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No more mind-control weapons targeting Richmond residents


Everything on today’s menu is low-fat and high-fiber. Consume as much as you wish:

  • Few societal threats escape the watchful eye of the Richmond City Council, so it was no surprise Tuesday night that it voted its opposition to airborne weapons systems that have purportedly targeted residents with mind-control technology. You read that correctly.

    After a dozen professed victims told of pain suffered from chemtrails, particle beams and electromagnetic radiation, the council voted 5-2 in favor of Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles’ resolution “in support of the Space Preservation Act and the Space Preservation Treaty to permanently ban spaced-based weapons,” with Mayor Tom Butt and Councilman Vinay Pimple dissenting.

    “I’m just a dumb City Council person,” Butt said, “and this is way, way over my head. I frankly think it’s way out of the purview of what this City Council should be taking up.”

    Colleague Nat Bates was more understanding: “I’m going to support the resolution for the simple reason that we have voted on a lot of dumb ideas.”

  • With the 7th District state Senate race now thankfully over, it will be strange not to see my stoop-shouldered letter carrier lugging a wad of oversized political mailers to our mailbox. The final tally at the Barnidge address was 61 — 14 for Susan Bonilla and 18 attacking her; 17 for Steve Glazer and 12 attacking him. If all the money spent on these pieces had been given to the Leukemia Foundation, we could have stamped out the disease.
  • continue http://www.mercurynews.com/barnidge/ci_28154576/barnidge-no-more-mind-control-weapons-targeting-richmond
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California: Protect Your Driver’s License Privacy

The California Legislature wants the DMV to start issuing “Enhanced Driver Licenses” (EDL), similar to a REAL ID, that contain an RFID tag that could expose information about you from up to 30 feet away.

We need your help to bring S.B. 249 to a screeching halt by calling or emailing your state legislator today.

Up until a few days ago, the EDL program proposed in the bill would have prohibited companies from requiring employees to get EDLs, or discriminating against those who refused to get them. The bill also required the unique ID number stored in the RFID tag to be encrypted or otherwise protected from unauthorized reading.

Notice how we’re using past tense?

continue https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/09/california-protect-your-drivers-license-privacy

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Hackers Abuse Satellite Internet Links To Remain Anonymous

Poorly secured satellite-based Internet links are being abused by nation-state hackers, most notably by the Turla APT group, to hide command-and-control operations, researchers at Kaspersky Lab said today.

Active for close to a decade, Turla’s activities were exposed last year; the Russian-speaking gang has carried out espionage campaigns against more than 500 victims in 45 countries, most of those victims in critical areas such as government agencies, diplomatic and military targets, and others.

Its use of hijacked downstream-only links is a cheap ($1,000 a year to maintain) and simple means of moving malware and communicating with compromised machines, Kaspersky researchers wrote in a report. Those connections, albeit slow, are a beacon for hackers because links are not encrypted and ripe for abuse.


“Once an IP address that is routed through the satellite’s downstream link is identified, the attackers start listening for packets coming from the internet to this specific IP,” the researchers wrote. “When such a packet is identified, for instance a TCP/IP SYN packet, they identify the source and spoof a reply packet (e.g. SYN ACK) back to the source using a conventional Internet line.”

The victim, meanwhile, is none the wiser because the link ignores the packet because it’s going to an unconventional port.

– See more at: https://threatpost.com/turla-apt-group-abusing-satellite-internet-links/114586/#sthash.x2atFd9X.dpuf

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How to Stop Windows 7/8.1 from Nagging You to Upgrade to Windows 10

One of the updates that Microsoft installed on Windows 7/8.1 systems installs something called GWX that resides in the tray and periodically pops up to suggest that you upgrade to Windows 10. A previous tip discussed a way to temporarily disable this notification. The procedure isn’t that complicated but it does involve several steps and some PC users would prefer a little utility to do the job. If you are one of the many people who find the pop-up to be annoying and want a little program to disable it, you can try a new utility called GWX Stopper.

