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“Teabagging” will get you banned from a major Killer Instinct tournament 


In the tight-knit community of competitive fighting games, it’s not rare for specific characters, stages, or moves to be banned because they throw off the game’s competitive balance. In the Killer Instinct community, though, players in one major tournament are faced with a ban on “teabagging,” which has nothing to do with competitive balance and everything to do with taunting, sportsmanship, and “professionalism.”Teabagging involves crouching on top of a prostrate opponent repeatedly, humiliating them by sticking your character’s virtual crotch in their face when they’re powerless to stop it (mature, we know).

While the taunt is most popular in online first-person shooters, the act has found some traction in the fighting game community as well. Killer Instinct gives more opportunities for teabagging than most other fighting games, because winning players can continue to move and teabag opponents in between rounds.The Killer Instinct World Cup first instituted a ban on teabagging last year, and that ban is being extended after debate over the issue got particularly heated in a private Facebook group. Fighting game tournament organizer and team manager Rotendo Camarena described the Facebook discussion to PVPLive:

Source: “Teabagging” will get you banned from a major Killer Instinct tournament | Ars Technica

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Linked – Internet Archive wants to get rid of link rot

This is really a cool idea. I always feel bad when I go back and look at a post here that I wrote years ago, and realize that without being able to follow the link, it doesn’t quite make as much sense now.Of course, that’s just the reality of blogging, eventually some of the cool things I link to aren’t going to be there, or are going to be completely outdated. That happens. It’d be nice if you could have a way to automatically check the archive to see if they indexed the page though.Internet Archive has long chronicled deceased web pages with the Wayback Machine, allowing users to access stuff that is no longer readily available. But, of course, users would have to know about the Wayback Machine and how to use it.Now Internet Archive has built a Wayback Machine Chrome extension. It works like this: If you click on a link that would normally lead to an error page (think 404), the extension will instead give users the option to load an archived version of the page. The link is no longer simply gone.

Source: Linked – Internet Archive wants to get rid of link rot

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Western Union admits it facilitated scammers, forfeits $586 million

Western Union has agreed to forfeit $586 million and enter into agreements with the Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department, and several U.S. Attorneys’ Offices. Western Union admits to criminal violations including willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud.

“As this case shows, wiring money can be the fastest way to send it – directly into the pockets of criminals and scam artists,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General David Bitkower. “Western Union is now paying the price for placing profits ahead of its own customers. Together with our colleagues, the Criminal Division will both hold to account those who facilitate fraud and abuse of vulnerable populations, and also work to recoup losses and compensate victims.”

Source: Western Union admits it facilitated scammers, forfeits $586 million – Help Net Security

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Land Destroyer: What’s Really Behind US Claims of “Russian Hacking?”

– Despite great effort recently put into bolstering the credibility of the “American intelligence community” in the wake of their assessment regarding alleged “Russian hacking,” it should be remembered that this same “community” intentionally and maliciously fabricated a myriad of lies surrounding so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to a destructive war that claimed upward to a million lives – including over 4,000 US troops.A community responsible for verified, self-serving lies, has no credibility. Nor do the media organizations that repeated those lies without questioning the very flawed factual and logical fundamentals underpinning them.More recently, the evidence presented by this community and their partners across the Western media regarding alleged “Russian hacking” of the 2016 US elections is so weak, the logical fallacy of appealing to authority is essential to selling it to the global public.

Source: Land Destroyer: What’s Really Behind US Claims of “Russian Hacking?”

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The Politics of CIA 

Dallas, TexasIn the media saturation of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, Jim Garrison has been virtually ignored. His name is rarely mentioned in the profusion of articles or on the television programs cable or network about the assassination. Please allow me to suggest that the reason for Garrison’s being ignored, despite his monumental contribution to investigating who was behind the murder of President Kennedy is Garrison’s certainty that CIA stood behind the plotting of the assassination. In the corporate media, this view remains taboo.

My topic today is the political perspective, and values, of CIA, what policies it has pursued in its policy-making function, and what as an institution this Agency has stood for. What I’ve discovered in looking into the history of CIA is a concerted effort by this Agency to substitute itself for the elected government, executive and legislative branches both. If we look closely, we can observe CIA making policy far more blatantly than in the days when President Kennedy attempted to rein them in, and suffered the consequences.

CIA came to the forefront of my attention because of Jim Garrison’s insight that CIA was behind the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald, and by inference behind the assassination of President Kennedy. To understand Jim Garrison’s effort necessitated  an exploration of what this Agency has stood for, and why it would feel so threatened by President Kennedy. In an effort to penetrate how power is exercised today in this period of permanent preemptive wars, I turned to learning what footprint CIA was leaving in our history.

Source: The Politics of CIA Presented Joan Mellen at the Annual Meeting of COPA, Coalition on Political Assassinations | JOAN MELLEN

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