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Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs

Scientists from the Salk Institute – a biological research organisation in California – have taken cells from pigs and people to create an embryo that was then inserted into a female pig.As part of initial experiments, several different types of human cells were inserted into pig embryos in petri dishes to determine which cells were the best match for the pig embryo.The human cells which worked best with the pigs’ were infant ones which have the potential to develop into all adult cell types – known as a pluripotent cell.The cells that survived eventually formed a human/pig embryo, which were then injected into female pigs and allowed to develop for around a month.

Source: Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs | Science | News | Daily Express

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Raspberry Pi to get a boost in brain power thanks to Google’s AI tools 

Raspberry Pi, the inexpensive hobbyist computer beloved of makers and geeks, is gaining in brain power – Google is adding artificial intelligence (AI) to the platform.It’s going to be achieved through the release of smart tools. If you want to influence the sort of tools Google ends up offering, you can fill in a questionnaire on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website. The Raspberry Pi Foundation says:[Google’s] survey mentions face- and emotion-recognition and speech-to-text translation, to natural language processing and sentiment analysis, the firm has developed a lot of technology in the fields of machine learning and AI. The tech giant also provides powerful technology for navigation, bots, and predictive analytics.

Source: Raspberry Pi to get a boost in brain power thanks to Google’s AI tools – Naked Security

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Actor Kills Himself On Facebook Live After Sexual Assault Arrest 

NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — An aspiring 33-year-old actor from Texas broadcast his suicide on Facebook Live earlier this week, just days after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.Frederick Jay Bowdy told followers watching via live-stream that he was going to kill himself, prompting an out-of-state family member to call the Los Angeles Police Department about 5:30 a.m. Monday, police Sgt. Tiffany Ljubetic told the Los Angeles Times.Police tried to reach Bowdy, who was in a car near Cumpston Street and Fulcher Avenue, but he killed himself before officers could make contact with him, she said.Users on Facebook who viewed the video expressed shock and sadness, and some wondered if it was a hoax since Bowdy was an actor. The video was later removed by Facebook, according to the company.

Source: Actor Kills Himself On Facebook Live After Sexual Assault Arrest « CBS Los Angeles

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Belgian MPs to keep free alcohol in parliament 

Lawmakers rejected a suggested ban on free alcohol in Belgium’s federal parliament after wide-scale opposition to the move, local media reported Friday.An ethics committee had asked speaker Siegfried Bracke to scrap free beer and wine after an investigation into bad behavior in parliament found the move would “improve the quality of debate.”“Some MPs tend to become quite unpleasant if they have been drinking,” said Danny Pieters, the committee chair, pointing out that free alcohol was not the norm in other workplaces.

Source: Belgian MPs to keep free alcohol in parliament – POLITICO

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Multiple Walkouts Reported at ‘Kuso’ Sundance Screening | Variety

The midnight screening of “Kuso” was not well received by some Sundance Film Festival attendees.Audience members began walking out of the theater after just “10 minutes of boil-bursting, pus-oozing revulsion,” according to Variety reporters.Chris Plante, a reporter for The Verge, chronicled the exodus:“I’ll start with the footage of an erect penis being stabbed. As with most footage of an erect penis being violently gored by a long steel rod, it’s certainly unexpected.

A large chunk of the audience left my screening early, when a boil-covered woman choked a man with a strap until he covered half her face with semen that looked like a muted version of Nickelodeon slime. But the walk-outs continued in a consistent stream up to the final scene. Some gross-out films are one-note, but ‘Kuso’ finds new ways to test viewers’ fortitude. Some folks stuck around after a woman chewed on concrete until her teeth disintegrated, but still peaced out when an alien creature force-yanked a fetus from another woman’s womb (accompanied by a ‘Mortal Kombat’ sound clip: ‘Get over here!’), then smoked the tiny corpse.”

