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Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter

France Slashes Welfare Benefits To Muslim Migrants By 85%, They’re Absolutely FURIOUS!

You know things are bad when even the socialists are fed up with having to support the Muslim freeloaders. It seems that immigration policies of France, are seriously changing. The country is no longer able to hold back the crowd of Muslim invaders, many of whom do not want to integrate into the social and economic life of their new home country, and are content to live off the state and breed like rabbits.

After a meeting on the National Immigration and Integration, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced significant changes in the country’s migration policy. The government will reduce financial assistance to immigrants, and this reduction will be substantial. Starting next year, French immigrant benefits will be reduced by 83 percent. The amount of compensation to immigrants who voluntarily want to return home will be also reduced. If earlier the government paid 300 euros for every adult and 100 euros for every minor, these amounts will be reduced to 50 and 30 euros, respectively.(The photos below are of Muslims rioting in France just for the sake of rioting. Imagine what it will look like now that they have a reason)

One of the main provisions of the new immigration rules in France is the reduction of unemployment benefits. New rules will directly affect many of the immigrants who do not want to be of real assistance to the country and whose main goal is the existence at the expense of French taxpayers. Now immigrants who are EU citizens receive an allowance of 2,000 euros per adult and 1,000 euros per child.

Under the new policy, according to Valls, the payments will be reduced to 500 and 200 euros, respectively. Manuel Valls said that the previous immigration policy did not lead to the desired effect, and the existing outreach programs for immigrants do not work as they were expected to, therefore, the rules must be changed. If this is not done, the costs for the maintenance of migrants now paid by the French Treasury will continue to devastate the economy of France that is already suffering from the crisis caused by international factors. Continue http://tinyurl.com/jl3bu69

Governor Signs Executive Order Outlawing Criticism of Israel

The executive order will instruct the Office of General Services to compile a list over the next six months of groups, businesses and individuals supporting the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement, according to Haaretz.

@NYGovCuomo This order is a serious reach. As a NY business owner, I will support the BDS movement. You can’t tell me how to run my business

— Cryin Johnson (@CryinJohnson) June 5, 2016

@NYGovCuomo History will put you in the same space as those who refused to boycott South Africa. Congrats!

— Justin (@_JGR) June 5, 2016

After completion of the process, executive-branch companies will be required to distance themselves from any organization or person on the list.

“The State of New York will not permit its own investment activity to further the BDS campaign in any way, shape or form, whether directly or indirectly,” the order states.

Continue https://www.rt.com/usa/345582-cuomo-order-bds-blacklist


Waterford police working to remove dog from home after adoption photo goes viral

By John Turk, The Oakland Press

ar-160619981Just a few days after a smiling photo of Waterford Township resident Dan Tillery and his newly adopted dog, renamed “Diggy,” went viral on social media, local police are saying the breed violates the community’s “dangerous dog” ordinance.

“(My girlfriend and I) have been wanting a dog forever, but the place we were renting would not allow dogs. We just recently purchased our first home. All ours. And dogs are allowed,” said the Kettering High School graduate after adopting the 2-year-old dog.

Meanwhile, Harper Woods-based Detroit Dog Rescue, the organization that adopted the dog out to Tillery, says it knows Waterford laws and is working with police to clear up what representatives hope is a “big misunderstanding.”

Tillery officially adopted Diggy on Monday, June 6, from Detroit Dog Rescue.

As of Friday morning, the photo the shelter posted on their Facebook page was shared more than 6,000 times and “liked” more than 27,000 times.

Diggy, who was found wandering in Detroit, was temporarily named Sir Wiggleton and was housed at the shelter for almost 100 days before Tillery adopted him.

However, after Tillery took to social media to announce his excitement about his new pet, Waterford Township police are now working to remove the dog.

Waterford police paid a visit to Tillery’s home to identify whether he was in violation of the city’s dangerous breed ban after several calls following increased media attention to a posted photo of Tillery and the dog smiling.

Continue http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20160610/waterford-police-working-to-remove-dog-from-home-after-adoption-photo-goes-viral


Citing free speech, NC cyberbullying law struck down

North Carolina’s cyberbullying law, designed to protect children from harassing online posts, violates free speech rights and is unconstitutional, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The opinion strikes down the 2009 law that made posting on the Internet information designed to “intimidate or torment” a minor or the child’s parent, or encouraging such postings, a misdemeanor. While nearly all states have laws against electronic forms of harassment, North Carolina has been among at least 18 states with criminal sanctions for such cyberbullying, according to a research clearinghouse on such laws.

“This is the first time that I’m aware of a state-level criminal statute that’s been struck down by a state supreme court,” said Justin Patchin with the Cyberbullying Research Center.

