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The FBI will “Blow the Whistle” if Hillary Clinton is not Indicted. “They’re Going Public”

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Deposition In Clinton Email Case Reveals She Did Not Use A Password

U.S. Ambassador Lewis Lukens’s sworn testimony in the case of Hillary Clinton’s privatization of the U.S. Secretary of State’s email is the first evidence to be released in the Clinton email cases, and it was published on May 26th at the website of Judicial Watch, the organization that originally brought the suit. Headlining “First Deposition Testimony from Clinton Email Discovery Released”, it reported that:

Judicial Watch today released the deposition transcript of Ambassador Lewis Lukens, former deputy assistant secretary of state and executive director of the State Department’s executive secretariat.  The transcript is available here.  Amb. Lukens was deposed last week as part of the discovery granted to Judicial Watch by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in response to its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, non-government email system (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-01363)).


Lukens is the first of seven depositions of former Clinton top aides and State Department officials that Judicial Watch has scheduled over the next four weeks.  Also to be deposed are Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, as well as top State Department official Patrick Kennedy, and former State IT employee Bryan Pagliano.

In his testimony, Lukens described his State Department role:

I’ve been a Foreign Service officer for 27 years. I’ve served in Southern China; in the Ivory Coast; in Sydney, Australia; in Dublin, Ireland; in Baghdad; Vancouver, British Columbia; Dakar, Senegal; and three tours in Washington, D.C., as well as my current position in San Francisco.

While Clinton was Secretary of State, his role was heading “logistics and management support” and he had “roughly 110 employees working for me” including the “IRM” or Information Resource Management team. Also, during his questioning, he was asked “You traveled with Mrs. Clinton on all of her foreign travel?” while he was employed there, and he answered: “Yes.”

Representative excerpts from his testimony will be presented here:

While Clinton’s office was being prepared for her:

Q: Do you know if Mrs. Clinton — if the IRM office set up an e-mail address for Mrs. Clinton?
A: I don’t believe they did.
Q: Do you know why they didn’t?
A: I don’t think it was asked for.
Q: Would Mrs. Clinton have — was it required for Mrs. Clinton to ask for an e-mail address for one to be assigned to her?
A: Yes.
Q: Was it unusual — at the time did you think it was unusual that Mrs. Clinton didn’t want an e-mail address assigned to her?
A: No.
Q: Why not?
A: I’m not aware of former Secretaries of State having e-mail addresses on our system.

In other words: her having an e-mail address assigned to her was “required,” but the custom at the U.S. Department of State was to ignore this ‘requirement’.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Regardless of whether violating the regulations or even the law has been ignored in the past, violations are supposed to be punished or prosecuted. Prior refusal to prosecute does not constitute legal excuse for continuing refusal to prosecute: it instead constitutes a government in which some persons who are supposedly in the service of, and who are definitely being paid by, the public, are, in practice, above the regulations or even the laws — in other words, a dictatorship. However, this aspect of the questioning was not pursued.)

Lukens then said that her violation on that matter was ignored and that a “BB” or Blackberry account was instead requested by “HRC’ Hillary Rodham Clinton. Lukens’s notes indicated that he had asked HRC’s agent, “On the BB for HRC, can we chat this morning?” and “I may have thought of a workaround [to evade the State Department’s regulations] but need more info on her BB use.” He explained during this questioning of him: “So the crux of the issue was that BlackBerrys and iPhones are not allowed in the Secretary’s office suite, so the question was, how is the Secretary going to be able to check her e-mails if she’s not able to have the Blackberry at her desk with her.”

Q: And so what did you — did you propose a solution at that point?

A: So my proposal was to set up a computer on her desk, a standalone computer [not part of the State Department’s system], for her to be able to access the Internet to check her e-mails [privatized — and therefore not subject to FOIA requests or historians’ investigations].

However, Clinton’s agent insisted on a private computer also being set up “across the hall” “for her to check her BlackBerry” even though no private BlackBerry was allowed on the premises. This was to be the “workaround.”


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When DNA Implicates the Innocent

In December 2012 a homeless man named Lukis Anderson was charged with the murder of Raveesh Kumra, a Silicon Valley multimillionaire, based on DNA evidence. The charge carried a possible death sentence. But Anderson was not guilty. He had a rock-solid alibi: drunk and nearly comatose, Anderson had been hospitalized—and under constant medical supervision—the night of the murder in November. Later his legal team learned his DNA made its way to the crime scene by way of the paramedics who had arrived at Kumra’s residence. They had treated Anderson earlier on the same day—inadvertently “planting” the evidence at the crime scene more than three hours later. The case, presented in February at the annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting in Las Vegas, provides one of the few definitive examples of a DNA transfer implicating an innocent person and illustrates a growing opinion that the criminal justice system’s reliance on DNA evidence, often treated as infallible, actually carries significant risks.