Source: Multiple Walkouts Reported at ‘Kuso’ Sundance Screening | Variety

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Is the CIA Secretly Helping Afghanistan Sell Drugs? | Real Matters – YouTube

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Apple iPhone 7 is being hardened to handle military-grade secrets 

The iPhone 7 is being turned into a phone capable of safeguarding military-level secrets for the UK armed forces.Telecoms giant BT is hardening the security of the device to allow UK military personnel to use it to discuss ‘secret’ matters and for storing sensitive data.Describing the iPhone 7 as the “device of choice” for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Steve Bunn, technical business manager for defence at BT, said the phone will be capable of being switched between different modes, depending on the sensitivity of the call.”We’ve been working very closely with them to develop what we’ve commonly called a ‘dual-persona device’.”Essentially [it] means you can have voice at official and at secret.”

Source: Apple iPhone 7 is being hardened to handle military-grade secrets – TechRepublic

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NASA ‘cuts live feed from international space station’ after mysterious object appears on camera –

A self-styled alien hunter believes he has spotted a UFO during a live feed from the International Space Station.SHAREGO TOJohn Craddick, from Wolverhampton in the UK, claims he has never seen anything like it before.

He told the Mirror: “I’ve been watching it [the live feed] for years but never seen any UFOs on it before.”I was showing a friend how it worked at around 11.30pm when the feed cut out, and 35 seconds after it came back on, this object appeared.”At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds,” he said.Mr Craddick claims that it must be alien because “nothing human can fly that high”Below shows a similar occurrence that happened in 2015.

Source: NASA ‘cuts live feed from international space station’ after mysterious object appears on camera –

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Celebrate Year of the Rooster with the best chicken science | Popular Science

Saturday is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and celebrations have already started around the globe. This year is the Year of the Chicken (or Rooster, if you will). And what better way to celebrate than with a roundup of chicken science?Chickens are more than meals on our table. From sacrificing embryos for the early research of developmental biology, to serving as handy dinosaur stand-ins for research, chickens deserve more than just their reputation as a protein source.

Source: Celebrate Year of the Rooster with the best chicken science | Popular Science

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Past 6 Presidents Barred Immigrants 

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for proposing to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.Many question the legality of such a bar and the media depicts the proposal as something unique to President Trump.The truth is that the President does have such an authority and it’s been done many times before.Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”A recent Daily Caller report details how the past six presidents have used an executive order to bar entry to the United States for certain classes of immigrants.Here’s a list of who did what:

Source: Past 6 Presidents Barred Immigrants | The Federalist Papers

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Ohio State course to teach how to identify microaggressions, privilege | Fox News

Ohio State University will be offering a new course in the spring semester that will focus on how to “identify microaggressions” and “systems of power and privilege,” The College Fix reported.The syllabus says the class will offer insight into developing “an understanding of major social justice concepts.”

The course literature includes a reading list with works such as, “Waking up White: What it means to accept your legacy, for better and worse,” and “Readings for diversity and social justice.”According the syllabus, the class will “grasp their role within greater society and how they can work to create social justice.”

“Students will learn to value their own self-identity and the identities of others different from them,” the syllabus also added.The “Crossing identity boundaries: A journey towards intercultural leadership” course meets a mandatory diversity and General Education requirement for the University.

Source: Ohio State course to teach how to identify microaggressions, privilege | Fox News

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France enforces ban on unlimited fizzy drinks in crackdown on obesity

Restaurants in France face prosecution starting today if they offer unlimited soda drinks to customers in the latest Gallic crackdown on obesity.France had already slapped a tax on sweet drinks in 2012. Now, a new decree makes it illegal to sell unlimited amounts of drinks with sugar or sweetener at a fixed price or for free.  Published in the government’s Journal Officiel website on Thursday and in force since Friday, the ban applies to all soft drinks or soda “fountains” in areas open to the public, including restaurants, fast food-chains, schools and holiday camps.

