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(web series devoted culture of web an bizzarre)


A book to blow minds: ‘The Day-Glo Designers Guide’
Cleveland, Ohio’s Day-Glo Color Corp. is “the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments.” They’ve been making their trip-friendly colors since the 1930s. This was right around the time that LSD was first made by Albert Hofmann in Switzerland. Synchronicity is occasionally quite cosmic.

daygloIn 1969, the Day-Glo company published a book to illustrate how their paints and inks could be used in commercial concepts. The Day-Glo Designer’s Guide is full of vibrantly psychedelic artwork including some fluorescent takes on Bert Stern’s iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, a Karlheinz Stockhausen album cover, a Peter Max portrait of Toulouse Lautrec, pop-up flower garden, The Grateful Dead at The Playboy Mansion, Sammy Davis Jr. book cover and a packet of loose Day-Glo overlays and charts for use in lithography printing. It’s amazing how many “straight” corporations jumped on a style of graphics that was so clearly associated with the drug culture of the time. Airlines, banks, the British Commonwealth, food products and department stores jumped into the lysergic pool and hoped that they’d seem a lot hipper than they really were. For most of us hippies it looked like exactly what it was: “the man” was copping our culture. But we were too stoned to care.



Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-80’: Essential collection of prime U.K. punk paraphernalia

The U.K. punk scene represented one of mankind’s greatest explosions of populist mass art, as represented not only in the songs and the album covers the scene generated but also a well-nigh endless variety of punk clothing, handbills, flyers, posters, badges, fanzines, and who knows what all. The DIY and countercultural ethic of that moment reverberates down the decades to us today—and will for some time. We’re not done hearing the echo of that moment.01_antinazi_rally_02938431_465_662_int

Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print, 1976-80, a new book from Phaidon Press, offers a detailed look at one of the world’s great agglomerations of U.K. punk ephemera, Toby Mott’s collection, which took decades to bring to its current state. This generous volume is bursting at the seams with punk energy, its whopping 500+ pages offering approximately that many riveting punk artifacts. The book is surprisingly affordable at $22.76.

Mott was in the thick of the action during the original U.K. punk era as one of the founders of the Anarchist Street Army, a late 1970s organization based in Pimlico that specialized in

street disturbances. Later he appeared in Derek Jarman’s 1985 movie The Angelic Conversation, and the art collective he co-founded, the Grey Organisation, was responsible for the iconic day-glo cover art for De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising.

The Mott Collection includes essential punk artifacts such as Jamie Reid’s “ransom note” designs for the Sex Pistols, Linder Sterling’s astonishing “Orgasm Addict” art for the Buzzcocks, Barney Bubbles’ memorable work for Ian Dury, as well as grassroots fanzines such as Mark Perry’s Sniffin’ Glue.

The book features an essay by Rick Poynor, who writes:




How To Download Packages Faster In Linux Using APT-FAST Command?

The apt-get command is associated with the Advanced Package Tool and it is used to install and remove application packages on Linux distros like Debian (and it’s derivatives), Slackware, and others. You can also use apt-get to update existing Linux packages.

One thing that degrades the apt-get experience is that the downloads are slow and time-consuming. Matt Pernell (ilikenw) has the answer to this problem. His new script known as apt-fast boosts the package download speeds. For this, apt-fast uses multiple connections to download the same package. It is similar to various download managers like Internet Download Manager.

The apt-fast utility is a shell script wrapper which uses the aria2c download manager to enable multiple connections during package download process. So, under the hood, it still uses the apt-get and aptitude tools.

How to install apt-fast on your Linux distribution:

The following commands allow installation of apt-fast 1.8 on Ubuntu 14.04 and later versions. It works on Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint which itself is Ubuntu-based.



Notorious runaway robot that has escaped research lab twice has been arrested by police at political rally

A notorious runaway robot – that has escaped from its lab twice – has been arrested by police at a political rally.

Promobot was supporting Russian Parliament candidate Valery Kalachev in Moscow when authorities attempted to handcuff it and take it away.

It is believed that the arrest occurred after a member of public called police as Promobots were recording the opinions of voters on a variety of topics “for further processing and analysis by the candidate’s team.”

A company spokesman told Inverse magazine: “Police asked to remove the robot away from the crowded area, and even tried to handcuff him.

“According to eyewitnesses, the robot did not put up any resistance.”



Butt shot shows promise as male birth control—but many side effects, too

Flu vaccination in Volgograd, Russia

Hormone injections lowered sperm counts, but also caused acne and mood swings.

