What is the difference between sudo apt-get install and sudo apt install

I installed many packages from sudo apt-get install but when I typed sudo apt –help it gave a direct option of doing installation by sudo apt install [package name]… So, what is the difference between the two ? is there any issues not using ‘get’ in command??

Not much. apt is a new command that supposed to merge several functions from apt-get and apt-cache into one command. It’s still a little rough around the edges but here’s the command listing from --help:

Basic commands: 
 list - list packages based on package names
 search - search in package descriptions
 show - show package details

 update - update list of available packages

 install - install packages
 remove  - remove packages

 upgrade - upgrade the system by installing/upgrading packages
 full-upgrade - upgrade the system by removing/installing/upgrading packages

 edit-sources - edit the source information file
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