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Man Demands Armed Robbery Be Streamed Live On Facebook

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An armed robbery on Staten Island was streamed live on Facebook because the suspect wanted to be seen on camera during the crime.Abdul “AK” Aziz usually has fun with his customers at his Jersey Street deli on Staten Island, but when 30-year-old Rasheem Harrison walked in Wednesday morning and pulled out a huge knife, the fun stopped, CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported.“He could do something dangerous so I was nervous. At the same time, I was in fear for my life,” Aziz said.Aziz is a local celebrity of sorts known as AK A Isaac on Facebook with thousands of followers. He often posts live videos from his phone, and Harrison, who’s been in the store before, made a bizarre demand.

continue with video: Man Demands Armed Robbery Be Streamed Live On Facebook « CBS New York

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Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist’s Guide

Video post.

Source: Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist’s Guide

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Robot Babies Meant to Scare Teens Out of Having Kids Aren’t Working

Fifteen-year-old Shaila Dominguez dreaded the thought of taking her baby out in public, but it was a rare day when she didn’t have work or school or both, and Christmas was fast approaching. So on an overcast December afternoon in Rapid City, S.D., she strapped the baby into its animal-print car seat, swung by Taco John’s to pick up her paycheck, and made her way to the nearest Walmart.In the toy aisle, Shaila picked out a robotic turtle for her 4-year-old cousin, with whom she shares a room in their aunt’s single-wide trailer. Seconds after she paid the cashier, the baby began to cry, so Shaila perched the car seat on a vacant checkout counter and swapped a green diaper for a yellow one. An elderly man with long white hair approached in a motorized wheelchair. Shaila had draped a blanket to shield the baby from view. Without asking, the man used his thumb and two forefingers to peel it back for a glimpse. “They still make ’em that small!” he said, laughing, and rolled away.Shaila, who has a pretty, round face and big brown eyes that she makes look bigger with a catlike swoop of black liner, froze in a nervous half-smile. “I don’t know if he thinks I’m weird because it’s fake, or if he thinks it’s real,” she said. “I’m so confused. I don’t know what to think!”

Source: Robot Babies Meant to Scare Teens Out of Having Kids Aren’t Working – Bloomberg

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Artist Creates World’s Pinkest Pink, Makes It Available to Everyone but One Person

Pink is a nice color, but PINK is way better. Created by British artist Stuart Temple, after a decade of working with paint manufacturers from around the globe, PINK is the world’s pinkest pink. If you’re interested, you can buy 50 grams of it for $4.95, unless your name is Anish Kapoor.In 2014, Indian artist Anish Kapoor shocked the art world when he acquired exclusive rights to use the world’s blackest black in his art. Developed by a company called NanoSystems, “Vantablack” is composed of a series of microscopic vertical tubes, and when light hits it, it is continually deflected between the tubes, essentially becoming trapped. Vantablack absorbs 99.96 per cent of light, which makes it the darkest pigment known to man.Originally created for military and astronomic purposes, Vantablack also sparked the interest of artists around the world, who dreamed of using it in their works. So when NanoSystems announced that Indian artist Anish Kapoor had been granted exclusive rights to use the world’s darkest black, everyone was furious. That includes Stuart Temple, who is trying to make a point by making his pinkest pink available to everyone, except Anish Kappor.stuart-temple-pinkPhoto: Stuart Temple/Culture Hustle“When I first heard that Anish had the exclusive rights to the blackest black I was really disappointed,” Semple tells The Creators Project. “I was desperate to have a play with it in my own work and I knew lots of other artists who wanted to use it too. It just seemed really mean-spirited and against the spirit of generosity that most artists who make and share their work are driven by. I thought a good comment would be if I made a paint that was available to everyone but exclude him from using it. That way he can have a taste of his own medicine!”

