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Man Trains Bees to Create Honey From Cannabis Resin

by ARIANA MARISOL9587691917_680745eb61_o

French beekeeper and cannabis enthusiast is working with bees to create delicious “cannahoney”, otherwise known as cannabis honey.

Nicolas, also known as Nicolas TrainerBees, has trained his bees to collect sugar from fruit instead of flowers, and resin from cannabis plants. They use this resin to produce cannabis honey that has many healthy beneficial qualities.

Nicolas came up with the idea back in 2006 and he has spent time observing and working with his bees to create the honey of his dreams. In 2013, he managed to get results from his training. The bees use the resin as propolis and through this, they create honey that has the same effects as cannabis. The ‘cannahoney’ has a delicious taste and a floral aroma. Depending on the variety of cannabis resin used by the bees, the honey can be light green, white, or yellow. This honey has the potential to transform how people use cannabis both medically and recreationally.

There were skeptics who worried that the bees’ consumption of cannabis resin would harm them. Nicolas waited two years until the project could rule out this possibility. He was then able to demonstrate that the plants have no negative impact on the insects at all. The bees are in no way affected by the cannabinoids that they use to create the honey because the bees do not have an endocannabinoid system.

continue http://www.realfarmacy.com/man-trains-bees-to-create-honey-from-cannabis-resin/

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Hypocrite Hillary Holding Fundraiser With NRA Lobbyist

Hillary Clinton hates the NRA. They’re what’s wrong with this country, she screams and squawks. She’s made fighting against the Second Amendment and the NRA one of the hallmarks of her campaign.

So how is it that later this month, Hillary Clinton will hold a fundraiser featuring former NRA lobbyist Jeff Forbes? Hypocrisy, you say? From Hillary?

From 2009 until the end of 2015, Forbes was a registered lobbyist with the National Rifle Association.

Forbes has given thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign and another colleague at his lobbying firm has given thousands more, the IBTimes is reporting.

The March 21 fundraiser, in Washington, D.C., comes after Clinton pushed the Democratic Party to roll back the Obama-era bans on contributions from federal lobbyists.

In addition to Forbes, the fundraiser will feature Steve Elmendorf, a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs. Both Elmendorf and Forbes are also former lobbyists for Verizon and Forbes was a lobbyist for the Columbian government.

continue http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/hypocrite-hillary-holding-fundraiser-with-nra-lobbyist

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Bill to ban bestiality hits resistance from New Hampshire farming reps

Proponents of a bill that would ban the sexual abuse of animals told lawmakers Monday that New Hampshire is one of only a few states that still legally permits the practice, creating a de facto haven for local and out-of-state perpetrators.

“Please pass this bill and give law enforcement and prosecutors in this state the tool they need to enforce these laws,” Rep. Katherine Rogers, a Concord Democrat and the bill’s prime sponsor, told members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. “It’s unfortunately something that’s needed, and New Hampshire shouldn’t be one of the few states that doesn’t have it.”

The state is one of just 10, including Vermont, that does not explicitly prohibit sexual contact with animals. Perpetrators are still subject to charges of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor, but those can be hard to prove, and animal advocates insist they don’t go far enough.

Rogers’s bipartisan bill, however, has drawn criticism from the farming community, whose representatives, including Commissioner of Agriculture Lorraine Merrill, urged committee members to consider the consequences such legislation could have on normal animal husbandry practices. The bill would currently exempt just medical procedures and commercial farming, which omits people like subsistence farmers and those who might own a dairy cow or two, they argue. They suggest reworking the bill or abandoning it altogether for now.

“Just because the word ‘bestiality’ is not used in our statutes does not mean it’s not covered,” said Robert Johnson, a lobbyist for the New Hampshire Farm Bureau.

continue http://www.concordmonitor.com/home/21309674-95/bill-to-ban-bestiality-hits-resistance-from-new-hampshire-farming-reps

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NASA Begins Work to Build a Quieter Supersonic Jet

NASA has begun the preliminary design of a “low boom” supersonic flight demonstration aircraft, as part of its renewed ‘X-planes’ program, under the ‘New Aviation Horizons’ initiative, introduced in the agency’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget. Under the contract a team led by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company of Palmdale, California, will complete a preliminary design for Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST). The Lockheed Martin team includes subcontractors GE Aviation of Cincinnati and Tri Models Inc. of Huntington Beach, California.

“Developing, building and flight testing a quiet supersonic X-plane is the next logical step in our path to enabling the industry’s decision to open supersonic travel for the flying public,” said Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission.

