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The FBI’s years-long investigation into a fictional anti-goth cult

gothscov-1200x400_q85_cropBureau spent two years chasing down leaders of “God Hates Goths” church before realizing the whole thing was a parody
Written by JPat Brown

In December 2005, the FBI opened a file on the religious extremist group the “Church of the Hammer.”

Named after the infamous treaty on witchcraft and allegedly founded by a protégée of Westboro Baptists’ Fred Phelps, the group called for violent retribution on those in defiance of God’s will.

Particularly practitioners of the goth subculture, but they weren’t by any means picky.

via The FBI’s years-long investigation into a fictional anti-goth cult

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Rapper Behind Song ‘Sell Drugz’ Is Accused of Selling Drugs

A rapper whose songs include “Sell Drugz” has been charged with selling drugs in Pennsylvania.Twenty-nine-year-old Michael Persaud performs under the name Montana Millz.The Lebanon County district attorney says Persaud and a female accomplice sold heroin to an undercover police officer during a monthlong investigation. The district attorney says they sold 70 bags of heroin to an undercover officer in Lebanon and were arrested Oct. 28.[READ MORE: Don’t Like Clinton or Trump? These Are Some of Your Other Choices]The district attorney says police raided the couple’s hotel room and found more than 2 ounces of heroin worth about $11,500.The two suspects are both from Johnston, Rhode Island. They remain jailed.

Source: Rapper Behind Song ‘Sell Drugz’ Is Accused of Selling Drugs | Offbeat News | US News

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Man “chopped toe off with bolt cutters and ate it” in Sheffield store

Shoppers at a Sheffield branch of Wilkinson’s watched in horror as a man reportedly cut off his big toe.A police spokesman said: “Emergency services were called to a shop in Haymarket, Sheffield, at around 11.10am on Sunday October 30 following reports of concern for a man inside the premises.”Upon officer arrival, the man was taken to hospital with injuries to his foot, where he remains.”There are not believed to be any other parties involved. The incident is not being investigated as a crime”

Source: Man “chopped toe off with bolt cutters and ate it” in Sheffield store – The Star

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How a ‘Jacuzzi of Despair’ formed beneath the Gulf of Mexico – CSMonitor.com

Scientists have discovered a pool – including a waterfall – in the Gulf of Mexico that has higher temperatures and salinity than the surrounding water.

Source: How a ‘Jacuzzi of Despair’ formed beneath the Gulf of Mexico – CSMonitor.com

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N.Dakota Cops Admit They Can’t Afford Police Presence For Much Longer

A legislative committee will be reviewing an emergency request to borrow MORE money from the Bank of North Dakota to cover the cost of law enforcement related to protecting of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, reports Kota Territory News.The expenditure hemorrhage has grown since using the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), which was supposed to be for natural disasters, but is instead being used to protect the pipeline that is planned to go through 1851 treaty land.

Source: Native Protesters Have The Last Laugh, As North Dakota Cops Admit They Can’t Afford To Keep Up Police Presence For Much Longer – Counter Current News

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Felix the Duck Saves His Chicken Friend from a Preying Hawk «TwistedSifter

Yes, you read that correctly

Source: Felix the Duck Saves His Chicken Friend from a Preying Hawk «TwistedSifter

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Patient’s Fart Sparks Serious Fire During Laser Surgery | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

A report recently released by the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward revealed that a patient suffered burns on most of her body after passing gas during laser surgery.The incident occurred back in April, but has only made news headlines after a team of external experts conducted a through investigation and concluded that it was most likely caused by the gas passed by the patient, which was ignited by the surgical laser. The anonymous patient, a woman in her 30s, was undergoing an operation that involved applying a laser to her cervix, the lower part of the uterus, when intestinal gas leaked out and was set ablaze by the irradiation of the laser.

Source: Patient’s Fart Sparks Serious Fire During Laser Surgery | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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Apple tells customer to prove that he is not Saddam Hussein » TechWorm

Apple allegedly refused a customer with the surname Hussain a refund on his iPhone 7 unless he proved he was not deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.Sharakat Hussain (not Hussein), a 26-year-old from Birmingham who works as a driver had bought an iPhone 7 for his sister, but tried to get his money back when she rejected the gift. He paid £799 ($972) for the device. However, a few weeks later, he received an email from the Silicon Valley giant asking him to confirm he was not Saddam Hussein, who was on the government’s ‘Denied Parties’ list, which made it illegal for him to be sold an iPhone.

Source: Apple tells customer to prove that he is not Saddam Hussein » TechWorm

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Democratic Vice-President: “Whites Should Be The Minority, No One Else”

According the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, white people need to experience the kind “oppression” that black people have experienced before Americans can truly be equal. The cat is out of the bag. Via TruthAndAction SPONSORED LINKS Many who believed that all of these movements and protests started by Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and […]

Source: Democratic Vice-President: “Whites Should Be The Minority, No One Else”

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NJ: Man Sues Judge Who Jailed Him Because He Had No Money To Pay Littering Fine

He made $9 an hour; fine was $239. Pay now, judge said, and wouldn’t allow installments. ACLU says it’s akin to debtors’ prison Anthony Kneisser says all he was trying to do was s…

Source: NJ: Man Sues Judge Who Jailed Him Because He Had No Money To Pay Littering Fine

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How To Copy A Key in Under 5min

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deepes11The deepest swimming pool in the world is located in Brussels, Belgium inside a recreational diving center and anyone can use it provided they are accompanied by a professional diver.