Source: Artist Creates World’s Pinkest Pink, Makes It Available to Everyone but One Person | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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G.I. Joe: How War, Gender Stereotypes, And The Economy Made The Toy

People love a good comeback story — especially if it involves an American icon.This genesis of this particular revival story began in the place where some men do their best thinking: the bathroom.The story goes that the presidents of Hasbro and Marvel entertainment introduced themselves to one another in the restroom at an early 1980s charity event.During their conversation about their respective companies, the Hasbro exec confided in his new friend that the company was ready to reactivate the trademark on G.I. Joe – one of the most popular toys of the 1960s and 1970s — but was stuck on how to develop a new approac

h to the forgotten American hero.That chance meeting at a urinal put the wheels in motion for one of the most lucrative joint ventures in toy and comic book history.

Source: G.I. Joe: How War, Gender Stereotypes, And The Economy Made The Toy

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Whiteness Is An “Incurable Virus,” Racist Writer Tells Us

In what might be the most racist screed to come across the internet in some time, the Black-themed website “The Root” has published a piece calling “whiteness” a “virus.”Writer T.D. Williams writes that the sole purpose of “whiteness” is “preserving itself” above all else and is the reason for Donald Trump’s election.“Whiteness in America is a virus whose sole purpose is preserving itself, regardless of the overall cost and collateral damage,” he writes. Facts no longer matter; nor does the Constitution. The economy doesn’t matter; nor does our international policy. Logic doesn’t matter; nor does decency. Ann Coulter pined for a voting policy that would have disenfranchised her chosen candidate. A Des Moines, Iowa, cop killer identified himself as a protester of cop haters. A significant portion of our citizens now view our once archnemesis and its leader, Putin, as simpatico. The people who predict voter fraud commit it, and add in a deadly side of voter suppression for good measure.

Source: Whiteness Is An “Incurable Virus,” Racist Writer Tells Us | The Federalist Papers

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Baidu and KFC’s new smart restaurant suggests what to order based on your face

Baidu is demonstrating some of its most recent tech advancements in novel ways, including a partnership with KFC China (yes, the fried chicken KFC). The search giant sometimes referred to as the ‘Google of China’ partnered with KFC to open a new “smart restaurant” in Beijing, which employs facial recognition to make recommendations about what customers might order, based on factors like their age, gender and facial expression.The restaurant also offers up augmented reality games via table stickers, but these are also deployed at 300 other KFC locations in Beijing. The facial recognition tech is unique to this one location, though Baidu has previously worked with KFC on another type of smart restaurant at a pilot location in Shanghai, where a robot customer service agent can listen for and recognize orders made by customers using natural language input.

Source: Baidu and KFC’s new smart restaurant suggests what to order based on your face | TechCrunch

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How to Celebrate Festivus: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Source: How to Celebrate Festivus: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

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CNN’s Top Story Claims Saddam’s Daughter Endorses Trump; Just One HUGE Problem

Here’s how you make some fake news:Take a long-dead tyrant, find a family member who loved their tyrant father, and start asking them questions.The tyrant is Saddam Hussein and his daughter, 48-year-old Ragdad, was interviewed in hushed tones for CNN.They asked her about that moment when her father was taken away, the hood was placed over his neck and he was hung.“I never saw that moment and I refuse to see it,” Raghad said. “The details of his death are ugly and painful — but it’s an honorable death,” Raghad said by phone from the Jordanian capital, where she sought refuge after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.She said his death – the honorable way he died – brought “pride” to her heart.Ragdad blames the United States for the chaos that followed after the death of her father, so she has few kind words for both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Source: CNN’s Top Story Claims Saddam’s Daughter Endorses Trump; Just One HUGE Problem | The Federalist Papers

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Rand Paul unleashes annual Festivus grievances – Personal Liberty®

“I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!” -Frank Costanza.Sen. Rand Paul is unhappy about a few things, including incoming President Donald Trump’s ‘Bilderberg’ cabinet picks. Here’s the liberty-friendly lawmaker’s annual list of Festivus gripes.Each year, Paul delights his Twitter followers with an airing of grievances in the spirit of Frank Constanta’s Festivus for the rest of us from a 1997 episode of the hit sitcom Seinfeld.Without further ado, here are Paul’s 2016 political gripes:

