s astronauts. Now, with the age of the smartwatch upon us, astronauts may be strapping something new to their wrists.

A space-faring smartwatch would offer more than the stopwatch and counter functions of the manual-wind Speedmaster, as classy as that is. NASA has posted a contest to Freelancer requesting a smartwatch app that could be used by astronauts in space, with a reward of $1,500 for the winning app.

continue http://www.cnet.com/news/nasa-wants-you-to-design-a-smartwatch-app-for-astronauts/#ftag=CAD590a51e

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This Doctor Prescribes Fruits And Vegetables Instead Of Drugs

Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” Most doctors don’t seem to take that kind of thinking to heart, seeking to surgically remove and medicate away every problem. That isn’t the case for one doctor.

Dr. Garth Davis, a progressive doctor out of Houston, Texas, began prescribing vegetables and fruits instead of drugs in the hopes that the essential nourishment plants bring our bodies might begin to cure some of his patients.

Dr. Davis is the medical director of bariatric surgery at the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. So far, his patients have been responding well to the changes.

“As physicians, we perform surgery or prescribe medications to our patients to make them well,” says Davis. “Why not also educate them on healthy eating, and make fresh fruits and vegetables readily available?”

continue http://higherperspectives.com/farmacy/

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Undercover videos critical to exposing abuse: Column

Just the sounds from an undercover video recorded at an Idaho dairy farm would give most people chills. Workers’ roars echo off the slick floors and walls, punctuated by the deafening cracks of metal poles against the animals’ skin and bones. Sick and injured cows bellow in agony as they are kicked, stomped on, dragged, beaten, and even sexually molested.

Without undercover investigations, sadistic and often criminal acts of animal cruelty on factory farms would go undetected, unaddressed, and unpunished as would major threats to public health and the environment. This is a fact to which Mercy For Animals can attest.

A recent injunction against videos by the Center for Medical Progress allegedly exposing abuses within Planned Parenthood has raised questions about undercover videos. We believe those who conduct undercover investigations have an ethical responsibility to present their findings accurately. Investigations should be used to expose cruelty and wrongdoing, not to defame or mischaracterize.

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Earth’s frogs threatened by spreading tadpole disease

Researchers are worried that new parasitic infection found in tadpoles could further imperil frog populations. Photo by PeterVrabel/Shutterstock

EXETER, England, Aug. 11 (UPI) — Researchers have found a newly identified parasitic disease in tadpoles — one that could threaten global frog populations.

The unnamed disease is caused by a parasitic protist, a single-celled microorganism, which invades tadpole livers. Scientists at the University of Exeter recently tested tadpoles from six countries across three continents, and found the protists present in a variety of species.

“Global frog populations are suffering serious declines and infectious disease has been shown to be a significant factor,” Exeter professor Thomas Richards explained in a press release. “Our work has revealed a previously unidentified microbial group that infects tadpole livers in frog populations across the globe.”

“We now need to figure out if this novel microbe — a distant relative of oyster parasites — causes significant disease and could be contributing to the frog population declines,” Richards said.

continue http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2015/08/11/Earths-frogs-threatened-by-spreading-tadpole-disease/1961439315816/

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