As virtually every field in forensics has come under increased scientific scrutiny in recent years, especially those relying on comparisons such as bite-mark and microscopic hair analysis, the power of DNA evidence has grown—and for good reason. DNA analysis is more definitive and less subjective than other forensic techniques because it is predicated on statistical models. By examining specific regions, or loci, on the human genome, analysts can determine the likelihood that a given piece of evidence does or does not match a known genetic profile, from a victim, suspect or alleged perpetrator; moreover, analysts can predict how powerful or probative the match is by checking a pattern’s frequency against population databases. Since the mid-1990s the Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal organization based in New York City, has analyzed or reanalyzed available DNA to examine convictions, winning nearly 200 exonerations and spurring calls for reform of the criminal justice system.

Like any piece of evidence, however, DNA is just one part of a larger picture. “We’re desperately hoping that DNA will come in to save the day, but it’s still fitting into a flawed system,” says Erin E. Murphy, a professor of law at New York University and author of the 2015 book Inside the Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA. “If you don’t bring in the appropriate amount of skepticism and restraint in using the method, there are going to be miscarriages of justice.” For example, biological samples can degrade or be contaminated; judges and juries can misinterpret statistical probabilities. And as the Anderson case brought to light, skin cells can move.


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Leo Hohmann – World Net Daily
A massive protest scheduled for July 18 and 19 across the United States is aimed at stopping the influx of Central American children flooding across the border, and more than a dozen smaller community protests already have played roles in stopping the children from being brought there.

Citizens in Westminster, Maryland; Oracle, Arizona; Vassar, Michigan; Greece, New York, and many other places have blocked the importation of illegal aliens into their communities through public protests, letters and official resolutions from elected leaders.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh led his show Tuesday with stories about the successful pushback against the illegals going on across America.

“Here’s what you do not know,” he said. “There are towns all over America standing up to this invasion, just like they did in Murrieta, California. You’re not hearing about it, however, and I am here to tell you why you’re not hearing about it. Westminster, Maryland, is a town standing up to it, just like Murrieta, California, did. Oracle, Arizona, is standing up to it.

“In Nebraska they’re gonna stand up to it when they find out. The governor is fit to be tied,” Limbaugh continued. “Upper Michigan, same thing. There are towns all over America standing up to this. There are protests happening, but they’re not being covered.”

But the mother of all protests promises to be Friday and Saturday. It’s dubbed the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty & Border Surge, and it’s gaining support by the hour, said William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and one of 11 sponsors. The main organizers are ALIPAC, Overpasses For America and, Gheen said.

“Right now it’s looking like we’ll have a little more than 300 protest rallies large and small across the country. Our goal is to unify Americans of all races, political parties and walks of life against the Obama-inspired illegal immigrant invasion,” Gheen said. “At last count we had 257 communities signed up, but that was two hours ago. We’re expecting more than 300 and updating the event list every two hours.”

Will protests of illegals by U.S. cities make a difference? Sound off in the WND Poll.

Gheen said he’s hoping to send a message to “amnesty” politicians in both parties. He wants to counteract the recent surge of illegals at the southern border with a “surge” of his own.

“We’re hoping to get an American surge that will manifest in protests and the defeat of more Eric Cantor-type Republicans that still have GOP primaries and the Democrats in November that support Obama and his amnesty plans,” Gheen told WND.


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Robots have replaced 60000 workers in Foxconn’s iPhone manufacturing unit

Foxconn has replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots since iPhone 6 launch

Apple iPhone’s manufacturer, Foxconn has replaced nearly 60,000 of its factory workers with robots in an attempt to cut down costs. The factory in question is based in manufacturing-heavy hub Kunshun region of China.

“The Foxconn factory has reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots,” said a government official, adding that “it has tasted success in reduction of labour costs.”


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Music before surgery means patients need less sedation, study finds

Soothing music before surgery helps patients relax and need less sedation, a study found.

Just a quarter of an hour of jazz, classical and piano music before an eye operation was enough to reduce anxiety about the surgery carried out while the patient is awake.

A pilot study by the Paris-based Cochin University Hospital used music specifically composed to ease anxiety and found those who listened to it were more relaxed than others, up to an hour afterwards.