Beth Mole

Routine hormone injections into the buttocks of 320 men dramatically shrunk their sperm counts and prevented pregnancies during a year-long, early-phase trial, researchers reported Thursday.

The findings suggest that a future hormonal male contraceptive may one day be possible. However, the data also revealed high rates of side effects, such as acne and mood swings, suggesting much more work is needed before such a birth control method is realized.

“A male hormonal contraceptive is possible,” lead author Mario Festin, a medical officer with the department of reproductive health and research at the World Health Organization, told the Chicago Tribune. “We have to continue searching for or investigating the right drugs, and their combinations, with the highest efficacy and safety, and acceptability, with the least side effects.”

Earlier work showed that high doses of testosterone could rub out sperm counts in men, but they also raised concerning side effects. Cutting the dosage level with a steroid hormone known as progestogen, which activates the progesterone receptor, was a potential workaround.

In the new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Dr. Festin and colleagues gave men, aged 18 to 45 injections into their bums once every eight weeks over the course of a 24 week “suppression” phase. The injections contained 200mg of progestogen and 1000mg of testosterone. By the end, nearly 96 percent of those remaining in the study (some dropped out) saw their sperm counts fall to less than 1 million per milliliter. (Normal levels can range from 15 to more than 200 million/mL.)


Martin Shkreli Says He’ll Release Wu-Tang’s One-of-a-kind Album If Trump Wins the Election

This fucking guy… Pharmaceutical executive, internet clown and horrible human-being Martin Shkreli has announced he will share Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind album Once Upon a Time In Shaolin if Donald Trump wins the election and becomes president of the United States.

Speaking shcrellion Twitter, he also says he’ll share unheard music from Nirvana and The Beatles which he claims to own. If Hilary Clinton wins however, he suggests he’ll “break” the Wu-Tang album.

Almost a year ago, Shkreli was revealed as the buyer of Wu-Tang’s one-of-a-kind album, purchasing it for a reported $2 million. Since then, he has started a feud with Ghostface Killah, offered to buy Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo before it was released for $15 million, and auctioned off the chance for people to punch him in the face.
Take a look at the Tweets below. If Trump wins, my entire unreleased music collection, including unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and of course, Wu-Tang, comes out, for free.
Pepsi to Test New Flavors for Tuberculosis Drugs

One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies is launching a new initiative to help children all over the world. Pepsi is teaming up with the nonprofit TB alliance to engineer new flavors to counteract the bitter taste found in tuberculosis drugs.

The company will, “apply proprietary flavor and sensory expertise,” to help develop ddd1610_pepsistrategies that can hopefully solve the bitter taste issue. Pepsi won’t receive any financial payments for these efforts whereas the TB Alliance will have free access to the results of this program applying it to its drug development efforts, according to the announcement.
“At PepsiCo, we saw a unique opportunity to leverage our R&D talent and flavor expertise to help improve the palatability of certain TB medicines,” said Pepsi’s Dr. Mehmood Khan, the vice chairman and chief scientific officer of Global Research and Development.


Harvard Scientists Invent Cigarette-Smoking Robot For Better Lung Disease Research

By Eliza Strickland
For the good of humanity and medical research, Harvard scientists have invented a robot that smokes cigarettes.
Well, calling it a robot may be a bit of a stretch—it’s more of a lab instrument. But the device does puff on up to 10 cigarettes at a time, taking in the smoke and channeling it to a tiny chip lined with living cells from human lungs. This “lung-on-a-chip” can be used to study how lung cells react to smoke, in intimate detail and with a level of verisimilitude that animal studies can’t match.
The invention, announced yesterday by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, can be used for research on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the lung condition that includes both emphysema and chronic bronchitis. People with COPD find it harder and harder to breathe because the tiny airways in their lungs are damaged, typically from years of cigarette smoking. There’s no known cure, and doctors can’t repair the damage. More than 11 million people in the United States. have been diagnosed with COPD, and the worldwide toll is reckoned at 65 million.


A Tribe Called Quest to Release New Album in Two Weeks

Legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest have announced they will release a new album in two weeks time. The album has been heavily rumoured in recent times and now Q-Tip has confirmed the release, sharing a handwritten note via Facebook.

The note details that the group started work on the record following their reunion on The Tonight Show last year. One of Tribe’s members Phife Dawg passed away before the album was complete, but Q-Tip stated that “he left us with the blue print of what we had to do.”

There’s no title for the record yet, but we do know it’ll feature Busta Rhymes and Consequence and will be released via Epic on 11 November.


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