Rapper Hosts ‘Peace’ Event, Is Killed on Way Home

Lor Scoota   (Instagram)

(Newser) – Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota hosted an event calling for “peace in the streets”—and was fatally shot an hour later, reports the Washington Post. Authorities say Tyriece Travon Watson was driving home from a charity event at Morgan State University around 7pm Saturday when a black male wearing a white bandana stepped in front of his car at a busy intersection and shot him once in an apparently targeted attack, reports WBAL and the New York Daily News. Watson—known for his song “Bird Flu”—was taken to a hospital in critical condition but later died. Authorities haven’t named a suspect or a possible motive but a police spokesman says the shooting after the event, in which rival rappers came together for the community, shows an “eerie irony that should just absolutely tick all of us off,” per CNN.

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