The 16 pieces were selected with the aim to prevent and manage pain, anxiety and depression.

All were instrumental pieces  using a decreasing tempo, with a progressive decrease in the number of instruments playing.

The study involved 62 patients who either listened to their choice of music or did not 15 minutes before cataract surgery, which also lasted an average 15 minutes.

The patients then completed a questionnaire on how anxious they were pre and post operatively.

They scored from one to ten how frightened they were about the procedure, the anaesthesia, the pain after the operation, the risk of side effects or a botched operation.



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Google Thinks You’re Ready to Converse with Computers

Google has done well out of its search box. As our collective dependence on computers and the Internet has grown, we have come to use it more and more—helping Google swell to its gigantic size.

But on Wednesday Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said it was time to move on from the conventional search engine that his company was built on. He unveiled Google Assistant, an evolution of Google search designed to act like a virtual concierge.

If you search Google for “movies tonight” on your phone today, it will display the films in local theaters. With the Google Assistant you can have a short conversation to get that same information, learn about the suggested movies, and book the tickets. For example, you could ask for movies nearby and then add “I want to take the kids” to see only family-friendly suggestions. After perusing the options, you could ask “Is Jungle Book any good?” to hear a summary of reviews, and then book tickets by saying “I want four tickets to the 8:30 showing.”

At some point the Google Assistant will be launched in the company’s mobile search apps, installed on more than a billion smartphones. First it will appear in a new messaging app called Allo, coming from Google this summer. Later in the year it will also appear inside a new device called Google Home, a competitor for Amazon’s Echo speaker and its built-in virtual assistant, Alexa.


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Ad companies are the biggest privacy problem today, not governments

PGP co-founder Jon Callas. (Image: SkyDogCon via Twitter)

NEW YORK — Ask one of the foremost cryptographers of the modern generation what the biggest privacy issue is today and you might expect something like backdoored encryption or government spying.

Jon Callas, co-founder of encryption software PGP (“Pretty Good Privacy”), who has worked at Apple, Entrust, and now Silent Circle, a security software maker and Blackphone maker, is well equipped to discuss the “state of the security union” today. Speaking last week, a day ahead of Data Privacy Day where he gave a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” talk, like many members of the security community, he was refreshingly blunt.


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A Bunch Of ISIS Fanboys Posted Photo Messages And Accidentally Revealed Their Locations

Dado Ruvic / Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO — The exact location of ISIS supporters in several European cities were allegedly found Saturday, when photographs published by those in support of the group were used by internet sleuths to track them down.

As rumors spread that an ISIS-affiliated media group would be releasing a recording from the top leadership on Saturday, thousands of ISIS supporters, also known as fanboys, took to social media sites to try and create a buzz about the release.

Among the tweets and uploads to Telegram, a messaging app with many ISIS channels, were dozens of photographs showing the fanboys holding pieces of papers with messages scribbled on them in support of ISIS, from countries around the world, including Germany, France, and England.

Their photos were supposed to instill fear by showing that the group had supporters in major European cities. Instead, the photos were used to geolocate the fanboys, and give tips to local law enforcement officials on how to find them.

Eliot Higgins, one of the founders of Bellingcat, a website devoted to civic data journalism, was the first to ask his followers to help him geolocate the photos.

“We’re currently looking at a small number of photos, but we’re working through them one by one to keep people focused,” Higgins wrote BuzzFeed News in an email. “Hopefully law enforcement will take notice, especially as the one in Paris appears to have been taken from a private home.”


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The Power of ‘Power Over Ethernet’!

Just a thought about the perils that your business or home might have to face when you are not there, frustrates you. At the same moment, another thought that crosses your mind is – the thought of being present at all the places that you care for. Am I right?

Well, the good news is that the modern day technological advancements let you do that! All you need to do is consider installing a security camera with ‘remote-viewing’ feature, which you might have been ignoring up till now.

These days, security cameras come with enhanced features to deliver outstanding protection that you truly deserve. The best choice among the ambit, in my opinion, is PoE based IP security cameras. All thanks to the exceptional advantages that these surveillance cameras extend, more people have started relying on IP security cameras. Their innumerable benefits such as high definition, lower installation cost and easy use, have allowed IP surveillance cameras to take over the traditional analog cameras. The added PoE feature supports plug-and-play setup. PoE is also known to provide extra security without any extra expenses.

Most of the people don’t have an exact idea about the term PoE. In this post, we will throw some light on this very term and its advantages!

What is PoE?