GWX Stopper is from Josh Mayfield, who gives a nice description of what his little program does and how to use it at his blog. The program is a single 4.2 MB executable  and is portable with no need for installation. VirusTotal gives it a clean bill of health. The download link is here. There is a simple interface (example shown below) where you can toggle the nag screen notifications off or back on. Very easy to use and ideal for those who are irritated by pop-up windows.

GWX Stopper

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source http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-stop-windows-781-nagging-you-upgrade-windows-10.htm

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Relationship Trouble? Blame It On Facebook

A therapist asks couples to unfriend each other on Facebook if they want to make their bond stronger 
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In an age of when internet and social networking sites have become an indispensable part of our lives, a therapist asks couples to unfriend each other on Facebook if they want to make their bond stronger. Named Ian Kerner, the counselor disclosed that he had created a Facebook account only to find that it has a very bad impact on marriages. Facebook, Ian Kerner, social networking sites , internet , Relationship Trouble

“I realised for a little while with my own wife that I didn’t really want her to be my friend on Facebook. I didn’t want all of that extra information. If anything, I wanted less information – I wanted more mystery and more unpredictability. I didn’t want to know that she was posting about being tired or having her third coffee for the day. So I specifically unfriended her during my brief tenure on Facebook. It’s something that I do recommend to couples,” he said.

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VIDEO: Why You Should Want To Limit Government

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A Profound Reality Shock Contained In A Little-Known 1980s Film

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Vitamin C Can Reduce Heart Disease in Obese Without Exercise, Study Suggests

Vitamin C Can Reduce Heart Disease in Obese Without Exercise, Study Suggests
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Researchers have found that Vitamin C is just good as exercise for obese/overweight. The findings are important for especially those who cannot incorporate exercise into daily routine

Obese and overweight can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease if they take vitamin C supplements daily. A new research from University of Colorado suggests that vitamin C can be as effective as exercise for obese, overweight adults.

The obese and overweight people are advised to exercise for improving their health but only less than 50% took up exercise regimen.

Now researchers have found a sort of solution to this problem. They indicate that regular intake of Vitamin C may offer similar benefits to obese/overweight as exercise. For the research, 15 subjects were asked to do brisk walking while 20 were asked to take vitamin C supplements daily. The trail period continued for three months. Though, neither group lost any weight at the end of the trial but their blood vessel function improved and the risk of developing heart disease also reduced.

The blood vessels of obese or overweight have high activity of protein endothelin (ET)-1. Because of elevated levels of endothelin-1, blood vessels become more susceptible to constricting, meaning less responsive to blood flow demands. It is already proven that exercise lowers ET-1 activity but scientists here want to know whether vitamin C can also contribute in reducing ET-1 activity.

continue http://www.i4u.com/2015/09/94852/vitamin-c-can-reduce-heart-disease-obese-without-exercise-study-suggests

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How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert

Einstein once said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

The same could be said of intelligence. What they don’t tell you is that the “smart” people of the world are, in most cases, just better at researching and learning things than everyone else.

But researching is a learned skill, not something you’re born with.

And while some people might be predisposed to learn things more easily than others, it’s generally not enough to make a measurable difference.

By learning how to research, you can quickly and fairly easily become knowledgeable about just about anything. And with the Internet, almost anything you could ever want to know is at your fingertips. You just have to learn how to access it.

It’s all there, online, for free. Here are the techniques I’ve used to find pretty much anything online.

continue http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/12/how-to-find-anything-online-become-an-internet-research-expert/

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YouTube Reportedly Bypassing Ad Blockers On Google Chrome

Twitter is alit today, it seems, with news of Google neutralising AdBlock Plus. The popular extension, originally created by Wladimir Palant in 2006, is used by many to bypass ads hosted on the internet, including the video ads served by Google’s video streaming site.

