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Camera Capacitor Coil Gun

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Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow “Intended to Box In Donald Trump”. Evidence that Hacking of DNC Accusations are Fake

President Obama in the course of his last few weeks in the White House has ordered several retaliatory actions against Russia, on the grounds that Moscow was in involved in the hacking of the Democratic Party National Committee (DNC) with a view to influencing the outcome of the US presidential elections in favor of Donald Trump.The sweeping measures taken by Obama on December 29 consist in imposing sanctions on Russia’s intelligence services as well as requiring the departure of 35 Russian diplomats “suspected of being spies” from the US as well the shut down of two Russian compounds in Maryland and New York.According to NBC, the December 29 sanctions on Russia constitute “an assertive act by President Obama to punish Russia before he leaves office.”The unspoken truth, however, is that the punishment was intended for Trump.Whereas the sanctions were directed against Russia, the ultimate intent was to undermine the legitimacy of president-elect Donald Trump and his foreign policy stance in relation to Moscow. According to the New York Times: …. The sanctions were also intended to box in President-elect Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump has consistently cast doubt that the Russian government had anything to do with the hacking of the D.N.C. or other political institutions, saying American intelligence agencies could not be trusted and suggesting that the hacking could have been the work of a “400-pound guy” lying in his bed. Mr. Trump will now have to decide whether to lift the sanctions on the Russian intelligence agencies when he takes office next month, with Republicans in Congress among those calling for a public investigation into Russia’s actions. Should Mr. Trump do so, it would require him to effectively reject the findings of his intelligence agencies. (NYT, December 29, 2016)Obama’s decision not only endangers ongoing diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow, which are at an all time low, it also contributes to smearing the president-elect and quite deliberately undermining the transition process, namely the accession of Donald Trump to the White House.

Source: Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow “Intended to Box In Donald Trump”. Evidence that Hacking of DNC Accusations are Fake | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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‘God Made Me Bulletproof,’ Atlanta Rapper Tweets After He’s Shot Again

CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL reports aspiring rapper Yung Mazi is recovering after being shot inside a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta early Tuesday morning.

Police say Mazi was waiting to order food when someone opened fire and he was shot in the chest.

Hours after the shooting Yung Mazi tweeted, “God made me bulletproof.”

The rapper claims he’s been shot multiple times during the course of his life, including once in the head. Mazi said in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes posted to YouTube in June that he had been shot 10 previous times.

In the interview, Mazi said that he “keeps getting shot” in part due to his skin tone, the fact that “some people don’t like real dudes,” as well as the expensive accessories he wears.

Police said there were no suspects in custody.

Source: ‘God Made Me Bulletproof,’ Atlanta Rapper Tweets After He’s Shot Again

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Fridges and washing machines could be vital witnesses in murder plots

High-tech washing machines and fridges will soon be used by detectives gathering evidence from crime scenes, experts have forecast.The advent of ‘the internet of things’ in which more devices are connected together in a world of ‘smart working’ could in future provide important clues for the police.Detectives are currently being trained to look for gadgets and white goods which could provide a ‘digital footprint’ of victims or criminals.Mark Stokes, the head of the digital, cyber and communications forensics unit at the Metropolitan Police told The Times: “Wireless cameras within a device, such as fridge, may record the movement of owners and suspects.“Doorbells that connect directly to apps on a user’s phone can show who has rung the door and the owner or others may then remotely,m if they choose, to give controlled access to the premises while away from the property.“All these leave a log and a trace of activity. The crime scene of tomorrow is going to be the internet of things.”

Source: Fridges and washing machines could be vital witnesses in murder plots

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In a first, 15-year-old boy killed in a smartphone explosion

15-year-old dies after smartphone explodes while talking, Police check whether the smartphone was Samsung Galaxy Note 7While there have been thousands of reports of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exploding none have caused fatalities though some have caused grievous injuries up to now. For probably the first time an exploding smartphone believed to be Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 took somebody’s life. A 15-year-old boy died in Tamil Nadu, India after his Samsung smartphone caught fire on Thursday, leaving him with severe burns.The police are enquiring whether the smartphone was Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has long history of exploding in user’s hands and has been banned onboard planes almost all over the world.