Whenever this term is referred to, a bit of confusion comes along with it. In most simplified form, PoE refers to an advanced technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power. Generally, two connections are required to install a digital security camera -a network connection and a power connection. But a PoE enabled security camera requires only one connection and that is network connection.

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Otto Is Bringing Autonomous Driving To American Highways

Otto autonomous test truck


Otto autonomous test truck

Taking the Otto system for a test drive

The focus in autonomous driving lately has been on advanced driver assistance systems, like automatic emergency braking, that are available right now in passenger cars. And our attention is easily diverted to fully autonomous test cars like Google’s experiment. But now Otto promises to bring fully autonomous driving to long-haul semitrucks.

It’s not surprising that Otto’s team of about 40 includes former employees of Google, Nokia HERE, and Tesla, including cofounder Lior Ron, who was a lead on Google Maps. But why target the un-sexy tractor trailer with Otto’s technology?

“If you want to make driving safer, you address highways; if you want to address highways, you address trucks,” said Ron in a phone interview. “There’s nothing more impactful for society in the next decade.” He cited research that showed highways are the biggest problem in modern transportation. They account for about 5 percent of US roads, he said, but almost half of fatal accidents happen on highways. “Highways are not equipped to handle modern times,” he said.

“Trucks don’t have to drive every street, every corner. We only have to map the same trucks over the same routes and connect them so they can inform each other of conditions.”

So Otto is bringing the future to the outdated infrastructure by retrofitting existing trucks with autonomous driving capabilities. The latest trucks already have computers on board and some sensors, just as modern passenger vehicles do. Otto equips the truck with the lidar, radar, cameras, and software the truck is missing to drive on its own.


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IBM Operating Systems Upcoming OS/2 Release Will Be Called ArcaOS 5.0

Image: iStockphoto/olgaIT

Representatives of Arca Noae, the organization behind the revival of OS/2, gave presentations at WarpStock Europe—the annual convention of OS/2 users, developers, and enthusiasts—about the status of the Blue Lion project first announced on TechRepublic last November.

While IBM stopped principal development of OS/2 with the release of Warp 4 in 1996, maintenance releases continued until 2001 as enterprise deployments necessitated continued support for the platform.

From ‘Blue Lion’ to ArcaOS 5.0

When the Blue Lion project was announced at the American WarpStock in October 2015, the name was only temporary. Following the close of events at WarpStock Europe, Arca Noae managing member Lewis Rosenthal noted in an interview that the final product name for the new OS/2 distribution is ArcaOS 5.0. The significance of the version number relates to IBM OS/2 4.52—the last maintenance release of the platform released by IBM in 2001.

ArcaOS 5.0 is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2016, but Blue Lion remains as a code name, in much the same way “Wily Werewolf” is the code name of Ubuntu 15.10.

The Arca Noae team is not stopping there, however. A roadmap is still being constructed for future releases of ArcaOS, with version 5.1 bringing support for additional languages. At present, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch are prioritized for version 5.1, though Rosenthal noted that plans are still being finalized and other languages are likely to be included in that release—tentatively planned for 2017.


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Microsoft Removes 260-Character Path Length Limit in Windows 10 Redstone

Windows 10 build 14352, a preview version of the upcoming Anniversary Update (also known as Redstone), comes with an eagerly awaited change that Microsoft hasn’t yet announced publicly.

The 260-character path length limit in Windows can be removed with the help of a new policy, thus allowing you to run operations with files regardless of their path or file name. While this new rule is not enabled by default, admins can turn it on by following these instructions.

Launch the Registry Editor by clicking the Start menu and typing “regedit.exe,” and then navigate to the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy Objects\{48981759-12F2-42A6-A048-028B3973495F}Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Policies

Look for an entry called “LongPathsEnabled,” and if it does not exist, simply right-click Policies, select New DWORD (32-bit), name it “LongPathsEnabled” (without the quotes), enter value 1, and you’re good to go.


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This man is a sound healer who uses the didgeridoo to help patients manage pain

Sound healer Chris Thorn playing the didgeridoo

Sound healer Chris Thorn relaxes his patients so they can manage their pain – by playing the didgeridoo.

He says Aboriginal Australians have been using the complementary technique for at least 40,000 years.

Chris, who runs the Didgeridoo Healing Centre in Acrefair, Wrexham, taught himself to play the instrument around 20 years ago.

He said: “People having sound healing with the didgeridoo were recorded using an electroencephalogram EEG.

“This showed a predominance of theta and delta brainwaves – the same as when we’re nodding off to sleep or in a dream-like state.”

