Electronic Weapons: Smart Rocks At War

November 7, 2015: More Israeli intelligence collecting sensors are being found in Lebanon, often disguised as rocks or rubble. Since 2013, as Hezbollah gunmen were sent into Syria and the Syrian rebels responded by operating aggressively on the Lebanese border, there have been a lot more activity on the Lebanese borders with Syria and Israel. That has led to more of these stealthy spying gadgets being found. Sometimes the discoveries are publicized as another example of sneaky Israeli behavior. There is a touch of envy in thesenews reports because it is an admission that the Israelis have developed some very impressive surveillance devices. Scarier still is the fact that some of them are obviously over a decade old and only worked for a few months until their batteries ran out. Such devices are easy to identify as Israeli because they often have Hebrew text on them and are obviously designed for covert surveillance.

The devices are often used elsewhere. In 2012 Iran reported that security troops outside a new underground nuclear enrichment plant went to investigate a suspicious looking rock and the rock exploded. Later investigation revealed that the rock was indeed not a real rock but an electronic device that was apparently monitoring activity around the nuclear facility (that enriched uranium sufficiently for use in a bomb) and transmitting it, via satellite, back to somewhere. The rock was also rigged to self-destruct if anyone got too close.

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