The Government Wasted Money on ‘Shrimp Fight Club’

In honor of the release of the new Star Wars movie, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona), subtitled this year’s “Wastebook” as “The Farce Awakens.” The latest edition of this annual report details 100 spending programs—totaling $108.5 million—that are a complete waste of your money.

On the list, we find $1 million that went to the National Institutes of Health to study a dozen monkeys running in hamster balls on a treadmill. That’s right. But as strange as the spending may seem to us taxpayers, it’s not unique. The report states, “In a case of monkey-see, monkey-do, the National Institute on Aging is already spending more than $600,000 to conduct its own monkey on a treadmill study.”

You should also know that $706,800 of your hard-earned money has been granted by the National Science Foundation for Duke University to conduct a so-called “shrimp fight club,” where shrimp are pitted against each other so that researchers can “observe the punching power of mantis shrimp, which engage in ritualized fighting with powerful hammer-like claws.”


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