It releases negative emotions

Chris, who next month will feature at the Gwrych Castle Family Entertainments Weekend near Abergele in North Wales, said this relaxed state helped release “negative emotions”.

He maintained it was quite common for people to burst into tears when he played because of the release of these emotions.

He said cave paintings dating back 40,000 years in the Northern Territories of Australia showed people lying on the floor with broken bones while the didgeridoo is played over them.


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ESPN SENIOR WRITER Says COPS, SOLDIERS Singing At Ballparks Is Racist Show Of Power…


What happens when a black police officer sings the national anthem at a ball park? Is that racist as well? When will Disney owned ESPN figure out their fans aren’t watching for their ignorant, racist commentary? 

“ESPN Magazine” senior writer Howard Bryant argued in has latest column that police officers and military personnel should not sing the national anthem before sporting events.

But it’s not because he thinks they have bad voices — but rather because it amounts to a display of “staged patriotism” signaling an “authoritarian shift at the ballpark.”

“Why don’t more athletes speak out on behalf of their communities?” Bryant wrote. “Perhaps more of them would if there wasn’t a chilling force looming over them.”


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Ohio to make first-offense pet cruelty a felony with ‘Goddard’s Law’


A puppy from an Ohio shelter is unloaded from the “Welcome Waggin’,” a transportation service that takes animals from crowded shelters to uncrowded ones, at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, on Aug. 25, 2009. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Ohio lawmakers just passed a law that would make it a fifth-degree felony to knowingly harm a pet by inflicting pain or depriving it of food, water, or shelter – for a first offense.

On Wednesday, House Bill 60 passed through the state Senate unanimously with a 33-0 vote, and the House approved of new amendments by a 92-1 vote.

Sponsored by Reps. Dave Hall (R-Millersburg) and Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland), the bill was nicknamed Goddard’s Law after Dick Goddard, a Cleveland weatherman who has advocated for strengthening the penalties against animal abusers for years.

Now it’s heading to Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s desk.

Once signed into law, HB 60 will make it illegal for anyone to “knowingly torture, torment, needlessly mutilate or maim, cruelly beat, poison, needlessly kill, or commit an act of cruelty against a companion animal.”

The move was a long time coming, according to one of the sponsors.

“It was a minor misdemeanor before. A lot of times it was a slap on the wrist,” Hall said in an interview with Yahoo News. “So we felt that we needed to put teeth into the law in Ohio.”


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Couple loses child for accidentally live streaming birth of their baby

By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A couple is devastated after child services took their baby away just one day after his birth.

When Sarah Dome of Sacramento, California, was in labor, her husband, Kali Kanongata, wanted to share the special moment with their family.

He used the new Facebook live streaming app to share the labor and birth with them. However, he did not realize that he pressed the button to record, and shared it live with the public instead of his Friends list.


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Microsoft-Facebook laying trans-Atlantic Internet line

Microsoft and Facebook on Thursday announced they will work together to lay a high-speed Internet cable across the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

A new, sub-sea “MAREA” cable was expected to be completed by late 2017, with the aim of meeting growing demand by the tech companies’ customers for fast, reliable data connections.

“As the world is increasingly moving toward a future based on cloud computing, Microsoft continues to invest in our cloud infrastructure to meet current and future growing global demand for our more than 200 cloud services, ” Microsoft data center strategy general manager Christian Belady said in a release.

MAREA will be the highest-capacity sub-sea cable ever crossing the Atlantic, with an expected capacity of some 160 terabytes per second of data, according to the companies.

The 6,600 kilometer cable system will also be the first connecting the United States and southern Europe, running from Northern Virginia to Bilbao, Spain, Microsoft and Facebook said.

From Spain, the data network will link to hubs in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of Europe, according to the companies.


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Stop Letting Microsoft Use Your PC for File Sharing

Microsoft is all about Windows Updates lately. Between forcing Windows 10 updates on everyone, and generally doing a lot to make its users mad with the way updates are handled, it seems like we need to spend more time figuring out to fight updates than using our PC.

One place Microsoft is attempting to make Windows Update more streamlined is by having users share their connection with others to speed updating through P2P.

For most users, this isn’t anything they’ll notice or have a problem with, but for anyone with limited Internet where they pay for their bandwidth, it can be a real problem! Fortunately, you can turn it off! Here’s how it’s done.


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Rest in Pixels

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Emoji Bible translation to launch to help spread gospel to modern Christians

(Reuters/Hamad I Mohammed)A smiley face is left in the skies by the DHL Extra 300 aerobatic plane during the Bahrain International Air Show held at the Sakir airbase south of Manama, January 17, 2014.

