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Lolitics comedy bans comedians from ironic comments and ‘bantering with audience’

A London comedy club has banned ironic comments and ‘banter’ with the audience to create a ‘safe space’ for stand-up.But just make sure you are not a Conservative, as then you risk being called a ‘racist bigot’ a ‘f****** monster’ or even a ‘f****** c***bag of a t***’.Lolitics Comedy Club, which takes place around once a month at the Black Heart pub in Camden, makes acts abide by a set of rules to create an ‘enforced niceness’.Performers are told to preserve the safe space by not asking people in the audience questions one-on-one, while spectators must in turn not heckle the comedians.The rules also outlaw jokes that are considered ‘sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, disabilist’, and comments like ‘I hate the French’.

Source: Lolitics comedy bans comedians from ironic comments and ‘bantering with audience’ | Daily Mail Online

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There Is Now An App To Stop Premature Ejaculation

There Is Now An App To Stop Premature EjaculationPhoto: Mike Powell (Getty)Not that you would ever admit it to anyone, but if you do have that issue, no to worry! Because like everything out these days there is an app for it.So while BuzzFeed was trying their best to give all you fellas masturbation “hacks,”, you may have something else to think about besides that and the funniest phrases for masturbation, you can now actually think about something that exist: Pea. Yes. That is the name of the app.

Source: There Is Now An App To Stop Premature Ejaculation – CraveOnline

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“This is what happens when you let Madonna blow people.

Led by Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, and the sole surviving member of the Clinton crime cartel in her stroller followed by assorted parasites in Search of Still Free Health Care and a Perpetual Government Grant, the Wretched Refuse of America’s Left Trudges North.Below: Canadian Army Masses to Enforce Canada’s “”No Flee Zone” Policy with the Latest in Advanced Canadian WeaponryAMERICAN DIGEST NEWS SERVICEDATELINE: OTTOWA,Canadian Prime Minister today ordered all 215 members of Canada’s armed forces to the porous southern border to stem the tide of tens of millions of disgruntled members of MoveOn, Democratic Underground, IndyMedia, Daily Kos and other assorted weeping moonbats that have begin to surge towards the socialist haven to the north in search of asylum.”We feel their pain,” said the PM speaking to 2 reporters at a hastily called press-conference in the Sauron province headquarters, “but we simply can’t let in any more ‘sunshine’ Americans. We did that during the Vietnam years and our mental health care system is still groaning under the load. To let in more of Les fou Americans at this point would pretty much overload the sidewalk spaces already staked out by Canada’s homeless.”Alas, mon amis, we must say to you, as that great French general said at the crisis of the First World War Ils ne passeront pas.”Please take your laptops and your bongs and go back and make what life you can in the ruins of your once celestial city.”


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Toblerone Has Changed Its Distinctive Triangle Shape

Due to the rise in the cost of ingredients, Toblerone has made the decision to change the shape of its distinctive triangle ridges, reducing the amount of chocolate needed in each bar by making each triangle thinner, with bigger gaps between.Both the 400g and 170g bars are affected by the new design, reducing their weight down to 360g and 150g respectively. The news was announced on the brand’s Facebook page, where fans were quick to make their anger known.”The change in design of the bar is an absolute disgrace, designed to fool people into thinking they are buying the same quantity of chocolate as before (same size packaging, but significantly lower weight of chocolate),” says Nick, the top commenter. “Shame on you Toblerone for your cynical way of increasing profits.”

Source: Toblerone Has Changed Its Distinctive Triangle Shape

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Canadian lab worker possibly exposed to Ebola from pigs 

A Canadian lab worker may have been accidentally exposed to Ebola while working with pigs that were infected with the virus on Monday. The man was working with six infected pigs as part of an experiment, government officials said on Tuesday.He noticed a split in the seam of his protective suit during standard decontamination procedures and prior to leaving the Winnipeg, Manitoba lab, said John Copps, director of Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, where the incident happened.All proper emergency procedures were followed and the risk to the employee, co-workers and community are low, Copps said.

Source: Canadian lab worker possibly exposed to Ebola from pigs | Daily Mail Online

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12 Hair-Raising Facts about Troll Dolls

The Dreamworks movie Trolls is out this weekend, so we may as well learn something about the little dolls that inspired it. They were everywhere in the 1960s, and make a comeback every couple of decades or so. Their origin goes back to one craftsman in Denmark. 1. THE FIRST TROLL DOLLS WERE WOODEN. Danish fisherman Thomas Dam was very often out of work, but he had a talent for carving figures out of wood. Though he initially carved little gifts for his children, his wife recognized the monetary potential in his hobby. She encouraged him to sell some door-to-door, which turned into a job making larger Christmas displays for a department store window in 1956.