Source: In a first, 15-year-old boy killed in a smartphone explosion » TechWorm

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200 Years of The Stirling Engine

In the early years of the nineteenth century, steam engines were at work in a variety of practical uses. However, they were still imperfect in many ways. One particular problem were the boilers, that had a tendency to explode, causing injuries and fatalities. Reverend Dr. Robert Stirling, a Scottish clergyman, was concerned about the death toll from exploding boilers. Based on previous work by George Cayley (known for his pioneering work on aeronautics), Stirling filed his patent for a safer engine in 1816. That makes this year the bicentenary of this engine. The Stirling engine has the highest theoretical efficiency of any thermal engine. It is also a relatively simple machine. Unlike other types of engines, there are no valves, and that makes the mechanical design much simpler.

Principles of a Stirling Engine

In a Stirling engine, as with any other heat engine, there are two zones at different temperature, engineand the working fluid is moved between them to extract work. In the animation at the right, the cold zone is in blue and contains the power piston. The hot zone is in red and contains another piston called the displacer. Heat is added to the hot zone and the gas expands, pushing the power piston to produce work. When the power piston is about to reach the end of its stroke, the displacer moves to the left, moving the gas from the hot zone to the cold one. The gas is cooled and contracts, and the power piston moves to the left.  Then the cycle repeats.

continue http://hackaday.com/2016/12/27/200-years-of-the-stirling-engine/

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How to protect your smart TV from hackers – ABC15 Arizona

Darren Cauthon said his wife downloaded an app advertising free movies to the family’s smart TV, then a message popped up rendering the TV useless.”Said that it wanted $500, the FBI wanted $500 to get the TV to work again,” said Cauthon.Cauthon is a computer programmer and knew right away someone was trying to take his money and infiltrate his TV.”Pure anger you know. You buy a TV and you expect it to work and it, a hacker gets in the TV,” said Cauthon.”Any device that is connected to the Internet can get hacked. That goes for TVs, smartphones, tablets and even vehicles,” said technology expert Burton Kelso.The problem is the information you put on your TV. Hackers can find out your email and log in through the apps you download.

Source: How to protect your smart TV from hackers – ABC15 Arizona

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Facebook admits handing thousands of its users’ details over to British authorities

Social media giant Facebook has confessed to giving the personal details of thousands of its users to the British government this year.

Facebook says that officials requested access to 7,199 profiles between January and June of 2016 – a 30 percent increase on last year.

The social media giant says it was asked to provide data from 6,039 accounts related to criminal proceedings, and another 1,160 were requested under an emergency clause that mandates the release of data in cases when there is an “imminent risk of serious injury or death.”

Facebook admitted that it handed over data in 87 percent of cases, but says it turned down hundreds of requests from UK officials for being “overly broad or vague.”

User data can be used by police and intelligence services to track a suspect’s whereabouts, activities, and connections. In some cases, the account holders may never be made aware that they were under investigation or that their online profile had been accessed.

Facebook also offers a “preservation service,” whereby it can keep every detail of a profile on its servers for three months to aid a criminal investigation.

The government made 457 requests for this service in the first six months of 2016.

In fact, Britain made more requests than any other country, after the US and India, and the UK’s requests were granted more often than those from most other nations.

continue https://www.rt.com/uk/372140-facebook-users-privacy-government/

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The Wall Street Bailout Didn’t End In 2008

The 2008 financial crisis was the most disruptive political event yet experienced in the 21st Century, but even for professional bank dorks, the material can get pretty dry. So it’s refreshing when authors can offer up strong character-driven narratives to make key elements of the crash accessible. With his first book, Chain of Title, journalist David Dayen joins Michael Lewis (The Big Short) and Andrew Ross Sorkin (Too Big To Fail) as a master of this technique. Dayen follows three homeowners — cancer nurse Lisa Epstein, car salesman Michael Redman and insurance fraud expert Lynn Szymoniak — as they struggle to fend off foreclosure. In the process, all three discover that their banks may be in bigger trouble than they are.


But where other writers have described the meltdown as a colossal mistake, a failure of ideology or a collective delusion, Dayen emphasizes another aspect of the crash: it was illegal. In doing so, he has produced what may be the most important book about the financial crisis to date. By studying the documents in their own mortgage cases, Epstein, Szymoniak and Redman noticed some glaring irregularities. Signatures on key documents appeared forged. Official dates on those signatures were off by months or even years. Entire documents are clearly fabricated.

continue http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/wall-street-bailout_us_57616a49e4b0df4d586eb6af

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Teen Makes ‘Sit With Us’ App That Helps Students Find Lunch Buddies

A new app makes finding friends in the school cafeteria a piece of cake.