The team will develop baseline aircraft requirements and a preliminary aircraft design, with specifications, and provide supporting documentation for concept formulation and planning. This documentation would be used to prepare for the detailed design, building and testing of the QueSST jet. Performance of this preliminary design also must undergo analytical and wind tunnel validation.

continue http://defense-update.com/20160301_nasa-begins-work-to-build-a-quieter-supersonic-jet.html

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MS sufferer invents app that deletes porn so no-one finds it when you die

Jason Jordan and his business promises to be your porn buddy – but it’s not what you think.

The Perth man and IT

guy, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 12 years ago, has created an app that will hide collections of pornography and if needed, instantly delete them remotely in the case of prying eyes or an emergency.

The former Radio 6PR host told Daily Mail Australia the basis of his idea has been around a lot longer than the internet.

Perth man Jason Jordan has created an app called Porn Buddy which can be used to remotely delete a person's pornography stash. The app is one way of creating an income for Mr Jordan, who has multiple sclerosis

‘Prior to the internet coming along, if you had a stash of naughty magazines or videotapes, if anything happened to you it was the solemn oath of that mate [the ‘porn buddy’] to remove them,’ he said.

Perth man Jason Jordan has created an app called Porn Buddy which can be used to remotely delete a person’s pornography stash. The app is one way of creating an income for Mr Jordan, who has multiple sclerosis

His app for the modern day allowed a trusted person to instantly delete any material kept on a computer remotely should anything happen to you.

‘That way, no one finds the weird stuff you’re into after you die.’

continue http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3451877/Perth-man-turns-MS-diagnosis-successful-porn-app-business.html

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Students Who Claimed To Be Victims Of A ‘Racial Attack’ Now Facing Charges


Three female students at UAlbany are to appear in court after their claims of being the victims of a racial attack were proven false.

Three African American women claimed that they were harassed on a CDTA bus by people who kicked, punched and hurled racial slurs at them. This claim caused a firestorm of reaction both on and off the campus of the University of Albany.

One of the alleged victims, Asha Burwell, is related to San Diego Chargers Lineman Tyreek Burwell. Upon hearing his sister’s claims, he sent out a threatening Tweet to a student he believed was part of the attack.

But their 15 minutes living as heroes was cut short when video from the bus cameras revealed that not only was there no attack on the three women but that they, in fact, threw the first punches. According to sources, one of the “victims” can be heard yelling “white b****” at another passenger.

The three women are allegedly being served tickets to appear in court following this revelation.

continue http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/students-who-claimed-to-be-victims-of-a-racial-attack-now-facing-charges

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Crocodiles found guarding drug money in Amsterdam


Photo: Politie.nl Photo: Politie.nl Synthetic drug traffickers in Amsterdam have been using large crocodiles to guard their money, according to a police report on Friday. The beasts were found when police conducted raids on six houses in Amsterdam and one in Almere. The raids netted several kilos of synthetic drugs, including €500,000 worth of crystal meth, €300,000 in cash, and several firearms. In total nine men and two women ranging in age from 25 to 55 were taken into custody. Most of the cash was in a room in one house guarded by the two crocodiles which would-be thieves would have to pass to get to the money. The owner of the crocodiles was following the law, a police spokesperson told Nu.nl and had the appropriate permits for the animals. The animals are not being moved and someone is periodically visiting to feed them, the Telegraaf says.

Read more at DutchNews.nl: Crocodiles found guarding drug money in Amsterdam http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2016/02/crocodiles-found-guarding-drug-money-in-amsterdam/

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Is there a difference between genetic engineering and eugenics?

It is an oft-raised concern that genetic engineering may one day morph into a eugenics movement. Many are trying to differentiate the two, arguing that genetic engineering as such is merely an exciting scientific development that will help humanity rather enable an insidious ideology.

Writing for the Washington Post recently, journalist Robert Gebelhoff raised some of the ethical questions relevant to new CRISPR gene editing research.

Gebelhoff argues that the issues are not so much scientific as political, and that it will be policy makers who have the power to stop research that oversteps the bounds of good medicine or bioscience.

“In the end, where we draw the line will be a political question. The scientific community has already begun this discussion, but it’s not unreasonable to expect a more involved debate in the near future — one in which the general public will have a greater say in how science will proceed.”