An emoji Bible is about to be launched on May 29 by a mysterious person whose real identity is hidden behind an emoji wearing sunglasses.

In a move that aims to keep up with the current trend of technology, a mysterious person has come up with an emoji translation of the Bible. Instead of the usual Oxford English or other standard languages, people can soon read the Bible in picture symbols, according to The Memo.

In an interview with the publication, the creator of the Bible with emojis said the project is all about accessibility. Emojis allow people to convey their feelings more accurately using pictures incorporated into the usual language.

“Emojis are emotional, and allow people to express feelings in a visual way within the structure of “normal,” written language,” the creator of the emoji Bible told The Memo. “What’s made them so successful, is that they’re language-agnostic — they allow you to convey an idea to anyone, regardless of what language they speak.”


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Texas Congressman Says US Should Not Make Gay Space Colonies

Every once in a while, the US House of Representatives allows lawmakers to make “general speeches” on the floor so that they can put remarks about their pet issues on the official Congressional record. Thursday, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert used this time to let everyone know that he firmly believes the US should not make gay space colonies.

The bizarre speech hit many notes—he started by calling trans people “perverse,” then railed against gay marriage for a bit, before suggesting that, should humanity be faced with an Earth-ending event, we should definitely have a Noah’s Ark-type spaceship that could perpetuate the human race but added that we should definitely not put gay people on this spaceship.

In a somewhat progressive move, Gohmert did acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs, which, I guess that’s a win for science.


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Anonymous’ Full Length Film: The Hillary Files Full Documentary

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Facebook page promotes benefits of female genital mutilation


UPDATE: Following The Foreign Desk’s report, Facebook removes ‘Islamic Female Circumcision’ page promoting FGM

EARLIER STORY: A Facebook community called “Islamic Female Circumcision” was launched earlier this month with the stated goal of clarifying “misconceptions” around the Muslim faith’s practice of female genital mutilation or FGM.

The page already has more than a dozen posts, including articles and infographics advocating for the practice of what they call “female circumcision,” instead of referring to the practice as ‘mutilation.’

By signing up, you agree to receive emails from The Foreign Desk.

“Our aim is to clear misconceptions of the Islamic practice of female circumcision and counter misinformation against it,” the page states in the ‘About’ section.

At the center of the page is an article by a Sri Lankan author Asiff Hussein entitled, “Female Circumcision – The Hidden Truth: How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women.”

In the piece, Hussein claims that studies that show the benefits of female circumcision have been “conveniently overlooked to conform to Islamophobic sentiments expressed by a largely Jewish controlled media,” who are are critical of the female procedure but not male circumcision “because male circumcision is a Jewish practice and female circumcision is not.”

There are also infographics all bearing a “Muslimahs for circumcision” banner, listing the benefits of the procedure from prevention of urinary tract infections to preventing transmission of a ‘cancer causing HPV virus’ for “partners who engage in oral sex.”


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Min Is a Minimal, Open-Source Web Browser for Linux

Min is a new, open-source web browser for Windows, Mac and — phew — Linux.

Min isn’t attempting to feature leap Firefox or compete with Chrome, and it’s the total opposite of ‘bells n’ whistle’ browsers like Vivaldi.

The app shuns advanced features like add-on frameworks, UI transitions and window chrome to focus on delivering a clean, straightforward web experience.

While Min probably won’t become your default web-browser it’s ideally suited to focused, distraction free web-based working.

Min Does Less, Letting You Do More


Min is written entirely with CSS and JavaScript, and is fully open-source. It describes itself as “a smarter, faster web browser”.

But it’s not solely a plain frame for the web. Min also a few innovative, quirky touches of its own to shout about.

For example, Tabs in Min open to the right of the current tab, rather than the left. It also dims tabs that are open but that you haven’t looked at in a while. This, the website says, helps you “focus on what you’re working on.”

Focus Mode

Talking of focus you’ll find an optional “Focus Mode” hidden in the View menu. When enabled it will hide all tabs except the one you’re looking at. Neatly, you can’t open new tabs when in focus mode.


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Judge orders city to take down The Confederate soldiers monument erected 121 yrs ago

A city in Kentucky has been ordered to remove a century-old statue commemorating the death of Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

Critics had objected to the 70-foot monument, calling it a “symbol of slavery” and honoring a “very dark period in American history”.

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer said he would work to relocate the monument after judge Judith McDonald-Burkman, who had deliberated on the matter for three weeks, decided to accept their case.

