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Dementia now leading cause of death

Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, latest figures reveal.Last year, more than 61,000 people died of dementia – 11.6% of all recorded deaths.The Office for National Statistics says the change is largely due to an ageing population.People are living for longer and deaths from some other causes, including heart disease, have gone down.Also, doctors have got better at diagnosing dementia and the condition is now given more weight on death certificates.How can we keep Alzheimer’s at bay?Living with dementia’A surreal and distressing battle’The bulk of the dementia deaths seen were among women – 41,283, compared to 20,403 dementia deaths in men in 2015.Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, accounted for 15.2% of all female deaths, up from 13.4% in 2014.

Source: Dementia now leading cause of death – BBC News

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Liberals Blame Gamers for Trump, Say Video Games Need More Social Justice | Heat Street

With Donald Trump’s election to the White House, accusations are now being thrown around every which way by progressives seeking to blame anyone apart from themselves for America’s collective decision. Rather than looking inward, the media’s progressive left has turned once again towards the ever-reliable bogeyman of GamerGate.

Depending on who you ask, GamerGate could be described as completely ineffectual, responsible for Trump’s ascent, literally worse than ISIS, the greatest threat to women on the Internet, or deader and more irrelevant than it ever was since its stillbirth in late 2014. In short, it’s anything and everything you want it to be — a strawman for millennial social justice warriors.

Some of those slinging virtual Molotov cocktails at the wicker man argue that gamers aren’t responsible for themselves. No — they argue — it is the games that they play that cause them to support Donald Trump.

Source: Liberals Blame Gamers for Trump, Say Video Games Need More Social Justice | Heat Street

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This Penis-Filled Coloring Book Called ‘Cocktastic’ May Just Be The Perfect Christmas Gift

OK, so you probably don’t want to give this to your mom, but hey, I’m sure your other friends will love to color in a bunch of penises.Adult coloring books have become the norm recently, as we’ve discovered that we never grew out of just lying on our stomach and coloring away. That’s why we were eager to look at the coloring book filled with sex positions and the swear words coloring book, too. And now there’s a new one out there: “Cocktastic! Colorful Cocks,” illustrated by Ella Cotton. And yes, that’s the actual title.This Penis-Filled Coloring Book Called ‘Cocktastic’ May Just Be The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Horny Friends

Source: This Penis-Filled Coloring Book Called ‘Cocktastic’ May Just Be The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Horny Friends – CraveOnline

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How to Turn On Night Mode in Mozilla Firefox

One of the best thing in Mozilla Firefox is the amount of features and options that are available in its settings. You can customize every single aspect of Firefox…more or less. In fact, one of the most missed features in Firefox is the night mode that lets you get a black browser which is very handy… if you don’t want to get tanned at night while browsing the Web! So let’s see how to turn on Night Mode in Firefox thanks to a very simple plugin! Open Mozilla Firefox.

Go to this page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/simple-night-mode/ Install the plugin on your browser. To test it, open a website or blog of your choice. Right click any part of such a website. In the right-click menu you should be able to see an option called “Night Mode ON”. Click it. Done!

Source: How to Turn On Night Mode in Mozilla Firefox | Web Talk

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Post-Election, Orders for Trump Voodoo Dolls Surge

Sally Noedel, a small-business owner in the Pacific Northwest, looked forward to Election Night, relieved that after months, she could finally quit making satirical Donald Trump voodoo dolls.

On Nov. 9, she woke up to an inbox of full of new orders.

Business hasn’t slowed since. “I got out my sewing machine and started sewing again,” Noedel said, adding that she had to unpack her shelved supplies and enlist a friend to help make enough voodoo dolls to meet post-Election demand. “I have a feeling this is going to continue to be a staple item in my product line for another four years—I hope not eight years!”

Source: Post-Election, Orders for Trump Voodoo Dolls Surge

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Scientists Closer to Perfect Cup of Coffee Using Math, Computer Model

(Newser) – One plus one equals … brew? Scientists out of Ireland’s University of Limerick tapped into math and a computer model in their quest to come up with a cup of coffee that would satisfy even Twin Peaks’ Special Agent Dale Cooper, the CBC reports. And while it was impossible to master every factor in the “hideously complicated” set of coffee-brewing variables, the researchers were able to make some inroads in the drip-coffee process in a study published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. Making the experiment challenging is that coffee comprises about 2,000 chemical compounds, the subjectivity of individual preferences, and the fact that each step of the brewing process can affect how the beverage turns out—from the water temperature and how fast it flows, to how densely it’s packed and how long it’s brewed.

Source: Scientists Closer to Perfect Cup of Coffee Using Math, Computer Model: Study

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Man admits stealing wallet of company president during job interview

A Yokohama man was arrested Monday after admitting he stole a company president’s wallet during a job interview earlier this month.“I wanted to work for that company, but since I haven’t got a job I needed money,” Shogo Takeda, 24, said in owning up to the charges, according to the police.Takeda is suspected of stealing the wallet containing ¥50,000 in cash from the president’s bag during the interview at an elevator maintenance company in Seya Ward, Yokohama, on the evening of Nov. 10.Police believe Takeda took advantage of easy access to the bag when the president briefly left the room.

