Heinz ordered to drop ‘ketchup’ from labels in Israel

Heinz Ketchup on a supermarket shelf. File Photo by Gary C. Caskey/UPI

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JERUSALEM, Aug. 24 (UPI) — The Israeli government ordered food maker Heinz to stop using the word “ketchup” in its labeling due to the low amount of “tomato solids” in the product.

The Health Ministry ordered Heinz to remove the word “ketchup” from its labeling in favor of “tomato seasoning” following lobbying by Osem, Israel’s leading ketchup manufacturer.

Osem accused Heinz of having only 21 percent tomato concentrate in its ketchup instead of the 61 percent it claims in advertising.

continue http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2015/08/24/Heinz-ordered-to-drop-ketchup-from-labels-in-Israel/8331440441446/

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