With a depth of 33 meters (108 ft) the pool contains several submerged structures offering a variety of diving opportunities.  

continue with more pictures http://www.slightlywarped.com/crapfactory/curiosities/2009/deepestpoolintheworld.htm

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Early-Absentee Voters Can Still Change Ballots In At Least Four States (Video)

In the wake of FBI director James Comey’s bombshell announcement that he was reopening Hillary Clintons email investigation, many Americans who already voted are wondering if they can change their vote. The answer for many early voters is no, but there are several states that allow it.

Roughly 22 million Americans have already cast their vote through a combination of absentee ballots, voting by mail or at the polls.

The 2016 White House race, with seven days remaining, continues to be a close contest between Trump and Clinton, with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein significantly trailing the two major-party candidates, according to Fox News.

Wisconsin voters can either request a new, mail-in ballot before 5 p.m. on Nov. 3 or complete a new in-person absentee ballot before 5 p.m. on Nov. 5th.

continue with video Early-Absentee Voters Can Still Change Ballots In At Least Four States (Video) | Truth Uncensored

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Free download – SysAdmin Magazine: Tools & Tips for Security Admins

via Free download – SysAdmin Magazine: Tools & Tips for Security Admins – Help Net Security

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Three of Fed’s Own Primary Dealers Warn Hikes on Hold Until 2017 – Bloomberg

Three of the Federal Reserve’s own primary dealers are warning bond traders that a growing consensus the central bank will raise interest rates by year-end is misguided.

Source: Three of Fed’s Own Primary Dealers Warn Hikes on Hold Until 2017 – Bloomberg

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Clinton’s Black Son Asks Monica Lewinsky for DNA Sample from the Blue Dress

Bill Clinton’s alleged love child, Danney Williams is asking Monica Lewinsky to allow him to conduct DNA testing on the famous blue dress to prove he is his biological father, Radar Online reports.

Danney Lee Williams, Jr. is a 30-year-old construction worker that lives in Arkansas. He made the shocking claim that he is Bill ‘s son by an African-American prostitute. Williams believes that Lewinsky’s blue dress would prove that Bill is his father, and asked Monica to hand it over to clear up the speculation about his paternity.

Monica testified in court that the strain on the famous blue dress resulted from a sexual act that she performed on Clinton in the Oval Office while he was president. The F.B.I confirmed that the DNA from the dress was a perfect match for Bill’s DNA.

via cryptogon.com » Clinton’s Black Son Asks Monica Lewinsky for DNA Sample from the Blue Dress

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Can Cats Eat Popcorn? – Catster

It’s a familiar scenario: You’re binge-watching your favorite television show before it expires from Netflix. You have a bowl of popcorn on one side, and a cat on the other. Absorbed in the program, you carelessly toss a handful of popcorn into your mouth, and few kernels fall into your lap. A crunching sound catches your ears, and you look down to see the cat chewing on a stray kernel. Alarmed, you mutter, “Can cats eat popcorn?”

As a general rule, keep any kind of popcorn away from very young kittens and senior cats, as it can present choking or digestive hazards that they are not equipped to deal with. For the majority of our cats, though, the answer is yes and no; it really depends on the way your popcorn is prepared, whether there are additives that might upset your cat’s digestion, and the amount of popcorn you’re allowing your cat to ingest.

Popcorn and feline nutrition

Without getting into the ongoing debate over whether cats should be subjected to vegetarian diets — they shouldn’t — a quick glance at your standard bag or tin of cat food is revealing. The bag of dry kibble that my cat eats has, as its first listed ingredient, ground yellow corn. This use of corn meal in cat food is extremely common, meant to create cohesion for the kibbles, and as a filler. It also provides a strictly limited amount of supplemental carbohydrates for energy.

via Can Cats Eat Popcorn? – Catster

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The Blood Test That Could Save Football

2016_09_28-cte_homepage-3-22090186451LEXINGTON, Mass. — “I’m a frickin’ pioneer, man,” Kevin Hrusovksy, CEO of Quanterix said. “I see the opportunity to eliminate pain and suffering . . . and we’re going to do it.”

The revolutionary work is happening in a nondescript corporate office where a dozen armoire-sized automated boxes glean minute protein biomarkers in blood samples with unprecedented sensitivity. Quanterix’s proprietary technology can isolate a single blade of grass in a field the size of Alaska, says Hrusovksy.

Such technology, combined with an emerging body of science surrounding biomarkers, whose applications extend to neurology, has caught the National Football League’s attention. Recent medical research has documented the release of several blood-borne biomarkers such as tau proteins, GFAP, UCH-L1, and neurofilament light—yes, one of the substances is known as “NFL”—after traumatic brain injuries.

via The Blood Test That Could Save Football – Vocativ

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‘Robocall Strike Force’ Proposal Could Stop Caller ID Spoofing

This summer the FCC convened a “Robocall Task Force” to help consumers fight unwanted automated telemarketers, and Wednesday the coalition finally delivered a report recommending a “Do Not Originate” list so carriers could spot spoofed numbers which should be blocked.
A trial of the “DNO” list that’s been running for the last few weeks on some IRS numbers has resulted in a 90 percent drop in the volume of IRS scam calls, officials from AT&T, which leads the strike force, said during the FCC meeting Wednesday. The carriers on the strike force, which include Sprint, Verizon, and many others, plan to continue testing the DNO list in the coming months, with the intent to fully implement it some time next year…

The strike force members also are working on a system to classify calls into categories, such as political or charity, as a way to give consumers more information before they answer calls from unknown numbers. And, the group said it has developed a working solution for authentication between VoIP applications and traditional landline networks as another way to defeat spoofing from callers in foreign countries.

Early next year they’re planning larger tests — and the strike force has also created a new site describing how to block and report robocalls.

via ‘Robocall Strike Force’ Proposal Could Stop Caller ID Spoofing – Slashdot

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