Source: France enforces ban on unlimited fizzy drinks in crackdown on obesity

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Netherlands: If US Won’t Fund Safe Abortion, We Will

(NEWSER) – Donald Trump’s installation of what some are calling an abortion gag rule “on steroids” will lead to “dangerous backroom procedures and higher maternal mortality,” says the Dutch minister for foreign trade and development cooperation—which is why the Netherlands plans to step in. The country says it will set up an international safe abortion fund to support organizations that would otherwise miss out on millions or billions in US foreign aid under the Mexico City policy, per CNN. Without such funding, NGO Marie Stopes International says there will be 6.5 million unintended pregnancies, 2.2 million abortions, 2.1 million unsafe abortions, and 21,700 maternal deaths over the next four years, while 1.5 million women will lose access to contraception.

Source: Netherlands: If US Won’t Fund Safe Abortion, We Will

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Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

Every few seconds, our eyes automatically blink. It’s so simple and natural we don’t even think about it (sorry if you’re now blinking manually). But blinking is strange, at least in one regard: it doesn’t get dark. You’d think that blinking so often would create intermittent lights-out phases, but that doesn’t happen. Now, researchers think they know why.Blinking and focusingPhoto by Ahmed Sinan.Blinking is an essential eye function, helping to lubricate eyes, spread tears across, and remove irritants from the surface of the eye. But that’s not all it does.

Researchers from UC Berkeley, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Université Paris Descartes, and Dartmouth College have found that blinking helps reposition our eyes so that we can stay focus on whatever we’re viewing.When we blink, our eyeballs roll back — but when we open our eyes, they don’t always return exactly to the same place. This misalignment prompts our eye muscles to realign our vision, which helps keep our focus. Gerrit Maus, who initiated the research, explains:

Source: Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

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Memo: New York Called For Face Recognition Cameras At Bridges, Tunnels 

The state of New York has privately asked surveillance companies to pitch a vast camera system that would scan and identify people who drive in and out of New York City, according to a December memo obtained by Vocativ.The call for private companies to submit plans is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s major infrastructure package, which he introduced in October. Though much of the related proposals would be indisputably welcome to most New Yorkers — renovating airports and improving public transportation — a little-noticed detail included installing cameras to “test emerging facial recognition software and equipment.”“This is a highly advanced system they’re asking for,” said Clare Garvie, an associate at Georgetown University’s Center for Privacy and Technology, and who specializes in police use of face recognition technologies. “This is going to be terabytes — if not petabytes — of data, and multiple cameras running 24 hours a day. In order to be face recognition compliant they probably have to be pretty high definition.”

Source: Memo: New York Called For Face Recognition Cameras At Bridges, Tunnels – Vocativ

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Dutch regulator ‘inadvertently’ posts list of Soros’s short bets — RT Business

The market regulator in the Netherlands has accidentally published a list of companies in which George Soros held short positions.Hedge funds take short positions on assets when they expect their price to fall, in effect betting against the stock.Hundreds of the billionaire investor’s short positions dating back to 2012 were made public on the regulator’s website, due to “human error,” according to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Source: Dutch regulator ‘inadvertently’ posts list of Soros’s short bets — RT Business

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Is HTTPS Always Necessary?

The hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) is perhaps the most pervasive development on the Web, being the one thing that all websites use to send data to browsers. Its secure version (HTTPS) uses transport layer security (TLS) to enhance the communication between you and the websites you browse by ensuring their privacy.Ads by GoogleIf you’ve been on the Internet since the late 90s, you’ll probably notice that since 2007 the ubiquity of “https://” in URLs has increased almost exponentially. Is using HTTPS everywhere necessarily a good thing?Why HTTPS?

HTTPS works by encrypting your connection to the server in such a way that your communication cannot be sniffed by a third party. If a website gives you a cookie (for your login session, for example), anyone who grabs your cookie can act on your behalf from their computer, essentially making them an impostor. By making the connection private and encrypted, such a thing is much less likely.The problem with HTTPS historically has been the cost of implementing it as a host. You had to have a lot of processing power back in the day to be able to encrypt the thousands of connections larger websites had to handle. The prohibitive cost (at least in terms of computing power) needed to run an HTTPS website is no longer a factor because of the impressive amount of speed that even the most affordable CPUs have boasted in more recent years.

