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Eating an egg a day ‘keeps STROKE at bay – slashing your risk by 12%’

EATING an egg a day slashes stroke risk by 12 per cent, a study claims.

Experts said it is a myth that eggs are bad for your heart.

Eating one egg a day could protect against suffering a stroke, experts say
Eating one egg a day could protect against suffering a stroke, experts say

Instead, they found the popular food item may reduce inflammation that can trigger disease.

Scientists looked at the diet of around 300,000 adults.

They found a daily egg cut stroke chances by 12 per cent.

via Eating an egg a day ‘keeps STROKE at bay – slashing your risk by 12%’

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Sen. Richard Burr blacklists newspaper because one of its reporters wrote bad things about him

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr — who joked about Hillary Clinton being covered by a bullseye — has cut off The News & Observer, which serves the Raleigh metropolitan area and is the second largest newspaper in North Carolina, because he claimed it was providing unfair coverage of his campaign.

“Paul (Shumaker, Burr’s lead political strategist) put an embargo on sending you scheduling details until you demonstrate the ability to cover this race from a balanced point of view,” said Jesse Hunt, spokesman for the Burr campaign, in a Monday email to the paper. Although Hunt adds that the paper won’t be banned from attending Burr’s campaign events, it won’t be told about them.

The ban comes less than a week after The News & Observer ran a story about Burr missing an important Senate Armed Services Committee meeting about an expensive military aircraft in order to attend a campaign fund-raiser. It also mentioned that Burr had missed 58 of the 84 Armed Services Committee hearings held in 2009 and 2010.

This came up in Hunt’s email, which mentioned that the ban “applies to you because Colin Campbell [author of The News & Observer’s story] and The News & Observer have failed to cover the Senate race objectively and on its own merits.”

via Sen. Richard Burr blacklists newspaper because one of its reporters wrote bad things about him – News

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More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list •

Thirteen more pirate sites have have been added to the list of domains that the largest UK ISPs must block*.This time the target sites are dedicated to binge-watching TV series and theatrical run films.Although nobody in the movie and TV business – which is fuelling a tech jobs boom in the UK – claims it’s the only solution, the MPA can claim reasonable success so far for reducing traffic to the blocked sites, and driving traffic to legitimate streaming sites. Even though determined users can access the sites via a VPN, Joe Public doesn’t bother.A paper published in April found that blocks coincided with increased legal consumption, not only of pay sites but Public Service Broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4.”The evidence suggests that blocking large numbers of sites can still ‘move the dial’ in terms of consumer behaviour, but that there may be diminishing returns, as remaining pirates may be more dispersed or else have lower willingness to pay for legal content,” the study’s authors – Brett Danaher, Michael Smith and Rahul Telang of Carnegie Mellon University’s management school – found.

Source: More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list • The Register

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Amazon guarantees bitterly contested Ohio wind farm project • The Register

Amazon has taken on a stalled wind farm project in Ohio to power its data centres because, as we all know, intermittent and flaky power supplies dependent entirely on the randomness of the weather are just what mission-critical data centres need.”We remain committed to achieving our long-term goal of powering the AWS Cloud with 100 per cent renewable energy,” said AWS infrastructure veep Peter DeSantis, in a canned missive which was read at Vulture Central on a computer connected to a power grid with a whopping 7 per cent of its input supplied by wind, despite this being late autumn.*The wind farm will be built by US firm Everpower, whose CEO Jim Spencer said in another canned quote: “We applaud Amazon’s goal to power the global infrastructure for the industry-leading AWS Cloud with renewable energy” – while conveniently not mentioning that he has Amazon to thank for ensuring that the entire project was going ahead at all.

Source: Amazon guarantees bitterly contested Ohio wind farm project • The Register

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He Drank 4 or 5 Energy Drinks Daily. Then He Turned Yellow

For three weeks, a construction worker drank four or five energy drinks per day to help keep up with his intense workload. Then his body went haywire. In a bizarre case Florida doctors describe in the British Medical Journal, the 50-year-old man started gulping down energy drinks on the job but suddenly began vomiting after about three weeks. Soon, his skin turned yellow, but it wasn’t the caffeine or even the sugar that was the problem. At a hospital, the man showed signs of liver damage and a biopsy confirmed he had acute hepatitis, believed to have been brought on by high intake of vitamin B3, or niacin, found in his energy drink of choice: Just one contained 200% of the daily recommended dose, reports Gizmodo.

