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A hero walks off into the sunset

Maki Naro

Moving on to new adventures into parts unknown

Hello Boxplot readers, I’m afraid I have received some somber news: A couple weeks ago, Paul Adams informed me that Popular Science’s Editor-in-Chief has decided to wind down the Blog Network at the end of October.

I held off on posting anything earlier because A) I didn’t want to be the first person to break the news, and B) I still kinda think I’m being punked. But here we are. This closure marks an end to what has been three of the most sublime years of my life. It was an honor to work for such a prestigious institution as Popular Science, and I’m truly sorry to see it all go.

The Blog Network (or BlogNet for short) launched quietly on October 2nd, 2013 with six blogs ranging in topics such as bats, diseases, space exploration history, and feminism in science/tech media. Since then, that number has nearly doubled, and the topics covered have only grown more eclectic. It’s safe to say there really wasn’t anything else like it.


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