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How to Disable the SMS Feature in Facebook Messenger


With its recent update, Facebook Messenger can send and receive text messages just like the SMS app which came with your phone. However, this update forces you to select Messenger as your default SMS app. It also includes every single SMS thread in the Facebook chat list in chronological order, which makes the conversation list confusing and difficult to use. Furthermore, you may accidentally send messages that cost real money if you keep all types of conversations in one place. If these problems are plaguing your Messenger experience, this tutorial will show you how to disable the SMS feature in Facebook Messenger.

continue http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/58904/disable-sms-feature-facebook-messenger/

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DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation

Members of the Democratic party Platform Committee, including (from left to right) American Federation of State, County, and Muncipal Employees executive assistant to the president, Paul Booth, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), former White House Energy and Climate Change Policy director Carol Browner, and Palestinian rights academic James Zogby. (Photo: DNCC)

Members of the Democratic party Platform Committee, including (from left to right) American Federation of State, County, and Muncipal Employees executive assistant to the president, Paul Booth, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), former White House Energy and Climate Change Policy director Carol Browner, and Palestinian rights academic James Zogby. (Photo: DNCC)

Despite its claims to want to unify voters ahead of November’s election, the Democratic party appears to be pushing for an agenda that critics say ignores basic progressive policies, “staying true” to their Corporate donors above all else.

During a 9-hour meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday, members of the DNC’s platform drafting committee voted down a number of measures proposed by Bernie Sanders surrogates that would have come out against the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), fracking, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. At the same time, proposals to support a carbon tax, Single Payer healthcare, and a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation were also disregarded.

In a statement, Sanders said he was “disappointed and dismayed” that representatives of Hillary Clinton and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz rejected the proposal on trade put forth by Sanders appointee Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), despite the fact that the presumed nominee has herself come out against the 12-nation deal.

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“Inexplicable” was how Sanders described the move, adding: “It is hard for me to understand why Secretary Clinton’s delegates won’t stand behind Secretary Clinton’s positions in the party’s platform.”

The panel also rejected amendments suggested by 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben, another Sanders pick, that would have imposed a carbon tax, declared a national moratorium on fracking as well as new fossil fuel drilling leases on federal lands and waters.

continue http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/06/25/betraying-progressives-dnc-platform-backs-fracking-tpp-and-israel-occupation

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Frexit Is Coming

After Grexit and Brexit, the next crisis to confront the European Union will be Frexit. It will prove to be the worst of all. While dramatic, the Greek tragedy had a limited run. While seismic, the British divorce will not necessarily upend Brussels. But for historical and institutional reasons, a French crisis would be cataclysmic. The midwife for the EU’s birth, France now risks becoming its gravedigger.

The ruin and rubble of World War II had not been entirely cleared when France laid the foundations for the European Union. As former Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement rightly observed last week, France is the EU’s “founding nation par excellence, the only nation capable of taking the initiative to begin Europe’s construction at the start of the 1950s.” Behind the drab language of the EU’s various treaties lay a truly heroic ideal: By ever-closer economic, monetary, and political union, the countries of Europe, led by two nations that had repeatedly been at one another’s throats in the 19th and 20th centuries, would make war and material want things of the past. As the Frenchman Jean Monnet, the guiding spirit of this new Europe, declared: “Continue, continue: There is no future for the people of Europe other than in union.

By the same token, the French believe, rightly, there can be no Europe without the people of their own glorious nation. That corollary breathes life into France’s traditional conception of a united Europe and thus lends vitality to the continent’s abstract ideals. It also motivates Europe’s traditional bouts of frustration with France. Upon coming to power in 1958, Charles de Gaulle insisted upon the necessity of a “European Europe.” In principle, this meant a united Europe of equals; in practice, de Gaulle meant a Europe in which France would be more equal than the others. Tellingly, when he signed the Rome Treaty in 1958 (the future EU’s act of conception), it was not because he believed in “Europe.” Instead, it was because he believed in an independent and sovereign France, one yoked to the accomplishment of “great undertakings.” De Gaulle accepted the EU because it ensured France’s own magnificence.

continue http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/06/29/frexit-is-coming-brexit-france-le-pen/

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Instead of taping your laptops microphone, try this to keep hackers out

Covering your computer microphone with tape will do nothing, here’s what you should do instead

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg had posted a picture on Instagram that had him and his Apple MacBook in the background. A closer look of the photograph revealed that not only Zuckerberg’s MacBook webcam but also the microphone of the MacBook was covered with what appeared like a tape, thereby explaining his paranoia about hackers snooping on his privacy.

While it may be thought that placing a tape over the microphone can ensure safety, Mashable decided to test this technique. However, on examination, they found that Zuckerberg’s method with clear tape as well as thicker gaffer’s tape did not work. In fact, it did not even reduce the microphone’s audio pickup even when doubled up.

While covering your webcam is a definite strategy to keep away webcam hackers, but if you wish to protect your microphone, you will have to be just a little extra creative.

continue http://www.techworm.net/2016/06/instead-taping-pclaptop-microphone-try-keep-spies.html

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Callin’ Oates: The Hotline You Don’t Need (But Might Call Anyway)

John Oates (left) and Daryl Hall (right) of pop duo Hall & Oates, seen here in 1987. These days, they're available on your phone. i

John Oates (left) and Daryl Hall (right) of pop duo Hall & Oates, seen here in 1987. These days, they’re available on your phone.

Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Is it pure whimsy that makes something like “Callin’ Oates” appealing?