In doing so, she ruled against the plaintiffs, a group of local residents and male descendants of Confederate soldiers who had sued to keep the monument next to the University of Louisville and who claimed the “floodgates had opened to destroy all Southern heritage”.

They fear the monument will end up in the landfill as a new location has not been disclosed.

The plaintiffs won a temporary restraining order while the judge considered their arguments that the monument was not owned by the city, that it could be damaged and “violate historic preservation rules”.

A university diversity group countered those claims, and became part of a national push to remove Confederacy symbols which, they argued, fostered racism.

“I think the community and country is better for this decision today,” said Ricky Jones, professor and chair of Pan-African Studies, told the Courier Journal.


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Nuclear Demands a share of Illinois Carbon Subsidies — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Illinois nuclear plant operators have demanded more subsidies, to help keep unprofitable nuclear plants open, to prevent a surge of fossil fuel usage which they claim will occur if they are closed. If the British experience is any guide, this is just the beginning. Nuclear Power Fights for a Spot […]

via Nuclear Demands a share of Illinois Carbon Subsidies — Watts Up With That?

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Bills GM says football not a game humans should play

anager Doug Whaley might be in charge of a roster of 90 men who play football, but he doesn’t feel the game is something his players’ bodies are designed to play.

“This is the game of football,” he told WGR 550 radio. “Injuries are part of it. It’s a violent game that I personally don’t think humans are supposed to play.”

Whaley’s thoughts came as part of a larger response to a question about whether top receiver Sammy Watkins is injury-prone.

“I wouldn’t say [he’s injury-prone]. If you look at his game log, he’s only missed three games. So is he injury-prone? I wouldn’t say that. Are things going to come up with a guy like this? We hope that gets limited in the future,” Whaley said, before stating his broader thoughts on football.

Watkins, who underwent surgery this offseason to repair a broken foot, was on crutches and had his left foot in a walking boot during the Bills’ OTA practice Tuesday.

“These are going to come up,” Whaley said in reference to Watkins after stating his thoughts on the game. “We trust in our medical staff and we trust in each individual athlete to do what they have to do to get back on the field.”


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15 Chinese children make deadly climb to school

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Daughters for Sale: How Young American Girls Are Being Sold Online

In an old home movie, young Natalie is laughing and running around with a soccer ball. She’s around 12 years old, and she looks at the camera and says, “When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor.”

But a few years later, that laughing, carefree young girl was sold for sex allegedly through the website, She estimates she was paid for sex over 100 times, and she firmly believes that the site made it possible for her pimp to post ads offering her for sex over and over again.

“Continuously. All day, every day. 24/7,” Natalie told ABC News “Nightline.” She has asked us to refer to her as “Natalie” for this report, and her parents have asked that we do not use their last name.

Natalie is now a 21-year-old mother with a toddler and another baby on the way. She is part of a major lawsuit against, the highly controversial online classifieds site that is currently being investigated by the U.S. Senate for its alleged connection to underage sex trafficking.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, told “Nightline” that Backpage “requires more of someone who wants to sell a motorcycle than of someone who wants to sell a child.”

When Natalie was 15 years old, she said she made a decision she would regret for the rest of her life. She ran away from home because she said she received a bad grade at school and was nervous about how her parents would react to it.

“I thought maybe things would be easier if I could just go do it on my own,” she said. “I didn’t want them to… be disappointed… I had told all my friends that I was going to run away.”

Natalie said she ran across a soccer field, jumped a fence, found a bus stop and took a bus to downtown Seattle, where she met an older girl at a youth shelter.

“She was very familiar with the shelter and the Seattle area in general and she told me… we could go hang out,” Natalie said. “I had never smoked weed before, never drank… I don’t know. I was having a good time.”


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The NSA’s guide to the internet is the weirdest thing you’ll read today

The NSA has a well-earned reputation for being one of the tougher agencies to get records out of, making those rare FOIA wins all the sweeter. In the case of Untangling the Web, the agency’s 2007 guide to internet research, the fact that the records in question just so happen to be absolutely insane are just icing on the cake – or as the guide would put it, “the nectar on the ambrosia.”

MuckRock’s Michael Morisy initially requested the guide after finding an entry on Google Books. A month later, the NSA responded with a complete release, minus the author’s names …

Which was a bit odd, seeing as Michael had provided them in his initial request. But hey, gift horses and all that.

Now, at 650 pages, there’s far too much to go into depth here, but fortunately, as you can see from the table of contents …

you don’t have to go very far before this takes a hard turn into “Dungeons and Dragons campaign/Classics major’s undergraduate thesis” territory.