Sit With Us” helps students who have difficulty finding a place to sit locate a welcoming group in the lunchroom.

The app allows students to designate themselves as “ambassadors,” thereby inviting others to join them. Ambassadors can then post “open lunch” events, which signal to anyone seeking company that they’re invited to join the ambassadors’ table.

The app.

Natalie Hampton, a 16-year-old from Sherman Oaks, California, is the designer of Sit With Us, which launched on September 9. She was inspired to create it after she ate alone her entire seventh grade year, she told LA Daily News. The situation left Hampton feeling vulnerable and made her a target for bullying.

continue www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/teen-creates-app-sit-with-us-open-welcoming-tables-lunch-bullying_us_57c5802ee4b09cd22d926463

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Cub Scouts embroiled in transgender controversy

The Cub Scouts are facing a transgender controversy after an eight-year-old born a girl who identifies as a boy was asked to leave a New Jersey pack.Several readers alerted me to this story from Secaucus, New Jersey. Before I get into the heart of the issue, I want to explain why I have chosen not to identify the parent or the child.

I find it reprehensible a grown woman would parade her child in front of the national media to advance some sort of cultural agenda. This parent is sacrificing her child’s privacy and innocence for 15 minutes of fame. And I refuse to give the woman the satisfaction of reading her name in print.The eight-year-old, who had been a member of the scouting group for about a month, was kicked out of Cub Scout Pack 87 because she is transgender. Local news accounts indicate an unknown number of parents were upset their sons were in a scouting group with a girl who identifies as a boy

continue : Cub Scouts embroiled in transgender controversy | Fox News

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Extend a hand and shake a paw, Genpets™ are here.

Unpackage your Genpet and unpackage a world of possibilities.

Say Hello to the all New Genpets™ from Bio.Genica!
The Genpets™ are Pre-Packaged, Bioengineered pets implemented today!

That’s right, Genpets are not toys or robots. They are living, breathing genetic animals.

We use a process called “Zygote Micro Injection” which is quickly becoming a favourable method to combine DNA, or to insert certain proteins from different species. Most notably it was used in 1997 to splice mice with bioluminescent jellyfish (link) and has since been used to create glowing rabbits, pigs, fish, and monkeys (link). Since then, human DNA has been injected into rabbits, chimpanzees, spider DNA into sheep, and now, Genpets have arrived!

Read National Geographic’s site for more information on human animal hybrids (link).

We’ve gone one step further by packaging the Genpets™ into plastic packages unlike any other. Each Genpet™ package has a fully functional heart rate monitor and Fresh Strip to better gauge the state of each pet while it lies in its hibernation state. More Info.

The Genpets™ come in 2 base configurations, a 1-year model, and 3-year model.

From there we’ve broken it down even further. While each Genpet may look the same, really they aren’t. Each Genpet™ comes with a color-coded personality. For example, a child that wishes to have a Genpet™ that is very energetic would choose a Red Genpet™ (see features section for details).
Engineered DNA, engineered personalities, and engineered lifespan, it doesn’t come any better than that. Bio-Genica has you covered on all bases. Just leave the details to us.

In the Packages
As you’ve noticed, each Genpet™ comes pre-packaged as a fully self-contained unit. This packaging is part of what truly separates the Genpets™ from every other product on the market today. Each package has an embedded microchip that monitors and controls the state of the Genpet while it is asleep waiting for you to take it home. Better yet, it displays the status of the Genpet™ with a Fresh Strip, as well as a fully working heart monitor in the top right of the package.

Out of the packages,
Genpets™ have limited mobility. Like dolls, puppies or human babies, they must be looked after and cared for. Upon waking from its dormant state the Genpet™ will immediately bond or imprint to your child.

The Genpet™ line-up pulls its basis from a natural1 stage of evolution in the market. Dolls and robotic toys quickly become tiresome, while traditional pets require a high level of upkeep. Genpets™ however, learn and adapt 2. They are living pets, but better, modified2 to be as reliable, dependable and efficient as any other technology we use in our busy lives.

More questions? Check the FAQ or Features section for more info!

continue http://www.genpets.com/meet.php

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Scarface the Dog mauls owners after they tried to put sweater on him 

Three people were injured after police said their dog attacked them when they tried to dress him in a sweater.