If you pick up your phone and call 719-26-OATES — at least as of this writing — you’ll get a computerized woman’s voice telling you what numbers to press to hear one of four Hall & Oates songs.

The question, of course, is … why?

In the age of Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, why would you pick up your phone to listen to a tinny rendition of “Private Eyes,” like you’re on hold with customer service? It’s hard to imagine why this would be an appealing way to listen to anything, unless you were trapped at the bottom of a well. And you had access to a phone. And despite being trapped at the bottom of a well, your biggest priority was listening to “Private Eyes.” Let’s agree that valuing this hotline for its sheer utility requires a fairly elaborate scenario to be

continue http://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2011/12/21/144069758/callin-oates-the-hotline-you-dont-need-but-might-call-anyway

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Federal Court: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

In a dangerously flawed decision unsealed today, a federal district court in Virginia ruled that a criminal defendant has no “reasonable expectation of privacy” in his personal computer, located inside his home. According to the court, the federal government does not need a warrant to hack into an individual’s computer.

This decision is the latest in, and perhaps the culmination of, a series of troubling decisions in prosecutions stemming from the FBI’s investigation of Playpen—a Tor hidden services site hosting child pornography. The FBI seized the server hosting the site in 2014, but continued to operate the site and serve malware to thousands of visitors that logged into the site. The malware located certain identifying information (e.g., MAC address, operating system, the computer’s “Host name”; etc) on the attacked computer and sent that information back to the FBI.  There are hundreds of prosecutions, pending across the country, stemming from this investigation.

Courts overseeing these cases have struggled to apply traditional rules of criminal procedure and constitutional law to the technology at issue. Recognizing this, we’ve been participating as amicus to educate judges on the significant legal issues these cases present. In fact, EFF filed an amicus brief in this very case, arguing that the FBI’s investigation ran afoul of the Fourth Amendment. The brief, unfortunately, did not have the intended effect.

continue https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/06/federal-court-fourth-amendment-does-not-protect-your-home-computer

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Second UK Referendum Petition Rife with Fraud. Gush of Fake Names…


Borrowing a line from librettist WS Gilbert: “Things aren’t always as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream.”

Venezuelan extremists wanting democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro ousted stacked their recall petition with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent signatures – some fake names, others deceased, as well as minors too young to vote, discrediting the legitimacy of their campaign.

Britain is following suit. Anti-Brexit proponents petitioning parliament for a second referendum so far collected around 3.5 million signatures since Friday – a red flag. This many this fast suggests something rotten.

Signatures include already discovered tens of thousands of fake names from America, Germany, France, Italy, other EU countries, even Middle East, Asian, Latin American and African nations as well as virtually uninhabited Antarctica.

Despite its population of less than one thousand, 41,118 signatures came from Vatican City as of Sunday afternoon, nearly 25,000 from North Korea.

According to a House of Commons petition committee spokeswoman, fraud is so rampant it’s already removed 77,000 signatures, likely many more to come. Perhaps most are fake.

continue https://tinyurl.com/jgpzxpc

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If the Public Shouldn’t Have Them, Why Does the IRS Need AR-15s?

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.31.07 PM

Here we go again. Stuck in the aftermath of a horrific shooting and all politicians think to do is scheme about how to take more rights from the citizenry. There are no good guys here. The Democrats want to railroad over due process by denying firearms to people on Orwellian watch lists, while Republicans plot to give the FBI more warrantless surveillance powers. This is the authoritarian knee-jerk response to tragedy we get from the U.S Congress.

Hypocritically, when it comes to foreign policy, all we hear are incessant calls for more militarism, more war and more regime change. As I warned in yesterday’s post, Is the Syrian War About to Experience a Major Escalation?  51 State Department officials just issued a cable calling for the bombing of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. An event likely to lead to direct confrontation with Russia.

While all of that is bad enough, the U.S. government continues to eagerly and aggressively arm non-defense federal employees with weapons of war.

As Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books and former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn noted in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed:

continue http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2016/06/23/if-the-public-shouldnt-have-them-why-does-the-irs-need-ar-15s/

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Canada Becomes Second-Largest Weapons Exporter To Middle East

OTTAWA — Despite its reputation as our less war-inclined neighbor to the north, Canada has become second only to the United States in weapons exports to the Middle East.

The increase in military equipment and weapons sales was noted by IHS Jane’s in its annual “Global Defence Trade Report,” published June 13 by IHS, Inc., a corporate data analysis think tank.

“Canada is the second-largest exporter of defence equipment to the Middle East with $2.7 billion in sales, moving the UK down the table to fourth place, just behind France,” IHS reported in a press release.

Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade told Sputnik News on June 16 that the report suggests Canada is undeSserving of its nonviolent reputation:

“The Canadian Government is regarded as a more peaceful one than the US. It’s regarded as a more liberal one than the US, everybody knows that there is rank hypocrisy right at the core of US foreign policy but I don’t think everybody knows that about Canada,”
continue http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/06/foreign-policy-hypocrisy-canada-becomes-second-largest-weapons-exporter-middle-east/

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Beautiful Japanese bamboo speakers let you to listen to music without using any extra electricity — RocketNews24

After playing songs with bamboo instruments, band moves on to bamboo audio delivery that works with your smartphone. Japanese band Ajate is an interesting mix of avant-garde and traditional, performing unique, rhythmical music with instruments made of bamboo. However, Ajate isn’t just using the fast-growing plant to produce music, but also to produce ways to listen…

via Beautiful Japanese bamboo speakers let you to listen to music without using any extra electricity — RocketNews24

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