It has drawn the ire of many web publishers and websites alike for allegedly curtailing their revenues significantly. In an attempt to shore up the almost non-existent profits from YouTube, Google might have finally found a way of skirting the extension. Multiple Twitter users are now posting their accounts, including images, of Chrome circumventing the extension’s ad-averse net:

continue http://www.neowin.net/news/google-chrome-reportedly-bypassing-adblock-forces-users-to-watch-full-length-video-ads

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No, The FCC Is Not (Intentionally) Trying To Kill Third-Party Wi-Fi Router Firmware

For a few months now a rumor has been circulating that the FCC is intentionally planning to ban third-party custom router firmware. Wi-Fi hobbyists (and people who just like a little more control over devices they own) have long used custom, open source firmware like DD-WRT or Open-WRT to bring some additional functionality to their devices, with the added bonus of replacing clunky router GUIs. Custom firmware is also handy in an age when companies like to force firmware upgrades that either eliminate useful functionality, or add cloud-features and phone-home mechanisms a user may not be comfortable with.

But at last July’s BattleMesh 8 event, Wi-Fi enthusiasts noticed the clunky wording of an FCC NPRM (notice of proposed rulemaking) discussing the FCC’s plan to modify the rules governing RF devices. The NPRM in question (pdf), like all NPRMs, is basically the FCC’s way of fielding questions about potential rule changes. It’s important to understand no rules have actually been passed yet before committing gadget-nerd seppuku.

It’s also important to note the FCC’s motivation here is primarily safety, not to be a bureaucratic hardware-enthusiast buzzkill factory. The FAA found some illegally modified equipment operating in the unlicensed bands was interfering with terrestrial doppler weather radar (TDWR) at airports, and pushed the FCC to update its rules governing radios accordingly. But with many routers having systems-on-a-chip (SOC) where the radio isn’t fully distinguishable from other hardware, Wi-Fi hobbyists are worried that a ban on modifying a device’s radio could result in a blanket ban on modifying the device:

“Like all government regulations, the law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head, and the proposed rules effectively ban Open Source router firmware. The rules require all relevant devices to implement software security to ensure the radios of devices operating in this band cannot be modified. Because of the economics of cheap routers, nearly every router is designed around a System on Chip – a CPU and radio in a single package. Banning the modification of one inevitably bans the modification of the other, and eliminates the possibility of installing proven Open Source firmware on any device.

continue https://www.techdirt.com/blog/wireless/articles/20150831/07164532118/no-fcc-is-not-intentionally-trying-to-kill-third-party-wi-fi-router-firmware.shtml

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ETER9: The Social Network That Turns Your Personality Into an Immortal Artificial Intelligence

By learning everything there is to know about you and your online habits, social network ETER9 promises a kind of digital immortality wherein an artificially intelligent agent continues to post on your behalf long after you’re dead. The future is creepier than we ever imagined.

ETER9, a startup launched by Portuguese developer Henrique Jorge, is still in the beta phase, but 5,000 people have already signed up for the service. It currently features a Facebook-like newsfeed, and a “cortex” that works much like a Facebook wall. But that’s where the similarities end.

The social network makes it possible for each user to “externalize” themselves, allowing for 24/7 engagement within the community, which are done via relationships called “connections.” These connections are only available through invitation and are subject to approval. The digital counterparts remain active even when the organic user is offline, performing such tasks as posting content, commenting, or clicking a “Smile” button.

Over time, the “interaction will be progressively more effective, taking into account the acquired information and its ‘experience’, and also the interaction between the physical part and the virtual connections,” claims Jorge at the Eter9 website.

These counterparts can conceivably live on after the death of the original user, providing for a kind of digital immortality. Of course, this isn’t real immortality; these agents do not experience consciousness, and even if they did, there’s no actual transference of consciousness—what futurists refer to as uploading, or mind transfer. At best, these externalized digital counterparts can be made to behave and function exactly like the original user. It’s better to think of them as behavioral facsimiles.

continue http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/dvorsky20150830#When:07:05:00Z

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Three Former U.S. Treasury Secretaries and a Facebook Executive Laugh About Income Inequality

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