Public Toilet Locator Launched by Google and PM Modi

In a move to further his cause of ‘Swacch Bharat’ and ‘Digital India’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has collaborated with Google to launch a toilet locator service in its Google Maps app.shutterstock_176093684Twin Design / ShutterstockThe Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) collaborated with the tech-giants to ease the pain of finding public toilets in NCR and Madhya Pradesh areas, to begin with.So far, the government agencies working towards developing a full-fledged app for toilet locators in India have been able to locate 2 lakh units and are also going to include public toilets in private building too.Last month, there were rumours that such an app was being developed for India which will allow people to locate clean public toilets, and it’s official now.More Cities Will Get the Service OvertimeCurrently, there are about 4000 toilets that have been displayed on the Google Maps interface which can be searched either from your Android or iOS Maps app or using the desktop.resized-public-toiletAll you need to do is open Google Maps, search for public toilets and the closest ones will be listed alongwith the address, distance from your location, and opening and closing time.

Source: Public Toilet Locator Launched by Google and PM Modi

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