Source: He Drank 4 or 5 Energy Drinks Daily. Then He Turned Yellow

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iPhone Tricks – 9 Secret iPhone Codes – TIP

Just like all other types of phones out there, your beloved iPhone comes with some neat “code tricks” hidden within it. A hidden code on a mobile device allows the uncovering of hidden menus, or maybe even acts like a direct command, such as you would use in a terminal based on the Apple OS. Some of the codes may also reveal more information about your specific device.Via AnonHQthese-secret-codes-let-you-access-hidden-iphone-featuresSPONSORED LINKSBelow, I have provided a list of the top 9 best codes you can use on your iPhone. However, not all of these codes may work. If they don’t, it’s most likely an issue with your carrier, not your Apple device.For those who are new to “phreaking,” secret codes for mobile devices are often combinations of numbers, the asterisk key (*), and the hash-tag sign (#). These codes are typed directly into your phones ‘call’ or ‘dial’ feature. Just simply open the Phone App and type in the random codes that you see below.Once you have finished typing the code, the respective operation will automatically start. Don’t try to push the call button, as it will not be able to call the number. If the respective operation does not start right away, double check the code here with the code you typed in. If it still fails, Google-search the code to see if your carrier actually supports it.

Source: iPhone Tricks – 9 Secret iPhone Codes – TIP

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New Discovery Could Help Oral Medicines Work Better

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and The Dow Chemical Company have discovered a new method for customizing ingredients that help oral medications dissolve in the body and be absorbed into the bloodstream. The materials discovered in this study could allow life-saving drugs to work faster and more efficiently.The University of Minnesota and Dow have filed a patent on the discovery that may also lower the cost to produce new medications.The research study is now online and is published in the current issue of the American Chemical Society’s ACS Central Science, a leading journal in the chemical sciences.One of the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical companies when developing oral medications is to ensure that the body will fully absorb the drug molecules. Many therapeutic structures do not easily dissolve on the molecular level, which means they are less effective. In that case, the dose must be increased for patients, which may increase side effects.”A way to explain the differences in solubility of medicines is to think of how sugar easily dissolves in water and is rapidly absorbed by your digestive system, whereas sand doesn’t dissolve in water and if swallowed, would pass right through the digestive system,” said Theresa Reineke, a chemistry professor in the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering and lead researcher on the study.

Source: New Discovery Could Help Oral Medicines Work Better

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Russian Man Dismembers Friend for Insulting His Accordion Skills

A 63-year-old man in the Russian city of Cheboksary has been arrested on suspicion that he murdered his friend for insulting his accordion skills.According to the MediaZone news agency, local investigators say the man attacked his 66-year-old friend after a drunken quarrel, hitting him in the head and the legs. The murder was apparently not an accident. To finish the job, the suspect reportedly fetched a sledgehammer and drove it into his victim, before taking a nap.The body remained in the man’s home for three days, by which point he decided to use an axe to dismember his old friend, sneaking out pieces of the body in suitcases and trash bags. He failed to dispose of the body parts carefully, however, and trash collectors soon discovered the victim’s remains outside his apartment building. That same day, police managed to identify the victim and the murder suspect.

Source: Russian Man Dismembers Friend for Insulting His Accordion Skills

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Jacksonville Suns changing name to Jumbo Shrimp

The long-standing tradition of the Suns’ minor-league baseball team in Jacksonville, which dates to 1962, will undergo a major transformation next season when the franchise changes its name to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.Owner Ken Babby, who purchased the Florida Marlins Double-A affiliate from Peter Bragan Jr. two years ago (allowing Bragan to stay as owner in 2015), will unveil the name change and new logo Wednesday in a 10 a.m. news conference at the Times-Union Center.“This is a high-energy, impactful, bold move,” Babby said Tuesday. “There’s certainly risk that goes along with it. There’ll be feedback and, I’m sure, some resistance. We’ve been holding on to this for a while and look forward to sharing it with the community. The tradition of the Jacksonville Suns is entrenched in Northeast Florida. It’s been known and loved. The passion for minor-league baseball in Jacksonville doesn’t change [with a new team name]. It’s just a new chapter in its evolution.”