Source: Is HTTPS Always Necessary? – Make Tech Easier

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Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The Future Is Cyberwar

In the dead of winter, the electricity goes out. Not just in your town, but in many small towns nearby. After a few hours, power returns — but not everywhere. In some places it’s out for days. Hospitals struggle to keep generators running to treat hypothermia sufferers; emergency lines are jammed, preventing ambulances from being dispatched. An overwhelmed police force struggles to maintain calm. What first appeared an inconvenient accident is soon revealed as an act of sabotage: someone wants the power down. Someone is sowing chaos and waiting to take advantage.    This was the nightmare scenario lurking beneath the recent breathless reporting by the Washington Post that “Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid” via a Vermont utility. The specter of foreign invaders lurking in the nation’s infrastructure prompted a statement from Vermont Sen. Patrick J. Leahy: “This is beyond hackers having electronic joy rides — this is now about trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter.” Other politicians were equally heated, with Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin calling Russian president Vladimir Putin a “thug” and saying, “This episode should highlight the urgent need for our federal government to vigorously pursue and put an end to this sort of Russian meddling.”

Source: Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The Future Is Cyberwar – Vocativ

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Slayer Frontman Trolls ‘Snowflake’ Fans Who Can’t Deal With Trump

Heavy metal legend Tom Araya, frontman of the band Slayer, has been trolling his “snowflake” fans over President Trump taking office.Araya posted a Photoshopped image of Trump posing with the band, then railed against oversensitive fans who criticized it.He wrote: “I never would have guessed that there where [sic] so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president. Like him or not he is the president.”The singer seemingly first published the image on January 20th, the day before Trump’s inauguration, then found it had been taken down, so put it back.He continued to needle his supporters who object to Trump, though he denied being a Trump supporter himself.A later comment said: “Thanks for insight… this is how fake news gets started, not once did I say that I supported trump [sic].

Source: Slayer Frontman Trolls ‘Snowflake’ Fans Who Can’t Deal With Trump | Heat Street

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Mom Shocked to Discover Son Had Teeth Removed at School

(NEWSER) – A Baltimore mom says her third-grader had to walk home alone after having three teeth removed at school—without her knowledge, WJZ reports. Shanda Flemming wants answers after a dental program visiting her son’s school performed a serious procedure on 9-year-old Michael, who she says arrived home in pain and with a swollen face. Visiting dental programs became more common in Baltimore after a child died from an infected tooth in 2007. And while Flemming signed a permission slip, she thought it was only for routine teeth cleanings.To make matters worse, having three teeth pulled took so long that Michael missed his bus and had to walk home alone, Flemming says. She wants to know why the school didn’t call her about any of this. The school, citing privacy laws, didn’t answer WJZ’s questions about why Flemming wasn’t notified, why Michael wasn’t given medication following the procedure, and why Michael was allowed to walk home alone.

Source: Mom Shocked to Discover Son Had Teeth Removed at School

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N.Y. okays largest U.S. offshore wind farm off Long Island 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has approved what will be the largest U.S. offshore wind farm when it’s built off the east end of Long Island. It will generate enough electricity to power more than 50,000 homes on Long Island’s South Fork.The South Fork Wind Farm will consist of 15 wind turbines with 90 megawatts (MW) of capacity. While the project still needs to complete its permitting process, construction could start as early as 2019 and it may be operational as early as 2022.The approval of the South Fork Wind Farm, to be located 30 miles southeast of Montauk, is the first step toward developing 1,000 megawatts (1 gigawatt) of offshore wind power in that area, Cuomo said in a statement.

