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Editor’s note: While reading this article, reflect on the ongoing stance being taken by mainstream media regarding the PizzaGate investigation, that this type of depravity taking place from positions of power is laughably absurd, and anyone believing that it could be possible is a fake news believing, Russian propaganda spreading conspiracy theorist. Think for yourself, and you will see that this is much bigger than many realize. 

North Adams, MA — Less than one year after being given back access to the Internet, after losing it due to his previous conviction of distributing child pornography, former Adams Police Officer Alan C. Vigiard downloaded and shared images of young children being sexually exploited.

Last week, Vigiard was ordered to serve 10-12 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to child pornography — again.

In 2009, Vigiard was suspended after allegations surfaced that he’d been viewing and distributing child pornography — while on duty, at the police station — for hours every day. Before he was suspended, Vigiard was the Child Exploitation Officer in charge of helping children who were victims of the very crimes he was committing.

Vigiard was busted in 2009 when he sent in CDs to the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office that he thought contained photographic evidence of a larceny investigation. Instead of larceny evidence, however, the CDs contained more than 150 photos of children engaged in sexual activity.

The CD also contained images of a man, later identified as Vigiard, masturbating in the evidence room — most likely to images of victims related to his job.

continue http://tinyurl.com/jgsf83e

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Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case

Amazon’s Echo devices and its virtual assistant are meant to help find answers by listening for your voice commands. However, police in Arkansas want to know if one of the gadgets overheard something that can help with a murder case. According to The Information, authorities in Bentonville issued a warrant for Amazon to hand over any audio or records from an Echo belonging to James Andrew Bates. Bates is set to go to trial for first-degree murder for the death of Victor Collins next year.Amazon declined to give police any of the information that the Echo logged on its servers, but it did hand over Bates’ account details and purchases. Police say they were able to pull data off of the speaker, but it’s unclear what info they were able to access. Due to the so-called always on nature of the connected device, the authorities are after any audio the speaker may have picked up that night. Sure, the Echo is activated by certain words, but it’s not uncommon for the IoT gadget to be alerted to listen by accident.

Source: Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case (updated)

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Find out more about Facebook’s top secret second website #privacymuch?

Did you know that Facebook’s best-kept secret is a website that you can use to chat with your friends?Facebook has become an integral part of one’s life so much so that one can keep themselves updated on what is happening in their family, relatives or friends’ life. Others too can keep themselves updated on the happenings of your life through Facebook.While Facebook can be a great way to keep yourself abreast about others life in this fast-paced world, it can at times be annoying too. Sometimes, may come across people on Facebook with whom you may not want to strike a conversation but cannot do so as you may not want to seem rude ignoring them while you are online. That’s because you may want to just have a conversation with your friends without being disturbed by unwanted Facebook friends or strangers.That’s where Facebook’s second website is helpful for you. Yes, you have heard it right? The most popular social media Facebook.com has a second website that you can use to talk to your friends. It’s a whole lot better than the original Facebook and it looks nothing like the social network, making it safer to use on networks where Facebook is banned.

Source: Find out more about Facebook’s top secret second website » TechWorm

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One morning in spring 2000, Michael Levin flopped in his chair and clicked on his desktop computer. A newly minted assistant professor at Harvard, Levin, then 30, was looking to solve a riddle that had baffled science for centuries: How do our dividing embryonic cells know on which side of our bodies to grow our hearts, our livers, our gall bladders? Countless people throughout history have been born with some, even all, of their organs transposed, and yet functioning. Levin suspected DNA alone was not to blame; there had to be some other trigger. Days earlier, he had ordered an imaging test on a half dozen chick embryos at the verge of organized development. As he pulled up the results, he stared, amazed. Electrical charges, rendered in yellows and reds, lay across the cells in patches, left to right, as clearly as a neon “This Way” arrow. Levin sat back and blinked. He was witnessing, for the first time in history, embryo cells telling each other left from right via electricity.

