Cocaine-eating moths? British govt mooted unusual plan to fight Latin American drug barons

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wanted to use cocaine-eating moths as part of a plot to destroy Latin America’s booming drug trade, newly-declassified documents reveal.

The late PM ordered the Home Office to investigate the use of moths in Peru after Lord Rothschild, a close friend and Labour peer, suggested the idea in a letter.

The plan was abandoned when it was decided that only the Peruvian government could choose whether or not to use the pest within its borders.

Rothschild suggested the use of cocaine-eating moths in 1989, prompting an enthusiastic response from Thatcher, who ordered government officials to look into the “ingenious solution.

The Cabinet papers, released by the National Archives at Kew, southwest London, show how Rothschild suggested using the moths without the permission of Peruvian officials.

While virtually everyone agrees that those who take cocaine or crack, in the various ways available, should be punished, everyone, I think, agrees that it is the ‘drug baron’ who must be mercilessly ‘put down’,” the peer wrote in a letter.

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