The preface employs a comical number of metaphors to describe what the internet is and isn’t – sometimes two a paragraph. But don’t take our word for it!

continue and download document

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The US Navy’s Drones Launched from Submarines


The following announcement was made by the US Navy pointing to the development of a new generation of drones, with unmanned “small drones that can be launched into the air from submarines and other underwater vehicles.”

The Blackwing drones are launched from a three-inch canister aboard submarines or unmanned underwater vehicles, as part of already installed systems used for acoustic countermeasures. They could be daisy-chained to boost communications and potentially even weaponized as a self-defense option.

Drones weaponised as a self defense option?

The drones ewill largely be used for surveillance:


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Your Worst Day Ever: David Avocado’s Himalayan Salt Debunked

I’ve had more than one good belly laugh over the scientific absurdities of David Avocado Wolfe, a believer that water is a living organism whose attitude is shaped by the path taken through t…

Source: Your Worst Day Ever: David Avocado’s Himalayan Salt Debunked

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Mugger Arrested After Victim Spots Him On Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’

Robbery Suspect FacebookImage Source:

In a somewhat bizarre story which proves that truth is often stranger than fiction, a serial mugger in England was arrested after one of his victims spotted him under Facebook’s “People you may know” section.

Originally reported by the BBC, 21-year old Omar Famuyide had a long history of theft, muggings and armed robberies to his name. Not too long ago, Famuyide brandished a knife and stole a car. Flash forward a bit, and the victim of said car robbery was recently shocked to see Famuyide’s face pop up as a suggested friend he might want to add on Facebook.


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Federal cellphone guidelines could undergo ‘tweaks’ after cancer study

Getty Images

Federal cellphone guidelines for consumers could undergo “tweaks” after a major government study found a link between tumors and exposure to cellphone-type radiation in rats, according to a head of the agency that oversaw the study.

John Bucher, the associate director of the U.S. National Toxicology Program, said the decision will ultimately be up to other agencies like the Food and Drug Administration or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“If anything there may be some tweaks to these recommendations. We don’t know at this point,” he said on a conference call Friday.The rats in the study were exposed to near-constant levels of radio frequency radiation. While the waves are similar to those emitted by cellphones, the rats were exposed to much heavier levels than is associated with typical cellphone use.

Bucher said it is still too early to say how the results translate to humans.

“This is a study that is looking at the biological plausibility of carcinogenic effects due to cellphone radiation,” he said. “The direct translation of these finding to the way humans are using cellphones is not currently completely worked out. That is part of the evaluation that is going forward.”


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The True Black Tragedy: Illegitimacy Rate of Nearly 75%, by Walter E. Williams

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Source: The True Black Tragedy: Illegitimacy Rate of Nearly 75%, by Walter E. Williams

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Quote Of The Decade

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Here’s The 1 Detail On Anti-Trump Signs That Reveals Who Was Behind The Albuquerque Riots — Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The report stated that several police officers were injured during the protest. However, the media wants the public to believe that Trump’s mere presence was the cause of the riots. They did not include this one very important detail that points to the true culprit of the violent acts. This riot was 100 percent an organized […]

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EGYPT: Military court on Sunday upholds death sentences on the eight civilians accused in the specialised intelligence case – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – May.30: Egyptian military court upholds death sentence for eight civilians The West Cairo Military Court upheld on Sunday death sentences for eight civilians and sentenced 12 others to life in prison in the case publicly known as the “specialised intelligence committee” case. Six defendants were sentenced to 15 years in prison and two […]

via EGYPT: Military court on Sunday upholds death sentences on the eight civilians accused in the specialised intelligence case – @AceNewsServices — Ace News Services

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This huge pirate website tailor made for customers is run by an ISP

Millions of individuals every year select an Internet service provider (ISP) based on speed, pricing, and reliability. But, how about being able to choose a broadband provider that not only provided decent service for a reasonable price, but also had its very own pirate site for customers? Can’t believe it? Well, one such service actually exists.

Hundreds of ‘pirate’ sites are available on the Internet today, which are mostly run by groups who choose to keep their identity a secret. In the torrent and streaming worlds, identities are valued pieces of information that are extremely tightly guarded.

However, there are exemptions to these of course. For instance, while the original people behind The Pirate Bay are popular public figures, the same can be told for Gary Fung of isoHunt. However, in case groups like the MPAA and RIAA decide to attack, people prefer to keep themselves away from piracy in general.

Having said that, there are actually those who really do not bother.


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