European leaders and Remainers try to keep Britain in the

His intervention coincided with comments by Tony Blair who said Brexit could be reversed by a second referendum if the “pain” of leaving could be increased to change voters’ minds. There was also anger at another former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, who shared a platform with Mr Blair during the referendum.He claimed Brexit was “the tyranny of the majority” and suggested the will of British voters should be ignored. In a further attempt to undermine Brexit, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny claimed it would be impossible for Britain to leave the EU in just two years.

Brexit Remain supporters and EU leaders have been accused of plotting to block BrexitRelated articles Iain Duncan Smith tells Remoaner John Major to ACCEPT BREXIT Alistair Campbell slams ‘BREXTREMISTS’ as he demands vote is reversedLast night Ukip leader Nigel Farage said he “would not be surprised if there was collusion”.And Richard Tice, cochairman of Leave Means Leave, said: “Remainers and EU leaders seem to be collaborating. They are panicking because they know the UK has the upper hand.”Ukip leadership candidate Suzanne Evans said the plot showed why Britain needed to get out now.“From day one after the referendum result there has been a plot by hardline Remainers and the European Union, who are contemptuous of British democracy, to reverse the result and force Britain to stay in the EU,” she said.

Source: European leaders and Remainers try to keep Britain in the EU | UK | News | Daily Express

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