Source: Man admits stealing wallet of company president during job interview | The Japan Times

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Politico Editor Calls For Violence Against Richard Spencer

Jonah BennettNational Security/Foreign Policy Reporter3:04 PM 11/22/20163284 National editor at Politico Michael Hirsh resigned after publishing the home addresses of alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer Tuesday morning and advocating for serious violence.Politico confirmed his resignation following requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.“Stop whining about Richard B. Spencer, Nazi, and exercise your rights as decent Americans,” Hirsh wrote in a public Facebook post. “Here are his two addresses.”The Daily Caller News Foundation redacted the home addresses.Michael HirshMichael Hirsh publishes the addresses of alt-right figure Richard Spencer, who runs the National Policy Institute. (Screengrab/Facebook).“These posts were clearly outside the bounds of acceptable discourse, and POLITICO editors regard them as a serious lapse of newsroom standards,” Politico Editor-In-Chief John Harris and Editor Carrie Budoff Brown told TheDCNF. “They crossed a line in ways that the publication will not defend, and editors are taking steps to ensure that such a lapse does not occur again.”While Hirsh’s initial post could have been charitably interpreted to imply advocacy of a non-violent protest outside of Spencer’s home or other similar non-violent actions, a subsequent question and answer clarified Hirsh’s intentions.“Completely agree we should mobilize against his hateful ideas, but what does knowing his home addresses do?” one Facebook user asked Hirsh. “Send a letter? Confront him in person? Seems like counter-speech is the main thing we can do. You can call it ‘whining’ but I’m not sure that’s fair or constructive. Side note: Apparently the GSA-owned Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in DC felt obligated to host his organization’s event because it can’t discriminate against speech under the First Amendment, so there’s that problem, too.”Hirsh responded in an unhinged manner: “I wasn’t thinking of a fucking letter, Doug. He lives part of the time next door to me in Arlington. Our grandfathers brought baseball bats to Bund meetings. Want to join me?”

Source: Politico Editor Calls For Violence Against Richard Spencer | The Daily Caller

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Detroit’s ‘Dr. Death’ Declares Innocence in First Jailhouse Interview

Victims of “Dr. Death” had until this week to submit receipts for unnecessary chemotherapy, medical bills for liver damage, and funeral expenses for their loved ones. By an initial count on Tuesday, 517 former patients and their families had filed claims against Farid Fata, the Detroit-area cancer doctor convicted of raking in more than $17 million by poisoning patients with chemotherapy and other drugs they did not need.

Fata was branded by prosecutors as “the most egregious fraudster” in U.S. history for scamming Medicare and private insurers by giving at least 553 patients, some of whom did not have cancer, thousands of doses of unnecessary and expensive drugs. Now he insists he did nothing wrong. Breaking his silence in a jailhouse interview, Fata said victims claiming he killed loved ones or ruined their lives are misguided and that those who died were “going to die anyhow because of the nature of the diseases.”Fata, nicknamed “Dr. Death” by his victims, is serving a 45-year sentence in a federal prison in South Carolina after pleading guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud, one count of conspiracy to pay or receive kickbacks, and two counts of money laundering.He ran one of Michigan’s largest private cancer practices, with a network of clinics outside Detroit, from 2005 to 2013.

Source: Detroit’s ‘Dr. Death’ Declares Innocence in First Jailhouse Interview – The Daily Beast

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Stanford Researchers Send Text Messages Using Vodka, Vinegar, And Glass Cleaner

Short Bytes: Researchers at the Stanford University have figured out a method to use chemicals as a way of transmitting text messages. Their system currently uses vinegar and glass cleaner to send messages from one device to another.The text messaging system we use has become advanced, enough that the messages reach from one point to another almost instantly. But all of our text messaging depends on electromagnetic systems and sent in the form of 0s and 1s (binary digits).A new research conducted at Stanford University is an effort to develop an unconventional method of sending text messages. They have demonstrated test messaging using chemicals. Sounds weird and impossible, but a futuristic tech has actually it brought to reality.In the setup, the researchers type their message on a small computer connected to a machine which pumps out relevant pulses of vinegar (acid) and glass cleaner (base) through a plastic tube to a container fitted with a pH sensor. The sensor records the change in the pH and sends the data to a computer where these chemical signals are converted to binary numbers and the message is deciphered.

Source: Stanford Researchers Send Text Messages Using Vodka, Vinegar, And Glass Cleaner

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California prepares for assisted suicide of patients in mental hospitals

California’s new End of Life Option Act, which permits assisted suicide, has some disturbing consequences, writes Wesley J. Smith in First Things. According to recently passed regulations terminally ill patients in mental hospitals have a right to request assisted suicide.Under the Act, a lethal drug can be prescribed only “if the patient is not suffering from impaired judgment due to a mental disorder.”Unless the patient is forcibly confined in a mental hospital and probably pumped up with powerful drugs. In that case, the regulations specify that: A terminally ill patient, as defined by the End of Life Option Act, may petition the superior court for access to participate in activities under the End of Life Option Act by requesting release from the custody of the Department of State Hospitals from the court. If the court orders release from the custody of the Department of State Hospitals, the Department of State Hospitals shall release the patient to the ordered entity or person.

Source: BioEdge: California prepares for assisted suicide of patients in mental hospitals

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