For decades, genetics taught us a simple truth: Each cell in our body (and there are billions) contains the blueprint that tells us how to grow. That might not be the whole story. Levin and a few others now say that tiny bioelectric signals surging through and among our cells act as an instruction to kick-start gene expression. These signals point cells in the right direction as they start to grow into things like hearts, and influence the shape and function of the body. For two decades, Levin has set about proving it.

continue http://tinyurl.com/j8txpz4

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Mozilla will support Firefox for Windows XP and Vista

Mozilla today announced that it will continue to support Firefox for Windows XP and Windows Vista until September 2017. In March 2017, XP and Vista users will automatically be moved to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), and in mid-2017 the company will reassess user numbers to announce a final support end date for the two operating systems.Firefox ESR is a version designed for schools, universities, businesses, and others who need help with mass deployments. Firefox ESR releases are maintained for one year.In August 2016, Mozilla dropped Firefox support for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, OS X 10.7 Lion, and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Unlike Google, which in addition to old OS X releases also dropped Windows XP and Vista support, Mozilla decided to keep supporting older versions of Windows.

Source: Mozilla will support Firefox for Windows XP and Vista until at least September 2017 | VentureBeat | Dev | by Emil Protalinski

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Functional cupcakes: A double helping of research

These two studies are believed to be the first published academic studies of functional cupcakes. Ali Rashad Abdel-Moemin, the author of both papers, is based at Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.What is a functional cupcake? Neither paper defines the phrase. If you know what a functional cupcake is, please spread your knowledge to persons who do not know what a functional cupcake is but who might benefit from knowing.

The two studies are: “Effect of Roselle Calyces Concentrate with Other Ingredients on the Physiochemical and Sensory Properties of Cupcakes,” A.R. Abdel-Moemin, Journal of Food Processing and Technology, epub 2016.


“Effect of Roselle calyces extract on the chemical and sensory properties of functional cupcakes,” A.R. Abdel-Moemin, Food Science and Human Wellness, epub 2016.Here is an image from the first study, showing a computer screen that is displaying an image of a functional cupcake:

Source: Improbable Research » Blog Archive

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Remove Permanent Marker From Everything

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Fake News Engineers Consent For Terrorism

Mainstream media coverage of a recent pro-terrorism rally in Hamilton Ontario demonstrates the media’s continuing efforts to hide fundamental truths behind fake veneers of “objectivity” or “neutrality”.It is known and documented, and has been for years, that Canada supports all of the terrorists in Syria, and has from the beginning of this regime change/dirty war on Syria, and yet the media messaging would have us believe that Canada and Canadians want peace. No. The Canadian government wants illegal regime change operations and terrorism in Syria. It does not seek peace in Syria. This is the fundamental lie of omission that the MSM tries to conceal beneath its fake veneer.In fact, the MSM seeks to normalize terrorism in Syria by concealing and suppressing this well-documented truth.The timing of the aforementioned rally was priceless. It coincided with the joyous liberation of Aleppo, and narratives from formerly captive citizens who recounted the horrors of living under terrorist-occupied areas. But this was omitted from MSM coverage that prefers to relay on fraudulent sources for its stories, far removed from the on-the-ground realities of life in Aleppo as covered by independent writers such as Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley.The well-orchestrated rally featured kids dressed as victims – reminiscent of White Helmets stage-craft – professionally –made signs, and of course pleas to stop the killing, all consistent with imperial propaganda strategies that project the crimes of the invaders/terrorists on the victims.

Source: Fake News Engineers Consent For Terrorism | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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Pigs in Duvets


Pigs in blankets are pretty special, right? What’s not to love about mini sausages wrapped in bacon, aka “pigs in blankets”. I’ll tell you what – pigs in duvets. And not just pigs in duvets, pigs in duvets snuggled up with a cranberry sauce hot water bottle.

learn how http://www.instructables.com/id/Pigs-in-Duvets/

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Victorian Urban Legend: The Cheese Thief

This tale appeared in a good Protestant paper in the six counties. It has a puritan twist and a capitalist ethic. The following story is told of Mr. Sheaf, a grocer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: it appears that a man had purchased some wool of him. which had been weighed and paid for and Mr. …

