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‘Fake cyber war’: Hacker ‘Guccifer’ says US obsessed with Russian invasion

Romanian hacker ‘Guccifer,’ who exposed Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, says the ongoing barrage of accusations by politicians in the US who claim that Russia “hacked the US election” is part of a “fake cyber war.”’Guccifer’, whose real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, spoke to Fox News from a Romanian prison, where he is serving a sentence for cybercrimes. After serving his sentence in Romania, he is to be extradited to the US, where he will also spend time in jail.READ MORE: Hacker ‘Guccifer’ who revealed Clinton’s private email server to serve time in RomaniaIn a series of interviews with Fox News, Lazar attributed Russian hacking accusations to Cold War sentiments.“Americans are crazy about the Russian thing and that Russians are invading the United States,” Lazar said. “It’s crazy… it’s this hysteria you know?”Read more© Brian Snyder It’s all over: How hackers & whistleblowers killed the Clinton campaignSpeaking two weeks before the Obama administration released a joint DHS/FBI report into alleged Russian hacking, and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the US, the Romanian hacker predicted that there “will be probes and indictments against some Russian people.”Guccifer claimed responsibility for breaching computer networks of a number of celebrities and officials in Romania and the US. He also found emails sent to Clinton’s private clintonemail.com address in one hack, and shared his discovery with the public.

Source: ‘Fake cyber war’: Hacker ‘Guccifer’ says US obsessed with Russian invasion — RT News

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Mainstream Media Lies to the Masses

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Maybelline Debuts Its First-Ever Male Ambassador, Manny Gutierrez

Back in October, Covergirl welcomed James Charles, makeup artist and social media star, as its first-ever male face. Now, Maybelline has followed suit by signing on another one of the wildly popular “beauty boys” of the vlogger world: Manny Gutierrez, aka @mannymua733.Gutierrez boasts three million followers on Instagram. He posts tutorials on Youtube, where two million people have subscribed to his channel (and given him 91 million views) since he started in July 2014.The makeup artist stars in Maybelline’s “That Boss Life” campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara alongside fellow Insta-famous beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell (aka @makeupshayla) and sweepstakes winner Jackie Flowers.

Source: Maybelline Debuts Its First-Ever Male Ambassador, Manny Gutierrez

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Americans and Japanese Read Faces Differently

Americans and Japanese Read Faces Differently

Credit: Dreamstime

Credit: Dreamstime

Culture is a huge factor in determining whether we look someone in the eye or the kisser to interpret facial expressions, according to a new study.

For instance, in Japan, people tend to look to the eyes for emotional cues, whereas Americans tend to look to the mouth, says researcher Masaki Yuki, a behavioral scientist at Hokkaido University in Japan.

This could be because the Japanese, when in the presence of others, try to suppress their emotions more than Americans do, he said.

In any case, the eyes are more difficult to control than the mouth, he said, so they probably provide better clues about a person’s emotional state even if he or she is trying to hide it.

Clues from emoticons

As a child growing up in Japan, Yuki was fascinated by pictures of American celebrities.

continue http://www.livescience.com/1498-americans-japanese-read-faces-differently.html

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Gut Decision: Scientists Identify New Organ in Humans

A mighty membrane that twists and turns through the gut is starting the new year with a new classification: the structure, called the mesentery, has been upgraded to an organ.Scientists have known about the structure, which connects a person’s small and large intestines to the abdominal wall and anchors them in place, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, until now, it was thought of as a number of distinct membranes by most scientists. Interestingly, in one of its earliest descriptions, none other than Leonardo da Vinci identified the membranes as a single structure, according to a recent review.In the review, lead author Dr. Calvin Coffey, a professor of surgery at the University of Limerick’s Graduate Entry Medical School in Ireland, and colleagues looked at past studies and literature on the mesentery. Coffey noted that throughout the 20th century, anatomy books have described the mesentery as a series of fragmented membranes; in other words, different mesenteries were associated with different parts of the intestines. [6 Strange Things the Government Knows About Your Body]

Source: Gut Decision: Scientists Identify New Organ in Humans

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Ohio jury awards $10.5 mn in damages in DuPont cancer lawsuit

A jury in Ohio has ordered that chemical giant DuPont pay $10.5 million in damages after finding that the company had poisoned Ohio River Valley water with a known carcinogen since the 60’s.Three thousand similar lawsuits are pending against the multinational.The federal jury announced Wednesday that $10.5 million in damages be awarded to Keith Vigneron after finding the conglomerate had for years acted with malice by contaminating the water supply and not informing residents. The company must also pay attorney fees.”It’s important to punish, to end this corrupt corporate mentality,” the plaintiff’s attorney Gary Douglas urged the jury in District Court in Columbus before their decision, according to the Columbus Dispatch. #accountability#justice#cleanwater is a #humanright!#PFOA#HoosickFalls is watching https://t.co/2oMitn97uI — GreenRevolutionNow (@EcoGuardians) January 5, 2017Without punitive action, DuPont and other companies will continue to “tread on us,” he said. Douglas had argued that Vigneron’s testicular cancer, which was diagnosed in 1997, was caused by drinking water contaminated with perfluorooctanoic acid, or C8, an ingredient used in manufacturing Teflon.The plaintiff’s attorneys argued during the case, that Little Hocking Water Association’s well field was tainted with C8 due to smokestack emissions from DuPont’s Washington Works plant across the Ohio River in West Virginia.

Source: Ohio jury awards $10.5 mn in damages in DuPont cancer lawsuit — RT America

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Bank robber reveals identity – by using his debit card during crime 

Alvin Lee Neal received a 46-month prison sentence for robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in San Diego, California, and was ordered to pay back the $565 taken.Neal, a registered sex offender, acknowledged his role in the May 13, 2016 robbery in a plea agreement with the US Attorney’s Office of Southern California.As described in the complaint filed with the US District Court in San Diego, Neal walked up to a teller in the bank and “presented a Wells Fargo debit card which he swiped through the customer card reader located on the counter.”This displayed his name and customer profile on the teller’s screen.Asked by the teller what kind of business he wanted to transact with the bank, Neal said, “You’re being robbed,” and presented a note reading, “You’re being robbed no mistake.”Neal subsequently clarified the ambiguity of his note, which could have been read as a statement that the robbery should not be mistaken as some other activity. His intended message turned out to be a warning that the teller not do anything that might prompt a harmful response.

Source: Bank robber reveals identity – by using his debit card during crime • The Register

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Fort Lauderdale Shooter Known to the FBI

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter Esteban Santiago was a troubled man with a history of mental health issues, along with claims of connections to the ISIS terror group, plus possible involvement with the FBI, say media reports of his background.As news about the 26-year-old man rolls out, evidence shows Esteban Santiago to be a veteran of both the Alaska National Guard and the Puerto Rico National Guard. But the reports also show a young man who apparently claimed to have heard voices in his head telling him to join terror group ISIS, who had been under psychiatric treatment, and who turned himself in to the FBI claiming the terror group was compelling him to act.Santiago flew on a Friday Air Canada fight from Anchorage, Alaska, stopped over in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then deplaned in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport. Then he walked to the baggage claim area, retrieved a gun he was legally transporting in his luggage, loaded it in a bathroom and emerged firing randomly at anyone who was near him.

Source: Fort Lauderdale Shooter Esteban Santiago, A Troubled Man Known to the FBI – Breitbart

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