NRA Arms Hansel and Gretel in Firearm Fairy Tale

A screenshot from the NRA Family site.   (NRA Family)

(NEWSER) – First the NRA repurposed Little Red Riding Hood; now it’s reloading Hansel and Gretel. The gun lobby group’s fairy tales-with-firearms series, penned by Amelia Hamilton and appearing on the NRA Family site, aims to place traditional tales in a new “utopia filled with empowered and unharmed children,” as NPR puts it. And interestingly enough, in contrast with the original fairy tales filled with horror and bloodshed, there’s not much violence in these NRA fantasies. In the new Hansel and Gretel rendition, for instance, the doomed brother and sister don’t get captured by a witch and shoved into an oven: Instead, the two go on a hunting trip and rescue two boys from the witch’s clutches, with rifles at the ready (but ultimately unnecessary) by their sides. In Red Riding Hood, weapons are similarly drawn but nary a bullet fired, which is still enough to scare the wolf away.


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