Source: Victorian Urban Legend: The Cheese Thief – Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog

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Openshot 2.2 Released With 4K Editing, Improved Performance –

Jonathan Thomas, OpenShot’s developer, accepts “things have taken way longer than I even imagined” but wants to focus on the positives, noting that with the release of OpenShot 2.2 “we’ve accomplished something that is exceedingly rare: a successful Kickstarter and a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor!”Performance is greatly improved, and the video editor now supports optimised editing of HD videos, including 4K.“A new caching engine was built from the ground up, and supports both memory and disk back-ends, depending on the user’s needs. This can be configured in the Preferences, under “Cache”. Also, opening huge projects (with hundreds of files / clips) has been optimized and is up to 10x faster,” says Thomas.Elsewhere there are ‘keyframe enhancements‘, including new pre-set options for applying common animated transitions and effects, and a new set of title templates, including a familiar looking American cinema trailer rating design.

Source: Openshot 2.2 Released With 4K Editing, Improved Performance – OMG! Ubuntu!

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Was Edward Snowden a Spy? The Answer Remains Classified

Ever since the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong and handed hard drives filled with highly classified documents to the journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, there has been rampant speculation over whether he was really a foreign agent.The official story is well known. Snowden over time grew frustrated with the U.S. government’s excessive domestic surveillance. In an act of civic bravery, he leaked the evidence to reporters from the Guardian and the Washington Post. As he was trying to travel to South America in May 2013, the State Department pulled his passport. Snowden has been stuck in Russia ever since.Lots of people never bought that. The writer Edward Jay Epstein, for example, has argued that the scope of documents Snowden stole, most of which dealt with U.S. military and intelligence capabilities and not the dragnet collection of telephone data of ordinary citizens, suggest he was part of an intelligence operation. Mike Rogers, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has accused Snowden of working closely with Moscow.

Source: Was Edward Snowden a Spy? The Answer Remains Classified – Bloomberg View

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How Many Nudes Is Too Many Nudes for Jr High Math Lesson?

Newser) – We know it can be hard to get kids invested in algebra, but this probably isn’t the answer. WOIO reports Ohio parents are upset with a teacher at Middleburg Heights Junior High School for spicing up a freshman algebra lesson a little too much. Here’s one of the questions from teacher Daniel Rapp’s lesson earlier this month: “Tony can send five texts and three nudes in 19 minutes. He could also send three texts and one nude in nine minutes. How long would it take him to send one text and one nude?”

Source: How Many Nudes Is Too Many Nudes for Jr High Math Lesson?

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Obama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference

The Obama administration is close to announcing a series of measures to punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 presidential election, including economic sanctions and diplomatic censure, according to U.S. officials.The administration is finalizing the details, which also are expected to include covert action that will probably involve cyber-operations, the officials said. An announcement on the public elements of the response could come as early as this week.The sanctions portion of the package culminates weeks of debate in the White House on how to revise a 2015 executive order that was meant to give the president authority to respond to cyberattacks from overseas but that did not cover efforts to influence the electoral system.

Source: Obama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference – The Washington Post

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Peru brain museum puts most complex organ on display

Lima (AFP) – It powers everything we do, yet remains one of our biggest mysteries.But thanks to an unusual Peruvian museum dedicated entirely to the brain, visitors can get up close and personal with the most complex organ in the human body.The “brain library” at the Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Hospital in Lima has a massive collection of diseased and healthy brains, giving researchers and also the general public a glimpse of what is going on inside our heads.It is the only museum in Latin America, and one of the few in the world, with a large collection of brains that is regularly open to the public.The hospital, which was founded more than three centuries ago, has a total of 2,912 brains collected over the years, nearly 300 of which are on display in a mind-opening exhibit.

Source: Peru brain museum puts most complex organ on display

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Erdogan Says He Has “Confirmed Evidence” The US Supports ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he has uncovered evidence that US-led coalition forces have helped support terrorists in Syria – including ISIS.

Source: Erdogan Says He Has “Confirmed Evidence” The US Supports ISIS

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