Leading IVF specialist Lord Robert Winston sees the link as being a kind of hubris that could easily develop now that CRIPSR-Cas 9 research on embryos has been legalised:

“With the power of the market and the open information published in journals, I am sure that humans will want to try to ‘enhance’ their children and will be prepared large sums to do so.“Anybody undertaking these human experiments is likely to be highly vulnerable when things go wrong – though not as vulnerable of course as the unborn child. This may be an effective deterrent for the time being.”

source http://www.bioedge.org/bioethics/is-there-a-difference-between-genetic-engineering-and-eugenics/11777

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Remember the ice bucket challenge?

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Man Who Left Bacon at Florida Mosque May Receive Life Sentence

An attack on a mosque using raw bacon and a machete could potentially garner a Brevard County man up to life in prison as a result of a recently added hate crime enhancement, authorities say.

Michael Wolfe, 35, was charged with armed burglary of a structure and criminal mischief of a place of worship in connection with the New Year’s Eve break-in and desecration of the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville.

Police said the convicted felon acted alone, broke into the empty mosque with a machete at night, slashing at windows and other property before leaving behind a slab of raw bacon in and around the front door. A surveillance video shows Wolfe, dressed in camouflage pants and carrying a backpack as he stepped into the carport at the mosque.

The attack – one of a several acts of vandalism reported at Islamic centers across the country – drew national attention from advocacy groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The incident left many in fear at the small, 50-member congregation.

Wolfe remains held at the Brevard County Jail Complex without bond and is awaiting trial.

continue http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2016/02/25/officials-bacon-attack-titusville-mosque-could-garner-life-prison/80923984/

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Nuclear energy needs to be part of climate change solution.

Nuclear energy needs to be part of the climate change solution.

Since the dawn of the atomic era – and the devastating potential of atomic bombs in the wrong hands – nuclear energy has had a reputation for being the boogeyman of humanity’s energy options. Contributing to the fear of nuclear power, several nuclear power plants were involved in disastrous events including Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and most recently, Fukushima. The public has a long memory of these events, and they were indeed horrific and terrifying. However, is the risk of nuclear energy as highas the public thinks it is?  What if we compare it to other traditional forms of energy?

Splitting the Atom

Many people are skeptical of nuclear energy because they are uninformed about the science that makes it possible. In layman’s terms, nuclear energy involves a process that creates electricity with the energy bound within an atom’s nucleus. For this electricity to be created, the energy of atoms must be released through fusion or fission. During fusion, multiple atoms are combined (fused together). When this happens, energy is released and eventually converted to electricity using certain technologies. Fission is the process of splitting an atom to release nuclear energy.  Today, power plants use fission.  The process to generate electricity from nuclear fusion (a process that happens naturally in the sun when hydrogen is converted to helium) is likely decades away.

The Risks of Nuclear Energy

Most people have learned about the risks associated with nuclear energy. The two most obvious risks are radioactive decay and instability. These risks can be mitigated with the application of strict procedures, training, and technology. In comparison, the health risks of burning coal or other fossil-fueled power plants is staggering – though much less dramatic on a day-to-day basis.  that is, there is no single catastrophic event to point the finger at.  Here’s the data from the United States, alone:

continue http://www.relativelyinteresting.com/nuclear-energy-climate-change-solution/

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FBI could use 3 other hacks on killer’s iPhone besides an Apple backdoor

Other than an Apple backdoor hack, FBI could use 3 other hacks on killer’s iPhone

According to hardware-security experts, there are at least three ways the FBI could try to remove information from the phone of San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook without asking Apple for assistance.

While neither of them are easy, as they are all time consuming and expensive, and at least two of them have the danger of physically damaging the phone and everything on it. However, one is commonly used by companies that reverse-engineer computer chips in search of patent infringements, as they are possible.

Julia Elvidge, president of Chipworks, a Canadian company that does patent analytics and forensics said that given the resources “it’s almost always technically possible to reverse-engineer a product.”


The first method uses tiny changes in radio frequency and power consumption as a phone is powered on and off. This helps in guessing the passcode.

The second method rearranges the phone’s counter so that after each attempt to unlock it, the security feature’s internal counter is turned back to 1, tricking the phone into believing multiple attempts to unlock it have not been made.

However, the third method, which is the most aggressive, involves taking apart the chip where the cryptographic keys are stored so they can be read with an electronic scanning microscope.

Experts say that all are much easier said than done. Paul Kocher, president of Cryptography Research, a division of security firm Rambus which works on security for semiconductors, chips and IP products said that the main restrictions are their cost and time, “and if you mess up, you destroy the chip.”

continue http://www.techworm.net/2016/02/fbi-use-3-hacks-killers-iphone-besides-apple-backdoor.html

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