Edible Landscaping is the Future of Public Space

by ARIANA MARISOL22428754571_0fea1586e6_k

Edible landscaping is the practical integration of food plants into ornamental or decorative settings. The same design concept is used for ornamental landscaping, but instead of pretty plants with no uses, edible plants, bushes, and trees are grown. This creates a beautiful atmosphere that also has a purpose. The implementation of edible landscapes into communities and urban areas could mean free, delicious, fresh food for everyone! This concept could turn parks into beautiful, lush picnic areas where people could come together to pick their own food.

An edible landscape project in Quad-Cities’ Community Food Forest has entered its second year. The project was started in southwest Davenport, Iowa, on a 9 acre site after homes were removed because of its flood-prone location. The land is owned by the city and is known as Blackhawk Garden Park. In October, Chris Rice, who is spearheading the edible forest project, provided about 100 plants that he had grown from seeds or cutting in his backyard. This addition to the food forest included 60 gooseberry, 16 elderberry, 16 hazelnut, and 6 juneberry (serviceberry) plants, and 4 butternut and English walnut trees.

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