Hello again, I hope everyone is having a Happy Festivus! It’s once again time for my annual #AiringofGrievances… pic.twitter.com/pZfRtAUtZN —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 On the media & #fakenews: Festivus is real, media, so don’t try 2 fact check it. And @TheOnion is more accurate than a Brian Williams report —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 New administration is lookin good. Haven’t seen this many billionaires in 1 place since I staked out Bilderbergs w/ Alex Jones. Good times. —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 .@peterthiel is advising the President Elect. That’s great. But his plan 2 make the Statue of Liberty into a digital stop sign is a bit much —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 I know I’ve said a lot about @AmbJohnBolton so you’re probably expecting me 2 say something nice for the holidays. Nope. #AiringofGrievances —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) Decem

ber 2

3, 2016 My favorite Cabinet pick is what’s his name, umm it’s that guy who wanted to eliminate the Dept. of @ENERGY. Hang on I’ll think of

it… —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 New administration has some great people. But I wanna know who has to tell @realdonaldtrump he can’t build a golf course on the South Lawn? —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 The national Park Service announced a grant 2 study “Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment.” #AiringofG

rievances pic.twitter.com/8XVRwhdKe3 —

Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2016 I bet you didn’t know the federal government is using $30,000 of your taxes to study Ugandan gambling practices. #AiringofGrievances pic.twitter.com/OMbLtDxKTE

Source: Rand Paul unleashes annual Festivus grievances – Personal Liberty®

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There’s Nothing Like An Exploding Bait Package To Thwart Christmas Thieves

These Christmas thieves won’t know what hit them.

Source: There’s Nothing Like An Exploding Bait Package To Thwart Christmas Thieves – CraveOnline

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Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Could Alter Its Relations With U.S.

Their position on marijuana is hardly the only difference between Canada’s prime minister and the president-elect of the United States.But when Justin Trudeau’s government introduces legislation to legalize cannabis this spring, it could spark problems between Canada and the U.S., particularly since Donald Trump has indicated he will keep pot illegal at the federal level.

Here’s a look at what could change in Canada-U.S. relations once Canadians start lighting up legally.Border control Len Saunders, an immigration lawyer in Blaine, Wash., predicts a boom in his business after Canada legalizes marijuana — though it’s one he has a hard time feeling happy about.Saunders represents Canadians who have been banned from entering the U.S. after admitting they have smoked marijuana in the past. Every year, he files as many as 30 costly waivers for people who’ve made this admission and hope to regain access.He said many Canadians assume because eight states have legalized recreational cannabis, they’re safe telling a U.S. border guard they’ve inhaled. But it’s important to remember that borders are under federal jurisdiction, which will keep pot illegal for the foreseeable future, he said.”If the question is ever asked, ‘Do you smoke marijuana or have you smoked it in the past?’ My advice as an attorney is, ‘That’s a question you don’t have to answer,’ ” he said.

Source: Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Could Alter Its Relations With U.S.

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Encrypt Your Files Before They Reach The Cloud | Gizmo’s Freeware

Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon Cloud are great. They allow you to automatically sync your important files between all your computers and other devices, so that they are available from wherever you happen to be. And there’s a copy in the cloud, too, for safety.Personally, I use Dropbox and I like it a lot.But these cloud-based services have a couple of serious drawbacks. First, remember that you should be wary of regarding these services as a backup. Because your cloud storage is instantly accessible from your PC with a couple of clicks, your files are just as vulnerable as those held on your hard drive. A ransomware attack or a virus will infect or encrypt your cloud files as well as your local ones.Secondly, you need to think about privacy and confidentiality. When you allow all your data to be uploaded to the cloud, do you know who’s able to see it? Would it be a major problem if someone were to hack your Dropbox or OneDrive account and gain access to all your files held online?If you’re in business, and you store your customers’ files in the cloud, this is even more important.