Source: N.Y. okays largest U.S. offshore wind farm off Long Island | Computerworld

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Meet “the Bilderberg” of Algorithm Warfare in the 21st Century 

Today we are going to connect the dots for you that will reveal who and what is to become one of the centerpieces in the 21st century’s algorithm warfare. This information published today will put all those who have obtained it literally three decades ahead of the general public and of at least 95% of the common, semi-sheeple, alternative media. A donation from your side would for that certainly be appreciated.First, if you have no idea what algorithm warfare is about you should now go through these publications before continuing on this page of today’s report.Second, lets introduce one of the (future) commercial centerpieces of international algorithm warfare on the populace.Meet WPP, “the Bilderberg” of corporate communication and government propaganda management.“WPP is the world’s largest communications services group, employing 190,000 people* working in 3,000 offices in 113 countries.”

Source: WPP: Meet “the Bilderberg” of Algorithm Warfare in the 21st Century – IRIS – IR-IS.ORG

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The Women Movement’s Embrace of Rape-Torturer Psychopath Donna Hylton

Via Twitter, on a Reddit forum, I stumbled over this horrifying story: Donna Hylton, a woman who spent time in prison for participating in the kidnapping, rape, murder, and ransoming of a gay man, spoke at the Women’s March as an advocate for women of color.

What did this woman do? From Psychology Today, this:Vigliarole believed the three girls were prostitutes who were going to have sex with him. Instead, they picked him up on March 8 in Elmhurst, Queens, at Maria’s home, and drugged him to make him drowsy. Then they drove him to Selma’s apartment in Harlem. The apartment had already been prepared for an extended torture session: The closet door had been cut, a pot put in it for use as a toilet, the windows boarded.For the next 15 to 20 days (police aren’t sure just when Vigliarole died), the man was starved, burned, beaten, and tortured. (Even 10 years later, Spurling could recall Rita’s chilling response when they questioned her about shoving a three-foot metal bar up Vigliarole’s rear:

“He was a homo anyway.” How did she know? “When I stuck the bar up his rectum he wiggled.”)The three girls took turns watching the man. It was Donna who delivered a ransom note and tape to a friend of Vigliarole’s, who was able to get a partial license plate number of the car she was driving. He notified the police, who traced the plate to a rental car facility. On April 6 the suspects were arrested, and detectives spent 36 hours straight interviewing the seven men and women. “We had to keep going back and forth and catch them in lies,” said Spurling. “It was a never-ending circle of lies.”

Source: The Women Movement’s Embrace of Rape-Torturer Psychopath Donna Hylton | The American Spectator

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Trust us – Stump houses were a thing….

The Pacific Northwest saw some of the most significant number of settlers looking for a new life all through the nineteenth century, however, the journey from moving towards the Northwest to a peaceful life in the serene woodlands wasn’t an easy endeavour.The settlers had to instantly confront the dark dense woodlands and at the same time had to fight against (not literally but on an economical level) with big logger companies to find enough timber to build their houses, barns, and other structures.Mostly what was left behind was often scarred landscape and scrap wood, most of this wood was in the form of stumps that big companies deemed useless.

Source: Trust us – Stump houses were a thing….

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Cardiologist Uma Valeti Created A Model Of Sustainable Meat Grown In A Lab

Cardiologist Uma Valeti has created a model of sustainable meat sourcing that doesn’t require grazing land, has nothing to do with factory farming, and, in fact, doesn’t harm any animals. That’s because Dr. Valeti has adapted medical technology to grow actual meat in a laboratory setting from cells. He has so much faith in “cultured meat” as the future of food that he started his own company, Memphis Meats, to lead the way into the 21st century and beyond. It’s no joke. In fact, Google co-founder Sergey Brin invested $330,000 in the first lab-grown hamburger.

Sustainability and ecological concerns have long cast a shadow over the ethics of large-scale meat production.pixabay.comAccording to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes around 185 pounds of meat and poultry and 630 pounds of dairy products every year. The carbon and ecological footprint created by the meat industry is not unsubstantial: methane emissions, water consumption, and agricultural chemicals all play a role in altering the planet’s atmosphere and resources. In addition to these larger ecological concerns, the Center for Disease Control has noted that antibiotic use in farm animals has contributed to the rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria: the so-called “superbugs” that are untreatable by any means of modern medicine.

