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It Must Be Christmas Time, Because Target Is Losing People’s Personal Information Again

The season of Christmas is upon us. You can feel it everywhere, from the holiday decorations, to the television specials, to the waning interest in workplace productivity. Oh, yeah, and Target is back in the news for losing people’s personal information again.

Hackers can access your personal information from Target — again — thanks to a flaw in the retailer’s mobile app. In a blog post Tuesday, researchers from security company Avast revealed the flaw, which allows unauthorized access to customers’ addresses, phone numbers and other personal information from wish lists created with the Target app. The only merry tidings are that credit card numbers don’t appear to be stored with the wish lists, so financial information isn’t vulnerable.

This of course reminds shoppers everywhere of that time Target was the victim of a hack that resulted in the exposure of millions of customers’ credit card information. That breach was so bad, and the news of it so well circulated, that Target set up a website page dedicated to telling customers all about it, assuring them not only that they wouldn’t be responsible for any charges on those credit cards, but also assuring customers that the company was, like,super dedicated to security moving forward.

continue https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20151216/06241433095/it-must-be-christmas-time-because-target-is-losing-peoples-personal-information-again.shtml

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Hackers Add Exploit Kit To Article Asking Is Cyber Crime Out Of Control?

Hackers have hosed an article published by The Guardian using the world’s nastiest exploit kit Angler to pop the machines of exposed readers.

The attack firmly answers the article’s headline positing the question ‘is cybercrime out of control’, based on arguments in a book by one Misha Glenny.

Angler is the most capable and prolific exploit kit in use by criminals. It allows attackers to run choice cuts of the latest Flash, Java, and browser exploits through which un=patched users can be targeted.

FireEye research trio J. Gomez, Kenneth Hsu, and Kenneth Johnson found hackers had dropped a gnarly URL into the syndication links portion of the page which loaded in the background and redirected users to Angler.

continue http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/12/11/grauniad_asks_is_cyber_crime_out_of_control_vxers_answer_with_hack/

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This Black Woman’s Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the BLM Movement

Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain has been beset with protesters calling for her resignation since January of 2015 when she made remarks about Islam and its terrorist elements when Muslims attacked and murdered members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

“In The Tennessean, Swain wrote that the [January 2015] Paris attacks show that critics of Islam are correct. She opens by asking: ‘What would it take to make us admit we were wrong about Islam? What horrendous attack would finally convince us that Islam is not like other religions in the United States, that it poses an absolute danger to us and our children unless it is monitored better than it has been under the Obama administration?’”

If truth does not matter in what’s obvious, then truth does not matter in a movement like BLM.

Truth denial becomes an asset for further aggression.

Carol Swain is a professor of political science and law who has authored a number of books published by top publishers. Here’s how her website describes her:

“From high school dropout and teenage mother to esteemed Vanderbilt University law professor, Carol M. Swain is passionate about empowering others to confidently raise their conservative voices in the public square. Dr. Swain’s education and experiences make her a credible and powerful force for change in today’s social and political climate where conservatives are intimidated to champion an often-unpopular message.”


She can’t be an “authentic black” person and thus can’t be a black life that matters since Professor Swain does not make excuses and does not play the victim and pull the race card. This inauthentic black charlatan has got to go because she spoils the narrative of victimhood.

Only certain types of BLM matter to the BLM movement. If a black person doesn’t support the liberal meme that all blacks are victims, then a person’s skin color does not matter. That’s why you don’t see the black lives of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Jesse Peterson, and many others matter to the BLM’s movement since it would mean calling for a radical shift in thinking among Blacks.
Read more at http://godfatherpolitics.com/27266/this-black-persons-black-life-doesnt-matter-to-the-blm-movement/#YgwEhppXloyT4Cot.99

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How Brain Architecture Leads To Abstract Thought

UMass Amherst scientists link brain architecture to consciousness and abstract thought

AMHERST, Mass – Using 20 years of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data from tens of thousands of brain imaging experiments, computational neuroscientists Hava Siegelmann and a postdoctoral colleague at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created a geometry-based method for massive data analysis to reach a new understanding of how thought arises from brain structure.

The authors say their work paves the way for advances in the identification and treatment of brain disease, as well as in deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Details appear in the current issue of Nature Scientific Reports.

As Siegelmann explains, fMRI detects changes in neural blood flow allowing researchers to relate brain activity with a cognitive behavior such as talking. She says, “The fMRI-based research did a wonderful job relating specific brain areas with activities. But no one ever tied together the tens of thousands of experiments performed over decades to show how the physical brain could give rise to abstract thought.”

She and colleagues found that cognitive function and abstract thought exist as an agglomeration of many cortical sources ranging from those close to sensory cortices to far deeper from them along the brain connectome, or connection wiring diagram. Siegelmann is director of the Biologically Inspired Neural and Dynamical Systems Laboratoryat UMass Amherst and one of 16 recipients in 2015 of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) program initiated by President Obama to advance understanding of the brain.

CONTINUE http://www.umass.edu/newsoffice/article/how-brain-architecture-leads-abstract

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Brain scans help researchers develop better condoms

It’s no secret that when it comes to condoms, the pleasure factor plays a big role – some people simply don’t want to use condoms because it diminishes their pleasure. With that in mind, researchers from Australia are now working to create condoms that feel just like bare skin… or even better!

This year, over 27 billion condoms have been sold, but that’s not nearly enough. The effectiveness of condoms isn’t called into question, but the design of the product has remained largely unchanged for the past century. Scientists from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia want to change that and develop condoms using a material called hydrogel that feels just like human skin, and has some amazing properties.

Hydrogel is a term generically used for solid, jelly-like materials with a range of special properties.

“Hydrogels are mostly made of water, held together by molecular chains called polymers. They have properties very close to human tissue, and can be tailored to feel a lot like skin,” says Bridgette Engeler Newbury, one of the project leads at Swinburne.

continue http://www.zmescience.com/research/inventions/hydrogel-condom-17122015/?

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