According to Tampa Police, a pit bull mix named Scarface bit its owner and two other family members at a home in Tampa on Friday afternoon.

 Tampa Police said 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero tried to put a sweater on the dog when he attacked. Her husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, attempted to pull Scarface off his wife when the dog began attacking him.

Source: Dog mauls owners after they tried to put sweater on him – Story

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Hillary Clinton Welcomes Donald Trump To The Cause Of Gun Control

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke with The Huffington Post via phone on Wednesday. 

Amid a push to tighten gun laws in America following the gruesome slaughter in Orlando this past weekend, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered tough words for the gun lobby and mocking ones for her GOP opponent. In a Wednesday interview with The Huffington Post, Clinton argued that she and others had essentially forced Donald Trump to consider legislation that would prevent those on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy firearms. Trump said earlier in the day that he planned to meet with the National Rifle Association to discuss its opposition to the proposal. “Welcome to the cause,” said Clinton. “This is something I’ve been talking about for a long time. Look, the NRA and the other gun lobby members should be moving rapidly to work with Congress on this legislation. I know members of Congress, hopefully on both sides of the aisle, are beginning to look to see if they can pass this. And I fully support it.”

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This Battery Has Lasted More Than 175 Years And Nobody Has A Clue How

In the Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford University, there’s a bell that has left all the researchers and experts awestruck. This bell has been ringing nonstop since 1840.According to the university, the bell’s clapper oscillates back and forth, making it ring. Since its inception, it has rung roughly 10 billion times. Wondering about the power source of this bell? Well, it’s powered by a single battery that was installed in 1840.

Source: This Battery Has Lasted More Than 175 Years And Nobody Has A Clue How

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When Your Boss Is an Algorithm

In the New Inquiry Artist and Programmer, Sam Lavigne points out that we’re all working for free for machine learning algorithms. Worse than that, though, is that the nature of machine learning means that every time we interact with one of these algorithms we’re actually automating our own jobs out of existence. But describing this system as exploitative misses an important point, and the critique overlooks a more pertinent potential problem with working for machine learning algorithms.

Quick Intro to Machine Learning

…like, super quick. Machine learning allows computers to get better at doing things over time.

You teach Facebook’s face recognition algorithm how to do its job better.It works like this: the computer does a thing. Let’s say it suggests a restaurant for you to try tonight. Maybe you make a reservation. In that case, if the computer had a back and an arm it would pat itself on the back. But it doesn’t so the machine does nothing. But maybe you click “next.” In that case, the computer makes a small adjustment to its recommendation engine. With enough recommendations and enough “book” and “nexts,” the computer gets better and better at recommending restaurants. To learn more, check out the first three or so chapters of The Master Algorithm.

continue https://fee.org/articles/when-your-boss-is-an-algorithm/

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Your Right to Use Encryption

Three years before the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation, and five years before the Bill of Rights — Congress passed a resolution authorizing the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to open and inspect any letter, when, in his judgment, the “safety or interest of the government requires it.” Suffice it to say, Founding Fathers from the limited government school were not too happy about this.

According to historian Dorothy Ganfield Fowler in her book Unmailable, the resolution led George Washington to complain about mail tampering, and Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe began to write to each other in code to preserve the privacy of their communications.

In fact, the Founding Fathers used encryption before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Jefferson, in particular, was a prolific user of encrypted communications and even invented a cipher now known as the Jefferson Disk to encrypt and decrypt his communications.

continue https://fee.org/articles/your-right-to-use-encryption/

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Twitter search results now to be shown by relevance

Back in March, Twitter introduced its algorithmic timeline. This feature highlights and displays the most interesting and popular tweets on a user’s timeline, not anymore in reverse-chronological order. Now, Twitter will be applying a similar concept to its search results, where Twitter will yield “algorithmically relevant tweets” from this point onwards.

80 Twitter Tools for Almost Everything

Twitter is chaos, but in the midst of this beautiful mess is a ton of data that if…Read more

In a blogpost updated personally by Lisa Huang, Twitter’s Senior Software Engineer for Search Quality explained that search results in reverse chronological order may not display “what the searchers are looking for”.

To cater cultivated search results, the team tapped into user’s behavioral data where both attributes of Tweets are shown alongside with consumer’s reaction.

continue http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/twitter-search-results-relevance/

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Why “White Privilege” Is A Liberal Myth Exposed In One Chart

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