Why Does Google Throw Captchas While Using Tor?

lthough Google has the ability to know that you are using Tor, because the list of Tor exit relays is public, it has always supported the use of Tor and such other open source privacy projects.But, here, Google is not interested in knowing if you are using Tor. Google runs some analysis on its search queries and that sometimes ends up in the either of the above two scenarios.Google has to deal with all sort of network abuse. People could tend to produce lots of queries in short span of time to overload its servers (for example DDoS attacks). Google checks this possibility and warns the client with this warning in the above page. This is not very Tor specific. When I was working for Sapient Nitro, which is a big company and has its vast infrastructure system and used central proxy, these same scenarios would sometimes pop up, because of numerous users accessing Google through the same Central Proxy.

Source: Why Does Google Throw Captchas While Using Tor?

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