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D.B. Cooper investigation – unsolved – is over after 45 years, FBI says


SEATTLE — The FBI says it’s no longer actively investigating the unsolved mystery of 1970s plane hijacker D.B. Cooper.

The bureau announced Tuesday that it’s “exhaustively reviewed all credible leads” during its 45-year investigation and has redirected those resources to other priorities.

The FBI has investigated since a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 headed for Seattle after boarding at Portland International Airport on Nov. 24, 1971. He later jumped out the back of the plane in southwest Washington wearing a business suit and a parachute after receiving $200,000 in ransom money.

No sign of Cooper has emerged, though bundles of his cash, matched by serial numbers, were found in 1980.

source http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2016/07/db_cooper_investigation_is_ove.html

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The Myths of Black Lives Matter

A television ad for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign now airing in South Carolina shows the candidate declaring that “too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically.” She later adds: “We have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.”

Her Democratic presidential rival, Bernie Sanders, met with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday. Mr. Sanders then tweeted that “As President, let me be very clear that no one will fight harder to end racism and reform our broken criminal justice system than I will.” And he appeared on the TV talk show “The View” saying, “It is not acceptable to see unarmed people being shot by police officers.”

Apparently the Black Lives Matter movement has convinced Democrats and progressives that there is an epidemic of racist white police officers killing young black men. Such rhetoric is going to heat up as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders court minority voters before the Feb. 27 South Carolina primary.

But what if the Black Lives Matter movement is based on fiction? Not just the fictional account of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., but the utter misrepresentation of police shootings generally.

To judge from Black Lives Matter protesters and their media and political allies, you would think that killer cops pose the biggest threat to young black men today. But this perception, like almost everything else that many people think they know about fatal police shootings, is wrong.

The Washington Post has been gathering data on fatal police shootings over the past year and a half to correct acknowledged deficiencies in federal tallies. The emerging data should open many eyes.

For starters, fatal police shootings make up a much larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths than black homicide deaths. According to the Post database, in 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and 258 blacks. (The overwhelming majority of all those police-shooting victims were attacking the officer, often with a gun.) Using the 2014 homicide numbers as an approximation of 2015’s, those 662 white and Hispanic victims of police shootings would make up 12% of all white and Hispanic homicide deaths. That is three times the proportion of black deaths that result from police shootings.

The lower proportion of black deaths due to police shootings can be attributed to the lamentable black-on-black homicide rate. There were 6,095 black homicide deaths in 2014—the most recent year for which such data are available—compared with 5,397 homicide deaths for whites and Hispanics combined. Almost all of those black homicide victims had black killers.

Police officers—of all races—are also disproportionately endangered by black assailants. Over the past decade, according to FBI data, 40% of cop killers have been black. Officers are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by police.

Some may find evidence of police bias in the fact that blacks make up 26% of the police-shooting victims, compared with their 13% representation in the national population. But as residents of poor black neighborhoods know too well, violent crimes are disproportionately committed by blacks. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, though they made up roughly 15% of the population there.

continue http://www.wsj.com/article_email/the-myths-of-black-lives-matter-1468087453-lMyQjAxMTE2MDE1MDYxNzAyWj

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Pablo EskoBear – The Legendary Cocaine Bear of Kentucky

When it comes to weird tourist attractions, it’s hard to beat a stuffed black bear that died of what many people consider the worst cocaine overdose in history. Nicknamed Pablo EscoBear, the unique tourist attraction is currently on display at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall, in Lexington.

On December 23, 1985, the New York Times reported about a 175-pound black bear that had apparently died of an overdose of cocaine in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest. Three months earlier, drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II had dropped large quantities of drugs from an airplane over that area, before jumping from it himself. Unfortunately, Thornton got tangled in his parachute and fell to his death in someone’s yard, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Before turning to a life of crime, Kentucky blue blood Andrew Thornton II had worked as a narcotics officer of all things, and then as a lawyer. It is believed that he had built his network of connections during his time on the right side of the law, before becoming a drug smuggler. He was on a coke-smuggling run from Colombia when he dropped 40 plastic containers full of cocaine in Chattahoochee National Forest.


Photo: Kentucky for Kentucky

But instead of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars, police found just 40 open containers with traces of cocaine in them, and a dead black bear. The animal had apparently feasted on the entire load and subsequently died of an overdose. “Its stomach was literally packed to the brim with cocaine. There isn’t a mammal on the planet that could survive that,” the now-retired medical examiner who performed the bear’s necropsy recalls. “Cerebral hemorrhaging, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, stroke. You name it, that bear had it.” A black bear dead from a cocaine overdose is not something you come across every day, so instead of cremating it, the medical examiner decided to have it stuffed. The “Cocaine Bear” was then gifted to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, where it was displayed in the visitor center, behind a plaque, without any mention of his special origin.

