‘Tree man’ of Bangladesh ‘cured’ after undergoing 16 surgeries (PHOTOS)

© / RuptlyA Bangladeshi man who made headlines because of an extremely rare skin condition has undergone 16 operations to remove countless growths from his hands and feet and doctors now believe he’s been cured.Abul Bajandar was dubbed  the “tree man” because of the large, wood-like warts on his body. The warts are caused by an incredibly rare genetic condition called epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV). Doctors at Dhaka Medical College Hospital have removed five kilos (11 pounds) of growths from Bajandar since they began treating his condition a year ago.They believe if the warts do not grow back, Bajandar will be the first person ever to recover from the genetic disease which predisposes sufferers to widespread wart infections and carcinomas.

Source: ‘Tree man’ of Bangladesh ‘cured’ after undergoing 16 surgeries (PHOTOS) — RT Viral

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