User Accounts Might Become Obsolete in Video Conversation

When Skype was first released in 2003, it disrupted the video and VoIP communications market in such a way that it made the idea mainstream. Despite this traction, in 2016 it struggles to maintain market share as its competitors begin to offer more features and higher conference quality.Ads by GoogleBut if there’s one thing that served to threaten Skype’s dominance in the conferencing market, it was the fact that people had to register for accounts in order to participate in conversations. Alternatives began to appear around 2013 that began to chip away at its foundation, and we don’t see signs of this slowing down at any point in the future.I intend to answer the questions of why startups (and Skype) are shifting away from this model and how security can be guaranteed even without formal authentication.

Source: User Accounts Might Become Obsolete in Video Conversation – Make Tech Easier

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