Justice Robin Hudson, writing for the seven-member court, said while the purpose of the law is commendable- protecting children from the harms of online bullying – the law prohibits a wide range of online speech and doesn’t require victims to show they suffered injury. The law also offers no definitions of what it means to intimidate or torment and what compromises “private, personal, or sexual information pertaining to a minor” that is an element of the crime, according to Hudson.

Continue http://abc11.com/news/citing-free-speech-nc-cyberbullying-law-struck-down/1380152/


In a judicial order filed earlier this week, a federal judge eviscerated Uber in an ongoing antitrust proposed class-action lawsuit.

According to the Tuesday order, Uber is now required to produce documents to a New York-based federal judge to aid in the determination as to whether Uber has engaged in price-fixing behavior.

The suit, known as Meyer v. Kalanick, pits New Yorker and former Uber customer Spencer Meyer against Travis Kalanick, the founder and CEO of Uber. As a corporation, Uber is not a party to the lawsuit, although it has argued that it should be made party to the case.

The suit alleges that “Uber has a simple but illegal business plan: to fix prices among competitors and take a cut of the profits.” Specifically, the lawsuit cites violations of the Sherman Act, an 1890 law that encourages competition.

Continue http://tinyurl.com/zu9pvpp

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Hillary Wants You to Drive 55… Again

Trump doesn’t want to Drive 55 – but Hillary does.Hillary

Well, she wants us to drive 55.

The Dear Leader’s armored limo, of course, is not subject to any speed limits. They are for the Little People (that’s us) only.

And if Hillary becomes Dear Leader, we may be driving 55 again.

Here she goes: “The 55 mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it.” She uttered this ten years ago almost to the day – May 24th, 2006 – at the National Press Club in Washington, DC (see here.)

You have glimpsed the Heart of Darkness.

But – to paraphrase Tonto’s quip to the Lone Ranger – What do you mean we, white man? Er… woman. Sort of.

She really means her telling us how fast we’ll be allowed to drive.

Which is not very.

To “save gas.”speed limit sign

Except, of course, that we’ll be fined for “speeding” and our perfectly reasonable driving characterized  as “unsafe” rather than merely fuel-inefficient. Our driving records will be marred with demerit points and these will be used to justify sticking it to us again (so much for double jeopardy) via jacked-up car insurance premiums.

This is how it was for some 20 years, from 1974 to 1995 – when the maximum legal speed in the United States was 55 MPH.

Those who lived through this evil epoch will recall the misery – and the idiocy.

continue http://ericpetersautos.com/2016/05/24/hillary-wants-drive-55/

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Ali Funeral turned Into Disgusting Political Rally

The pastor at Muhammad Ali’s funeral dug as deep as he possibly could in declaring America horribly racist.

Rev. Kevin Cosby, the pastor of St. Stephen Church in Louisville, started with the Constitution, claiming that “every sacred document in our history conspired to convince the African in America that when God made the African, God was guilty of creative maleficence.”

As if that nonsense wasn’t enough, he went on to attack the Star Spangled Banner … a verse that nobody reads and a line that really isn’t that bad.

“And even Francis Scott Key in his writing of The Star-Spangled Banner … He celebrates slavery by saying ‘No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” said Rev. Cosby, The Washington Examiner reports.

Historian Robin Blackburn has argued “hireling and slave” in the often overlooked third stanza of the song refer to the British attackers in the War of 1812, which included many ex-slave volunteers who demanded to be placed into battle “where they might expect to meet their former masters.”

Cosby said that Muhammad Ali was a part of an attempt to help Blacks reclaim a sense of self-worth despite “years of nobodiness that was infused into people of color.” Ali achieved this, he said, by declaring: “I’m black an I’m pretty.”

Meanwhile, Rabbi Michael Lerner managed to turn Ali’s funeral into a leftist political rally.

Running down the list of left-wing accusations against all Republicans, Lerner was on a roll:

“How do we honor Muhammad Ali?” Lerner asked an audience of 15,000. “The way to honor Muhammad Ali is to be Muhammad Ali today.” He said this calls on of us to “tell the one percent who own 80 percent of the wealth of this country that it’s time to share their wealth,” “close our military bases around the world,” and “imprison those who authorize torture,” among other demands.

Lerner said that “it’s time to create a guaranteed income,” “help create a Palestinian state,” and rid society of “racist police” and “racist judges.”

Here’s a snippet of his rant, with just some of his demands:

Tell judges to let out of prison the many African-Americans swept up by racist police and imprisoned by racist judges, many of them in prison today for offenses like possessing marijuana that white people get away with all the time. Tell our elected officials to imprison those who authorize torture and those who ran big banks and investment companies that caused the economic collapse of 2008. Tell the leaders of Turkey to stop killing the Kurds. Tell Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the way to get security for Israel is to stop the occupation of the West Bank and help create a Palestinian state.

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