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Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton As A Puppet For Wall Street

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This IronVision Helmet Can See Through Armor

IronVision’s 360-degree, high-resolution imagery is projected in full color and zero latency to the wearer’s visor, offering a bright and vivid display of the surroundings in both day and night and all types of weather. Photo: Elbit Systems

Elbit will unveil next week at Eurosatory the IronVision, the first Helmet Mounted Display (HMS) designed for crewmembers of combat vehicles. Part of the company’s See-Through Armor (STA) architecture, IronVision is a 360-degree panoramic situational awareness system that enables tank and infantry crewmen to ‘see-through’ their vehicle’s armor in real-time, creating a complete and clear visualization of the battlefield, even under close hatches.

IronVision’s 360-degree, high-resolution imagery is projected in full color and zero latency to the wearer’s visor, offering a bright and vivid display of the surroundings in both day and night and all types of weather.

continue http://defense-update.com/20160608_ironvision.html

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Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories

Three years ago, Silicon Valley developed a fleeting infatuation with a startup called Zee.Aero. The company had set up shop right next to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., which was curious, because Google tightly controls most of the land in the area. Then a reporter spotted patent filings showing Zee.Aero was working on a small, all-electric plane that could take off and land vertically—a flying car.

In the handful of news articles that ensued, all the startup would say was that it wasn’t affiliated with Google or any other technology company. Then it stopped answering media inquiries altogether. Employees say they were even given wallet-size cards with instructions on how to deflect questions from reporters. After that, the only information that trickled out came from amateur pilots, who occasionally posted pictures of a strange-looking plane taking off from a nearby airport.

continue http://tinyurl.com/juw9ysc

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NSA finally admits why it couldn’t hack San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

It can tap undersea fiber optic cables, force leading technology giants to turn over a limitless supply of user data, and listen in on the phone calls of every person in the Bahamas — and more.

Yet when it comes to cracking into an iPhone 5c, the National Security Agency was stumped.

NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett said at a conference on Friday (via The Intercept, which first reported the story) that the NSA has to prioritize its resources in a utilitarian way — in that it will focus its resources on cracking the popular devices among suspected criminals, rather than the more popular devices, like iPhones.

“If we don’t have a bad guy who’s using it, we don’t do that,” Ledgett told attendees.

That’s likely the reason why the agency couldn’t access the phone, thought to contain evidence needed by the FBI in the San Bernardino shooting case.

Earlier this year, the FBI kickstarted a firestorm between the government and American tech titans by taking Apple to court over its refusal to help unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters.

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Pilot Test Of Storing Carbon Dioxide In Rocks Shows Impressive Outcome

Scientists say they have demonstrated a foolproof way of sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide — turning it into rock.

An international team of researchers says it has demonstrated for the first time that CO2 can be permanently locked away from the atmosphere by injecting it into volcanic bedrock.

The study, reported this morning in the journal Science, could overcome the leakage problems that have plagued attempts to bury CO2 gas underground.

The alternative involves injecting the gas into deep wells to form carbonic acid, which reacts with minerals in the rock — eventually forming “environmentally benign” minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.2016

continue http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/turning-carbon-dioxide-into-rock/news-story/69f29dc64618dae66f573af7c1effdf1

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Why I built my own homebrew Linux router

For the last few months, I’ve been talking a lot about using a bare install of standard Linux distribution as a router. I’ve written about it at Ars Technica, I did a presentation at Great Wide Open, and I’m doing another one at SouthEast LinuxFest next week. And I have to tell you, the homebrew router has been one of the more controversial topics I’ve ever written and presented about—some people love the idea, but the ones who don’t seem to really, really hate it.

To be fair, setting up your own router from a generic server distro isn’t a project for everyone. It certainly isn’t user-friendly, both during the build process and once it’s finished. While it’s not terribly complex, it’s definitely arcane, with absolutely no hand holding along the way. If you aren’t already very experienced with Linux, you’ll likely do a lot of puzzled head scratching (and maybe a little cursing). You won’t get a super feature-rich build once you’re done, either—unless you go on to do a lot more for your build than I have with mine, you won’t have fancy quality of service features, usage graphs, or much of anything else besides a bare-bones (although extremely high performance) router that hands out IP addresses, resolves DNS records, connects to the Internet, and makes packets go where they’re supposed to.

I don’t have a problem with anybody pointing out any of that. Heck, I point it all out myself, and usually in the first couple of paragraphs. The common complaint that makes me shake my head, though, is, “That’s going to be super insecure, and get you rooted, and that’s why you should be running a purpose-built router distribution.” Wait—what?

OK, let’s talk about security for a moment. Security isn’t something you tack on after the fact, or build on with a few thousand more lines of code. Security is a mindset, and it’s a design—it’s something you build in from the foundation. Heightened security is actually the entire reason why I built my own personal bare linux router.

continue https://opensource.com/life/16/6/why-i-built-my-own-linux-router

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Parents Are Worried the Amazon Echo Is Conditioning Their Kids To Be Rude

Alexa will put up with just about anything. She has a remarkable tolerance for annoying behavior, and she certainly doesn’t care if you forget your please and thank yous.

But while artificial intelligence technology can blow past such indignities, parents are still irked by their kids’ poor manners when interacting with Alexa, the assistant that lives inside the Amazon Echo.

“I’ve found my kids pushing the virtual assistant further than they would push a human,” says Avi Greengart, a tech analyst and father of five who lives in Teaneck, New Jersey. “[Alexa] never says ‘That was rude’ or ‘I’m tired of you asking me the same question over and over again.’”

The ever-patient Alexa.

Perhaps she should, he thinks.

When Amazon released its internet-connected speaker in 2014, the world was puzzled. “Well this one came out of nowhere,” mused the Verge. In the time since, the Amazon Echo has proven to be a sleeper hit, capable of learning many new “skills,” so that it can control the smart home, add events to your calendar, summon an Uber, even tell knock-knock jokes. It’s become such an curious and influential device that Google last month gave the world a peek at its equivalent, the Google Home, and Apple is reportedly cooking up its own version powered by Siri.

continue http://qz.com/701521/parents-are-worried-the-amazon-echo-is-conditioning-their-kids-to-be-rude/

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