Source: 12 Hair-Raising Facts about Troll Dolls – Neatorama

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Report: Government’s Zero Days Arsenal is in the Dozens – Nextgov.com

The U.S. government likely retains an arsenal of just dozens of otherwise unknown computer vulnerabilities that can be used for spying or sabotage and adds fewer than 10 new vulnerabilities to that cache each year, according to a Columbia University analysis released today.The analysis gives some context to the government’s largely opaque decision-making about whether to disclose exploitable glitches it discovers in commercial and industrial computer systems or to use them for intelligence operations.Such previously unknown vulnerabilities have been at the root of numerous high-profile cyber operations, including the Stuxnet attack that seriously damaged Iranian nuclear reactors.

Source: Report: Government’s Zero Days Arsenal is in the Dozens – Nextgov.com

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Printable Organs Will Put an End to Transplant Lists

A woman living on a dialysis machine is grown a new kidney using her own cells. A father struggling with age-related vision loss has his eyesight restored. A soldier suffers extensive burns and has his skin regenerated.This is a glimpse of the holy grail of regenerative medicine. The ultimate goal of the field is to develop therapies that restore normal function to diseased tissues and organs. Advances in 3D bioprinting, the process of fabricating functional human tissue outside the body in a layer-by-layer fashion, have pushed the envelope on what is considered possible in the field.

Source: Printable Organs Will Put an End to Transplant Lists

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Face electrodes let you taste and chew in virtual reality

Electronics that stimulate your sense of taste and texture mean you can taste and chew without any food – or give real dishes more bite

Source: Face electrodes let you taste and chew in virtual reality | New Scientist

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Cloudflare Slams MPAA and RIAA’s “Distorted” Piracy Claims

Cloudflare has hit back at the entertainment industry’s anti-piracy groups, RIAA and MPAA, which accused the service of helping pirate sites to hide. The CDN provider informs the U.S. Government that its services adhere to the law and adds that the industry groups’ characterizations are distorted and misleading.cloudflareLast month several copyright holder groups sent their annual “Notorious Markets” submissions to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).The U.S. Government uses this input to create an overview of threats to various copyright industries. The recommendations usually include well-known piracy sites such as The Pirate Bay, but this year Cloudflare was also added to the mix.For example, both the MPAA and RIAA mentioned the CDN provider as a key player, claiming that it frustrates enforcement by helping pirate sites to “hide”.

Source: Cloudflare Slams MPAA and RIAA’s “Distorted” Piracy Claims – TorrentFreak

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FDA Considering Walnuts As Illegal Drugs! – Counter Current News

Those walnuts you’re eating are drugs! Well, according to the authoritative agency of food and drug-related tyranny, or FDA as they’re also known, walnuts could potentially be subject to a drug-specialized screening process before being allowed on the market.walnutsDiamond Foods, a food company that was started in 1912 by a small group of Californian walnut farmers, has learnt the full effect of what the prososed mandate would do to their business. Diamond Foods, a food company that was started in 1912 by a small group of Californian walnut farmers, has learnt the full effect of what the prososed mandate would do to their business.The primary cause of concern the FDA has with Diamond Foods is their promotion of the health benefits of eating walnuts regularly. This is obviously something that the FDA did not approve of. But why?… After all, walnuts have been shown to have a significantly positive impact on the health and maintenance of our blood, brain, kidneys, liver, and more.

Source: FDA Considering Walnuts As Illegal Drugs! – Counter Current News

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Nebraska Votes to Bring Back Death Penalty

(Newser) – The death penalty is back from the dead in Nebraska: Voters overwhelmingly supported a ballot measure to restore the penalty, which was abolished by state lawmakers last year, reports the AP. Around 61% of voters chose to “repeal the repeal” in the state, which had 10 people on death row before last year’s move, reports the Omaha World-Herald. State Sen. Ernie Chambers, who sponsored the measure to repeal the death penalty, says the vote shows him that Nebraska is a “hidebound and backward state.” He plans to introduce another repeal bill in January. Gov. Pete Ricketts, whose veto of the repeal bill was overridden last year, donated $300,000 to the campaign to restore the death penalty.

Source: Nebraska Votes to Bring Back Death Penalty

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Canadian Immigration Site Crashes as Democrats Demand Information

Hillary Clinton voters totally freaking out about election night results are, apparently, looking to relocate as soon as possible.Immigration Canada’s website has had so many requests in the last hour that the site has completely crashed and is giving users an error message.

Source: Canadian Immigration Site Crashes as Democrats Demand Information

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