Gov’t Officials Brag About How They Just Scammed WWII Vets

“… we always take it for less than it’s worth.”

Distrust of the government runs deep, especially when it comes to federal land grabs and schemes to take away land from private citizens the government is established to protect.

Taxation of private land is another noteworthy topic, causing citizens to ask the question, “Is my land really mine?”

If a private citizen stops paying taxes on their land, the government will foreclose on the land and sell it to the highest bidder at auction and the land owner will see no monies from its sale. This small fact alone fuels tea party movements all over the country.

Taxation, which Democrats want more of, is a touchy subject for land owners. A video depicting federal employees bragging about their exploits, may leave some incensed.

Using a hidden camera, someone recorded a U.S. Park Service employee bragging about how she swindled a couple of WWII veterans out of their land for pennies on the dollar, even bragging about how she ‘stole’ Washington D.C.’s money to do it.

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