Martin Luther: Jesus wasn’t born to bring leaders money and power


Every day seems like Christmas here at Personal Liberty®. That’s because we gift-wrap an issue (or two) for you every day, and we sit back and watch you open it. And your opening it is the greatest gift we can receive. We know that if you keep opening your “present,” then we have given you what you desire: the unvarnished truth. And you have given us what we desire: your loyalty and participation.

I’d like to think you all come here for a daily dose of a skeptical look at conventional wisdom and the truth you can’t find anywhere else. I know that most of you come here for that; but there are others who are here for different, sometimes more sinister reasons. That doesn’t matter.

Merry Christmas to you: every one of you. My continuing gift to you is my promise to you. We will always do our best to present the unvarnished truth to you every day, whether you like that truth or not. There are no sacred cows when it comes to personal liberty… or Personal Liberty®. We will point out the criminals in government — and criminal government — whenever and wherever we find them. We will expose the progressives and totalitarians when we see them. We will fight the police state. We will give you our take on the events of the day, regardless of whose feelings get hurt. We are not controlled by anybody, and we are not funded by anyone or anything beyond our hard work.


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