Source: Encrypt Your Files Before They Reach The Cloud | Gizmo’s Freeware

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Study reveals who is most likely to have sex with a ROBOT

The sex robot industry is thriving, with some academics predicting that humans will be having more sex with robots that with each other by 2050.But while many people find the idea of sex with a mechanical object abhorrent, academics are keen to find out who is most willing to embrace (literally) this new technology.Speaking at the Love and Sex with Robots conference at Goldsmiths, University of London, Jessica M. Szczuka from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany took on the preconceptions of lonely men shacking up with cyber-lovers.

Source: Study reveals who is most likely to have sex with a ROBOT – and it’s exactly who you’d expect – Mirror Online

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Tampa police: Thieves hijacked Lyft driver, forced him to be getaway driver in string of thefts

Two Tampa men were arrested this week after a Lyft driver said he was robbed and forced at gunpoint to be their getaway driver in a multicounty crime spree, according to police.

Two accomplices in the 11-hour crime spree are still on the loose, police said.

Tampa police arrested Willie David Brown III and Aaron Milford Diggs, both 18, on Wednesday on charges of armed kidnapping and robbery with a firearm.

The Lyft driver, Manuel A. Araujo-Diaz of St. Petersburg, told police that Diggs, Brown and two other men requested a ride through the Lyft smartphone app Tuesday night. Araujo-Diaz arrived at 3208 E Diana St. in Tampa around 10:45 p.m. and was met by a black male on a bicycle who asked him to drive around the corner to pick up his friends, according to arrest reports.

Source: Tampa police: Thieves hijacked Lyft driver, forced him to be getaway driver in string of thefts | Tampa Bay Times

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Student Sells Positive Pregnancy Tests Online to Pay Her Way Through School

A 6-months-pregnant Florida student has found a very simple yet highly controversial way of paying her college fees – selling positive pregnancy tests online for $30 a piece.“Very self explanatory: I am 6 months and I am providing a product in which the consumer is able to purchase positive pregnancy tests or urine for your own use,” the woman’s Craiglist ad states. “Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of Apple who you are having an affair with I DON’T CARE AT ALL.” As if it wasn’t clear enough already, the woman assures potential clients that this is an “absolutely no questions asked type of deal”.positive-pregnancy-tests-for-salePhoto: Danielle Avitable/TwitterAfter being tipped off about the Craiglist ad, Jacksonville-area TV station WJAX replied to the young woman, undercover, asking to meet up and purchase a $30 positive pregnancy test. They set up a meeting place, and after buying a pregnancy test from the nearest pharmacy, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, went into a toilet and came back with the promised positive pregnancy test in a zip bag. ‘

Source: Student Sells Positive Pregnancy Tests Online to Pay Her Way Through School | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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‘I was astonished’: French doctor discovers baby’s legs protruding from mother’s womb

A fetus’ legs protruding from the womb. (The New England Journal of Medicine)When Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet discovered that his pregnant patient had a pair of legs protruding into her side from her uterus — the organ in which entire fetuses traditionally gestate before they are born — the doctor was flabbergasted.“I was astonished when I discovered the amniocele,” he wrote in an email to The Washington Post, referring to the portion of the fluid-filled sac that had ventured outside the woman’s uterus. He looked for a second opinion: “My first reaction was to ask my colleagues to confirm my diagnosis.”

Source: ‘I was astonished’: French doctor discovers baby’s legs protruding from mother’s womb – The Washington Post

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Google sued by its own employee for running an internal “spying program”

A project manager over at Google is taking his employer to court. The employee, who goes by the name of John Doe for privacy reasons, has filed a lawsuit against Google because he believes that the company’s confidentiality policies, which include an internal “spying program”, are violating labor laws in California.

According to the lawsuit, Google’s policies don’t allow employees to discuss work-related topics including salaries, to post their personal opinions about the company online, and must not leak any product or other Google related information to the public. If Googlers break the company’s rules, they just might end up getting fired.

While this all might sound pretty standard, employees are even forbidden from discussing possible legal violations with the company’s legal advisors or from discussing working conditions at Google with the outside world.

Source: Google sued by its own employee for running an internal “spying program” – Android Authority

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