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5 Useful Apps to Shoot Video on Your iPhone Like a DSLR

Recent generations of iPhone – mainly the 6S, 7, and 7 Plus models – have been praised for the sheer quality of video. Filmmakers everywhere prefer to use a DSLR, as it will shoot better video overall. DSLRs have more features and all around better optics, but there are great apps to make your iPhone shoot really close to DSLR quality. Even for seasoned filmmakers, these apps will help you get those shots when using your main camera isn’t applicable.Ads by GoogleThe Default Camera AppThe best way to make your video look better is simply to turn on “AF Lock.” When shooting with a DSLR, manual focus is usually in play, as you don’t want the camera constantly trying to refocus on a subject. We can imitate this with the default camera app on iPhone by first tapping the subject and then pressing and holding the display to activate AF Lock.

Source: 5 Useful Apps to Shoot Video on Your iPhone Like a DSLR – Make Tech Easier

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If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told • The Register

Online retailers in America will soon be required by law to disclose to state governments what purchases their customers – meaning, you – have made.That extraordinary situation is the result of a long-running legal case that the US Supreme Court this week refused to hear. This means a decision by the Tenth Circuit [PDF] requiring out-of-state retailers to report to the Colorado state government the details of all purchases – including what that purchase was and who bought it – stands.So if you bought a dildo in Denver, some bureaucrat is going to be informed about it.Colorado is not the only state pushing the requirement. Vermont will also make the same requirement three months after Colorado starts imposing the law. And other states including Alabama, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming have approved similar rules.Unsurprisingly, businesses and privacy advocates are up in arms.The executive director of NetChoice – a trade association of e-commerce businesses that includes eBay, PayPal, Google and Facebook as members – Steve DelBianco, said the decision “set the stage for a rude privacy shock to American consumers.”

Source: If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told • The Register

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Reds Under the Beds: Bloomberg Hypes the “Russian” Climate Threat

Bloomberg has joined a chorus of voices hyping up the alleged Russian threat. But the real threat is to President-elect Trump. Russia Wins in a Retreat on Climate Change By Noah Smith President-elect Donald Trump has signaled ambivalence about many policies, such as Obamacare and infrastructure spending. But on at least one issue, his attitude is crystal-clear: climate change. Trump has vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement designed to limit fossil-fuel use, and presented himself as a champion of the coal industry. His transition team even demanded that the Energy Department make a list of names of employees who worked on climate change. U.S. national policy seems set for an epic shift away from alternative energy and carbon reduction. … Who would win from a retreat in the war on climate change? Oil, coal and gas industries around the world, obviously, as well as coal-burning power companies. But the biggest winner probably would be another country: Russia. …

Source: Reds Under the Beds: Bloomberg Hypes the “Russian” Climate Threat | Watts Up With That?

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Hydrogen peroxide therapy for shingles

Responding to last week’s article about alternative treatments for shingles and the danger of the shingles vaccine, a couple of commenters mentioned intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy as a treatment option.There are a number of afflictions that have shown to be cured or their duration shortened by use of IV H2O2 therapy, shingles among them. I told Personal Liberty® readers about “Hydrogen peroxide cancer treatment” therapy several years ago.In 1992, The Arthritis Trust of America produced a research paper that covered several studies by both allopathic and naturopathic doctors using H2O2. These studies not only demonstrated successful results in treating shingles by dramatically shortening its duration, but also for successfully treating:

Source: Hydrogen peroxide therapy for shingles – Personal Liberty®

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Facebook will fact-check, label fake news in News Feed

Facebook is going to start fact-checking, labeling, and burying fake news and hoaxes in its News Feed, the company said Thursday.The decision comes after Facebook received heated criticism for its role in spreading a deluge of political misinformation during the US presidential election, like one story that falsely said the Pope had endorsed Donald Trump.To combat fake news, Facebook has teamed up with a shortlist of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News, that are part of an international fact-checking network led by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism in St. Petersburg, Florida.Starting as a test with a small percentage of its users in the US, Facebook will make it easier to report news stories that are fake or misleading. Once third-party fact-checkers have confirmed that the story is fake, it will be labeled as such and demoted in the News Feed.A company representative told Business Insider that the social network will also use other signals, like algorithms that detect whether a story that appears fake is going viral, to determine if it should label the story as fake and bury it in people’s feeds.

Source: Facebook will fact-check, label fake news in News Feed – Business Insider

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Attkisson – “Fake News” Is Leftist Propaganda Tied To Soros, Media Matters

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Sharyl Attkisson joined Steve Malzberg for a discussion that included the “propaganda of fake news,” a topic that she included in her current book, “The Smear.” Malzberg offers his views, saying, “To me it’s just insane, to me it’s fascism from the left, but in fact the fake news is the so-called mainstream media in so many cases.” He asks, “And you know when it’s worse, in my view, and you can disagree with me, feel free.

Malzberg answers his own question, “Fake news by omission, it’s what they don’t talk about, what they leave out as we just discussed with the chipping away at the freedom of the press under Obama. It’s when they don’t bring up issues or shy away from them or outright say, ‘oh no,no,no – we don’t talk about that here,’ that’s the biggest sin of fake news, the sin of omission.”

Source: Attkisson – “Fake News” Is Leftist Propaganda Tied To Soros, Media Matters

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