31 years later, the guys at Kentucky for Kentucky remembered the legend of the Cocaine Bear and decided to track it down. It was easier said than done, as over the last three decades, the stuffed animal had changed hands several times. During the early 90’s, the threat of an approaching wildfire prompted the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to move its exhibit to a nearby warehouse in Dalton. From there, it was eventually purchased by country legend Waylon Jenning, who thought it would make the perfect gift for his good friend Andrew Thornton, a Kentucky native turned hustler in Las Vegas. So the Cocaine Bear “lived” in a Vegas mansion until 2009, when Thompson died. His possessions were then auctioned off and the legendary bear was purchased by Zhu T’ang, a Chinese gentleman living in Reno, for just $200.

continue http://www.odditycentral.com/travel/pablo-eskobear-the-legendary-cocaine-bear-of-kentucky.html

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TRUTH BOMB Every BLM Supporter Needs To Hear Today

imageedit_14_5196782063There are some serious questions that BLM needs to consider. They constantly protest police brutality, but do no address the black-on-black crime epidemic in American cities, such as Chicago. Why are they not confronting that?

Sheriff David Clarke has some strong words for BLM. You’ll really appreciate what he has to say.

Steve Straub reports that Sheriff David Clarke drops a brutal truth bomb on “Black Lives Matter” and has powerful advice for what the white community can do:

Here’s a sobering thought for Americans to contemplate as we now deal with the aftermath of the horrific murders of law enforcement officers in the name of Black Lives Matter in Dallas, Texas: this was mission accomplished for Black Lives Matter, not an aberration.

The violence and hate-filled messages pouring out of Black Lives Matter seek exactly this kind of bloody resolution, or revolution, though they cannot admit it in polite society. Even as celebrities clamor over themselves to demonstrate their fealty to the hate group, they align themselves with one of the most destructive groups to the well-being and justice for black Americans that exist today.

We are as afraid to point out the obvious, that the sniper attack by Micah Johnson in Dallas, who according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown was “upset about Black Lives Matter,” is just as tied to this domestic hate group as the Orlando terrorist was to radical Islam.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left organization that congratulates itself for its profligate naming of Christian groups and other conservative organizations to its ‘Hate List’ will prove itself absolutely irrelevant and morally bankrupt if it fails to now name Black Lives Matter and its equally anti-black cohort Black Youth Project to its hate list. I call on them to do so immediately or tear up the list and admit it is the farce that we have known all along.Black Lives Matter has no more to do with black issues than Students for a Democratic Society had to do with Democracy. They are means to an end, and they use the black population as sacrifices for their goals.

continue http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/truth-bomb-every-blm-supporter-needs-to-hear-today

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Hostess Saves Twinkies By Automating, Fires 94% Of Their Workforce

With ingenuity, capital and creative chemistry, billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos and Apollo Global’s Andy Jhawar rescued Hostess BrandsHostess Brands–and set themselves up to feast on a $2 billion gain.

Walk in the door of Hostess Brands’ flagship bakery in Emporia, Kansas and your first thought is: What a dump. The former front office for the bakery that pumps out classic American treats like golden Twinkies and swirl-topped Cup Cakes is a series of dank, near-empty rooms with scuffed, oatmeal-color linoleum floors, water-stained ceiling panels and a jumble of mismatched office furniture that looks like it was picked up off the curb. Three minutes in this place and you’re suddenly thankful for the wilted sign on the front door warning visitors that firearms are barred from the premises.

This grim wing of the Hostess plant is a leftover from the old Hostess–the one that debt, pension costs and mismanagement shuttered in 2012. But throw on a hairnet and pass on to the newly rehabilitated factory floor, and it makes sense why billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos, Apollo Global senior partner Andy Jhawar and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback are standing here, breathing in the sticky sweet air on a foggy April morning.

The new factory is bright and clean. Tight rows of Twinkies m arch along the $20 million Auto Bake system with the precision of Soviet soldiers in a May Day parade. Yellow robotic arms, which look like they should be welding Teslas rather than boxing Twinkies, stack snacks with hypnotic rhythm. This 500-person plant produces more than 1 million Twinkies a day, 400 million a year. That’s 80% of Hostess’ total total output–output that under the old regime required 14 plants and 9,000 employees. And it’s about to get more efficient: Metropoulos and Jhawar just installed a second Auto–Bake system, this one for Cup Cakes, and the governor is here to cut the ribbon.

continue https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2016/07/05/what-it-took-to-save-the-twinkie/

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There’s Absolutely No Reason Why an EpiPen Should Cost $300

This shouldn’t cost $300.

Roel Smart/Thinkstock

If you’re one of the 3.6 million people with an EpiPen prescription, you probably paid way too much for it—if you could afford it at all. That’s because, since buying the rights to the device nine years ago, the pharmaceutical company Mylan has pushed a relentless series of price hikes that has seen the cost of the device go from an average of about $50 in 2004 to more than $300 each today.


EpiPen is by far the most common brand of devices known as epinephrine autoinjectors, which are premeasured, automatic syringes that contain epinephrine (also known as adrenaline), which helps keep airways open during severe allergic reactions. For many people—including children—it is a potentially life-saving treatment. Thus, the price-gouging can be downright dangerous: A story out Wednesday from Stat details how, in an effort to combat the expense of EpiPens, some users and institutions have started replacing the devices with regular syringes filled with vials of epinephrine. While the effect is the same in theory, this cheaper method introduces a much wider margin of error for administering the medicine correctly, all to cut costs.


