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University Almost Kills Students With Huge Caffeine Overdose In Botched Experiment | Heat Street

Two university students nearly died in an experiment where they were given lethal doses of caffeine by scientists who got their math wrong.The pair – who were studying at the University of Northumbria in England – were left in intensive care and needing dialysis.Scientists running the trials miscalculated the quantity of caffeine administered by a factor of 100, giving their subjects 30g of caffeine instead of the intended dosage, 0.3g.

It was the equivalent of a person drinking 300 cups of coffee at once, and more importantly, was almost twice the 18g dosage considered fatal.

The student volunteers, Alex Rossetto and Luke Parkin, needed to spend several days in hospital and experienced rapid weight loss of more than 20lbs each. One suffered short-term memory loss, according to The Telegraph.

Both made a full recovery – though in a lawsuit brought against the university for the error the court heard that they were at risk of death.

Source: University Almost Kills Students With Huge Caffeine Overdose In Botched Experiment | Heat Street

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Meitu photo retouching app may be invading your privacy 

Have you heard about Meitu, the photo retouching mobile app that turns people into more cutesy or beautiful versions of themselves? Chances are that even if you don’t know the app’s name, you’ve already seen examples of the final product posted on a social network of your choice.The app has been a favorite of Chinese users for a while, but is only now taking the rest of world by storm.And, naturally, something that gains such huge popularity in such a short time will get some attention from security researchers – especially if it can be downloaded for free.

Source: Meitu photo retouching app may be invading your privacy – Help Net Security

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Now the Entire EU Is Urged to Adopt a Basic Income 

EU states should guarantee minimum income for citizens … The European Commission wants all EU member states to introduce minimum wages and incomes for their workers and unemployed, the head of the EU executive president said on Monday, in an effort to combat growing social inequality and poverty.

The Commission, which has limited powers in the area of social policy, is preparing an overhaul of the EU’s functions and targets and wants it to include tackling social and economic injustices that have often been successfully exploited by right-wing eurosceptic parties across the 28-nation bloc. – ReutersThe European Union seeks to mandate a basic income. We’d like to see the EU done away with, so from our point of view a basic income is a non-starter. But the EU obviously thinks it is a good idea,

Source: Now the Entire EU Is Urged to Adopt a Basic Income | The Daily Bell

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Black And Muslim Volunteers Who Fought For The Nazis During World War II


soldiers-lined-upEasily the most pervasive, enduring, and pernicious fallacy about World War II, at least in the U.S. and the U.K., is that it was “the good war,” a wholly noble, heroic endeavor (for its victors), one now rendered unto history in morally satisfy shades of black and white, good and evil.

And surely the largest reason for that fallacy’s very existence is that, on the evil side, World War II had perhaps history’s most easily detestable villains: the Nazis.

While the Nazis’ appalling wartime atrocities may indeed be without equal in the annals of history, a black-and-white understanding of “the good war” obscures, among many other things, the fact that those atrocities were augmented by the permissiveness and even the willing collaboration of dozens of foreign groups living well beyond Germany’s borders.

continue http://all-that-is-interesting.com/free-arabian-legion

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Japan fortune teller ‘ordered to pay’ client forced into prostitution – BBC News

A fortune teller in Japan has been ordered to pay $850,000 (£691,000) in damages to a female client she had forced into prostitution, reports say.The victim was reportedly made to believe that she was in debt to the clairvoyant and could repay that debt only by becoming a sex worker.Tokyo’s District Court heard the woman was sometimes forced to live on the equivalent of $1 a day.The fortune teller reportedly pocketed nearly 90m yen ($785,000; £639,000).The victim started consulting with the clairvoyant in 2008, when she was troubled by issues such as a divorce, and became dependent on her advice, local media reported.In 2011, she was forced to move into an apartment the fortune teller owned, and ordered to work as a prostitute to pay rent and other costs.

Source: Japan fortune teller ‘ordered to pay’ client forced into prostitution – BBC News

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The Cautionary Tale of “No More Woof,” a Crowdfunded Gadget to Read Your Dog’s Thoughts

By Eliza StricklandPosted

No More WoofWhen Scandinavian engineers launched their crowdfunding campaign for “No More Woof” in December 2013, they talked a good game.They would build a wearable gadget that you could slip onto your dog’s head, which would read its doggy brainwaves and translate its mental state into human language. They’d do this by applying EEG brain-scanning technology (standard stuff for humans) to our furry friends, thus detecting neural patterns that correlate to sentiments such as “I’m tired,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m excited,” and “Who are you?” So said the Indiegogo page put forward by a group called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID). They promised to deliver by May 2014.