Source: Jacksonville Suns changing name to Jumbo Shrimp | Jacksonville News, Sports and Entertainment | jacksonville.com

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Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS’s Military Base in Mosul

31 October 2016 18:26Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS’s Military Base in Mosul[Increase][Normal][Decrease]Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISISIraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS’s Military Base in MosulIraqi army and popular forces have discovered a number of US-made missiles from a military position of the ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) in the Southern part of Mosul, informed local sources disclosed after the first group of pro-government troops opened their way into Southern Mosul on Monday.”Several US-made missiles were found in al-Shoura region to the South of Mosul,” a local source said on Monday.The Iraqi army and popular forces had found US-made missiles in Anbar province several times before.Provincial officials confirmed that the US-made weapons were sent by the US-led anti-ISIL coalition airplane for the ISIL terrorists in Anbar province.Meantime, Iraqi security officials announced that the ISIL has sent US-made military equipment to Tal Afar region in the last two days to stand strong against Iraqi popular forces’ impending attack to capture the region.”The ISIL terrorists have sent US-made TOW anti-tank missiles to Tal Afar and it is quite evident that they are preparing for a long-term war,” the Arabic-language media quoted an Iraqi security official as saying on Monday.In late August 2015, a senior Iraqi intelligence official revealed that the US helicopters drop weapons and other aids for the ISIL terrorists in the Western province of al-Anbar.

Source: Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS’s Military Base in Mosul

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How Linux Saved A School’s Failing Windows Laptop Program

Asian Penguins turn program into a Linux success
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Stu Keroff will be speaking at All Things Open in Raleigh this year. 

The Community School of Excellence (CSE) Asian Penguins are the world’s first and only Linux user group based in a Hmong charter school. A failed Windows laptop program at the school was turned by the Asian Penguins into a Linux success.

Stu Keroff is the technology coordinator at the Community School of Excellence, a middle school located in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a licensed elementary education and middle school social studies teacher, and a long-time Linux enthusiast. Stu founded and advises the Asian Penguins.

How does an elementary school and middle school social studies teacher get started with Linux?

“I first heard of Linux in the late 1990s, but didn’t get a computer and try it myself until 2005,” he said. Stu experimented with different Linux distributions, and was intrigued with how much he could do without a proprietary operating system. At a previous school he was given a couple of computers for his classroom, and found that having two computers was not enough. A friend gave him a couple of computers which had Linux installed on them so that he could get more students on the computers. He changed jobs, and brought his interest in Linux to the Community School of Excellence.

continue https://opensource.com/education/16/9/asian-penguins-convert-minnesota-school-linux

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Eat till your insides beg for mercy: competitive noodle eating in Japan

507On a backstreet in Morioka, northern Japan, I take a deep breath and steel myself. I’m at a restaurant called Azumaya, about to be inducted into the world of competitive noodle eating. I’ve skipped lunch in preparation.

Wanko soba, literally bowl noodles, is a traditional dish in Iwate prefecture, and speed-eating competitions are held in the cities of Hanamaki and Morioka each year. On 6 November, Morioka will host the 31st All Japan Wanko Soba Contest, with 176 contestants from across Japan descending on the Nanak shopping mall for a feasting frenzy. (Hanamaki holds its competition in February.)

The practice dates from the 17th century, when a local lord arrived at an inn to find no food available other than cold buckwheat noodles. Ravenous, he wolfed down bowl after bowl. And so a tradition of cramming noodles down your throat until your insides beg for mercy was born. Today’s record stands at 559 bowls. When my eyes bulge at that total, I’m told those are small bowls, 15 of them equalling one normal-size noodle bowl.

continue https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/oct/30/competitive-noodle-eating-wanko-soba-noodles-morioka-japan

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High Flying Drones Recruited for Missile Defense


With improved performance and matured sensors and payloads, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) assume more missions, beyond the general intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and attack roles they were used so far. Missile defense is one of the new applications explored for drones.

“A UAV-borne laser would be capable of acquiring, tracking and eventually destroying an enemy missile at a much lower cost than the existing BMDS.” Vice Admiral J.D. Syring, USN, Director, Missile Defense Agency said in his testimony before the House Armed Service Committee Subcommittee on Strategic Forces. “Beyond intercept, these UAVs will also support ascent and midcourse tracking and target discrimination, as an alternative targeting method to ground or ship-based radars, alongside space-based sensors.”

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are already tested with Airborne Infrared (ABIR) sensors – performing forward picket to spot hostile missile launches and track them through their flight trajectory. In this role High-Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) UAS can help defenders discriminate between warheads and decoys a few years from now, such platforms will also be able to intercept missile targets, zapping them on the ascent from hundreds of miles away using powerful lasers.

continue http://defense-update.com/20161028_uav_bmds.html

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