So why is the EpiPen so expensive? In September, reporting by Bloomberg Businessweek blew open the story about Mylan’s quest to make the EpiPen a cash cow; the device alone now makes up a full 40 percent of Mylan’s profits, thanks to a series of strategic marketing campaigns, public policy changes, and price hikes. For one thing, in 2010, the company decided to sell EpiPens in twin packs and discontinued single EpiPens. Between 2011 and 2014, television advertising skyrocketed from $4.8 million to $35.2 million. In 2013, Congress encouraged schools to carry EpiPens after a 7-year-old in Virginia died of an allergic reaction to peanuts. Following that encouragement, Mylan also contracted with Walt Disney to provide the device at its theme parks and cruise ships (at a cost, of course).

continue https://tinyurl.com/zn7sjz2

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FBI arrests satellite engineer on charges of espionage

Alleged to have sold hardware designs to undercover agent

Johnny English

A US military contractor is alleged to have tried to sell Uncle Sam’s satellite secrets to someone he thought was a Russian intelligence officer, the Feds claim.

Gregory Allen Justice, 49, of Culver City, California, worked as a security tester on military satellites, including the GPS system, the Milstar military communications network, and various spying hardware in orbit.

He was arrested by the FBI on Thursday after allegedly selling hardware designs to an undercover agent. The Feds claim that since February this year, Justice met the g-man five times, and allege that four of those times he was paid $500 or $1,000 for copies of satellite schematics, blueprints and test files.

Justice did not have access to classified material, but, claimed Special Agent Peter Lee in an affidavit, he allegedly handed over proprietary trade secrets that, under international arms laws, could not be moved from the US without an export licence – in breach of arms laws, as well as trade secret protections.

“Mr Justice allegedly placed his own interests of greed over our national security by providing information on sensitive US technologies to a person whom he believed was a foreign agent,” said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin on Friday.

“In the wrong hands, this information could be used to harm the United States and its allies. The National Security Division will continue to relentlessly identify, pursue and prosecute offenders that threaten our national security.”

Special Agent Lee also alleged that in 2015, Justice sent a technical schematic to the Russian consulate in California. After computer records showed that he had been copying work files onto a USB drive, he was placed under surveillance.

continue http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/07/11/sting_snares_satellite_spy_thief_attempting_to_sellout_to_russians/

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Antarctica Is Not A Continent / More Flat Earth Proof

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NGO Calls for the Dismissal of the European Commission

Jean-Claude Juncker, Photo European People's Party by (CC BY 2.0)

On the 7th of July, 2016, Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation, a leading Hungarian NGO, submitted a petition to Cecilia Vikström, Chair of the Petitions Committee, calling for the dismissal of Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Commission.

According to the NGO,  the EC president and the EC as a whole have failed to address the critical political and economic issues facing the EU, fundamentally mismanaged the migrant crisis, and have ignored public sentiment in their decisions that have consistently gone against the will of  a large and ever-increasing number of EU citizens.  The outcome of the recent Brexit vote is a clear indication of public dissatisfaction with the way the EU is run, its lack of vision, and the strategic mistakes it has committed.  Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Commission have failed to maintain the unity of the organization. According to the Civil Union, they have endangered the stability of the European Union, and Europe as a whole. In its petition, the Hungarian NGO calls for the European Parliament to investigate the irresponsible activity of Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Commission.

The full, official translation of the petition submitted by the Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation can be read here: http://civilosszefogas.hu/petition-for-the-dismissal-of-the-european-commission-led-by-jean-claude-juncker/

continue http://www.globalresearch.ca/ngo-calls-for-the-dismissal-of-the-european-commission-led-by-jean-claude-juncker/5535368

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The FBI’s Secret Surveillance Budget Is Close To Be At $1 Billion, Report Says

The FBI's Secret Surveillance Budget Is Close To Be At $1 Billion, Report Says
The FBI has reportedly “hundreds of millions of dollars” allotted on developing hidden surveillance to be used in national security, as well as aid in domestic law enforcement investigations.
(Photo : Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The FBI has reportedly “hundreds of millions of dollars” allotted on developing hidden surveillance to be used in national security, as well as aid in domestic law enforcement investigations.

James Burrell, deputy assistant director at the FBI, recently spoke to a workshop roundtable, which was sponsored by the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, according to The Intercept.

The roundtable held its meeting on Thursday and Friday. The meeting’s agenda was reportedly about topics that covers academics, scientists, developers, as well as tech officials. The meeting also discussed new technologies, and techniques in the field of encryption.

Burrell stated that the budget of the Operational Technology Division is “hundreds of millions of dollars.” The division oversees the bureau’s advanced surveillance technology that covers the range from machines aiding covert surveillance to biometric scanners.

Although Burrell did not state a specific amount in regards with the divisions budget, but recent reports have revealed that the FBI’s budget for its secret surveillance was estimated to be between $600 million and $800 million, The Washington Post reported

continue https://tinyurl.com/zeee2g5

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