Source: The Cautionary Tale of “No More Woof,” a Crowdfunded Gadget to Read Your Dog’s Thoughts – IEEE Spectrum

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Trump meets with John Allison, former CEO who wants to abolish the Fed – Business Insider

As President-elect’s Donald Trump’s transition rolls on, more and more attention is being paid to possible selections for a variety of high-ranking positions and meetings that might help decide these appointments.On Monday, Trump will meet with John Allison, the former CEO of the bank BB&T and of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute.

There have been reports that Allison is being considered for Treasury secretary.Trump’s has on the campaign trail questioned the future of the Federal Reserve’s political independence, but Allison takes that rhetoric a step further. While running the the Cato Institute, Allison wrote a paper in support of abolishing the Fed.

Source: Trump meets with John Allison, former CEO who wants to abolish the Fed – Business Insider

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The Hate That Hates ‘Hate’ 

Friday night in Seattle, a man was shot during a riotous protest outside an event at the University of Washington featuring pro-Trump speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for Breitbart.com. Police say the incident is still under investigation, but a report by the Seattle Times indicates the gunman was part of the anti-Trump mob and that he claimed to have been assaulted by the man he shot, whom he believed to be a “white supremacist.”

However, friends of the victim — who is reported to be hospitalized in critical condition — say the man is actually an anti-Nazi activist who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat presidential primaries.The shooting in Seattle happened on the same day that mobs protesting President Trump’s inauguration rioted in Washington, D.C., where among other criminal acts they broke windows at a Starbucks and a Bank of America branch and burned a limousine parked outside the offices of the Washington Post. A day later, during the anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington,” aging pop singer Madonna spoke of her violent fantasies: “Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

“Love Trumps Hate” and “Make Racists Afraid Again” are among the slogans commonly proclaimed on banners brandished by these violent mobs. This simplistic mentality, equating Republicans with “hate” and “racism,” has the effect of dehumanizing the 63 million Americans who voted to elect Trump. The rioters and their celebrity supporters evidently believe that any American who votes Republican is not merely wrong, but evil. Anyone who doesn’t hate Trump as much as Madonna hates Trump is condemned as ignorant and unworthy of respect. Who is to blame for inciting this dangerously divisive attitude?

Source: The Hate That Hates ‘Hate’ | The American Spectator

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Meet the most frustrating programming language ever. It’s called ‘Brainfuck’ and it’s purposely designed to make you cry

If you earn your bread as a web developer, then you know how frustrating it can be to keep up with all the new libraries and frameworks. If you use jquery and PHP you’re a pleb. HTML? You must be mad. Everyone knows a good developer in 2017 uses Babel, React, ES5, ECMAScript, Browserfy, Webpack and…. Seriously, unless you’re a masochist, there’s no reason why you should dive straight for all the ‘developing trends of 2017’. Stick to core tools and add new ones when you need them and you should be just fine. Coding — writing instructions for a machine — should be made easier, not more confusing. Speaking of which, it seems like Urban Müller missed the memo.Müller is an underground culture sensation among computer programmers. In 1993, at the time a physics student in Switzerland, the young computer programmer set out to make the smallest possible compiler. The compiler is what translates code written in a programming language into something your CPU can understand, i.e. binary code. The smaller the compiler, the less time and energy it takes for the machine to respond.

Source: Meet the most frustrating programming language ever. It’s called ‘Brainfuck’ and it’s purposely designed to make you cry

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Tooth Implant Could Release Chemicals To Keep Mouths Fresh All Day | Digital Trends

You know those British spy thrillers in which an undercover agent keeps an emergency cyanide pill hidden in a false tooth? Researchers at the Belgian university KU Leuven have just given that idea a modern (and decidedly less fatal) upgrade.What they’ve developed is a porous dental implant that slowly releases drugs from a built-in reservoir throughout the day — with the goal of preventing and fighting infections.

“The reservoir can be filled up with an antiseptic like chlorhexidine, the disinfecting component of mouthwash,” Karin Thevissen, one of the lead researchers, told Digital Trends. “The implant material is a titanium-based composite material that allows passage of molecules from one side to the other: In our case, from the inside to the outside, which is in direct contact with the bone cells.”

Source: Tooth Implant Could Release Chemicals To Keep Mouths Fresh All Day | Digital Trends

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