Source: Cardiologist Uma Valeti Created A Model Of Sustainable Meat Grown In A Lab

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The High-Stakes Name Game for Transgender Job-Hunters 

For most job applicants, the question “Have you ever been known by any other name?” is not a stumbling block.If you have a maiden name—or if you simply hated your first name and changed it from Jacqueline to Jessica—it’s unlikely that disclosing a previous alias on an application or a background check authorization form would adversely affect your chances of employment.But for transgender applicants, that question can be a perilous catch-22: Unless your pre-transition name was gender-neutral, answering it honestly will out you. But leaving it blank could cause problems, too.“If you say that no prior names were used when that’s actually not the case, that could leave you open to the charge of lying on the application, which could give your employer reason to fire you,” Jillian Weiss, the executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, told The Daily Beast.

Source: The High-Stakes Name Game for Transgender Job-Hunters – The Daily Beast

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Canada may abandon NAFTA Negotiations

Instead of dwelling on NAFTA, the Canadian government will negotiate bilaterally with the United States, while Mexico is now looking for alternative markets for its products.The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), one of the promises of Donald Trump in campaign, seems to be unattractive for Mexico and Canada.As of right now, 73% of Mexico’s exports go to the US market and now, their access to America’s consumers will have to be renegotiate under a new scheme that will govern trade relations with the United States.The reality of having to renegotiate NAFTA alone came after Canadian officials said that Canada’s national interests are more important than their relationship with Mexico, and that Canada will most likely conduct bilateral trade negotiations with the United States, as supposed renegotiating NAFTA along with Mexico.

Source: Canada may abandon NAFTA Negotiations | The Real Agenda News | The Real Agenda News

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The Mind-Body Politic US Now World’s Biggest Tax Haven 

“The U.S. failure to sign onto the OECD information-sharing standard is “proving to be a strong driver of growth for our business,” wrote Bolton’s chief executive officer, Ray Grenier, in a marketing e-mail to bankers. His firm is seeing a spike in accounts moved out of European banks—“Switzerland in particular”—and into the U.S. The new OECD standard “was the beginning of the exodus,” he said in an interview.

The U.S. Treasury is proposing standards similar to the OECD’s for foreign-held accounts in the U.S. But similar proposals in the past have stalled in the face of opposition from the Republican-controlled Congress and the banking industry.

At issue is not just non-U.S. citizens skirting their home countries’ taxes. Treasury also is concerned that massive inflows of capital into secret accounts could become a new channel for criminal money laundering. At least $1.6 trillion in illicit funds are laundered through the global financial system each year, according to a United Nations estimate.

Source: The Mind-Body Politic US Now World’s Biggest Tax Haven | The Mind-Body Politic

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Silently Cooking is a cooking show with no talking (VIDEO).

Silently Cooking is a YouTube cooking show with no talking. Billed by creator Cooper Nelson as a series “for those of us who want of us who want to skip all verbal nonsense of Internet Cooking Videos,” it is a sublimely peaceful way to learn how to make biscuits and gravy.  That means no intros, no rambling hosts, and no generic background music. The only sound is food getting chopped and cooked. The recipes and instructions are in the description, if you’re into that kind of thing. The result is an informative and succinct cooking show perfect for people who learn by watching but don’t want all the extra noise.

Source: Silently Cooking is a cooking show with no talking (VIDEO).

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Ohio State class teaches students to detect and respond to microaggressions, white privilege

A class to be offered this spring at Ohio State University is an identity politics-based course that in large part is focused on teaching students how to detect microaggressions and white privilege.The course is dedicated to social justice themes, and pledges to teach students how to “identify microaggressions,” define and address “systems of power and privilege,” advance notions of diversity and inclusion, and prioritize “global citizenship,” its description states.“Crossing Identity Boundaries” aims to expand students’ “self-awareness” and help them develop “dialogue skills.”Taking the course, offered through the Department of Educational Studies, is one way students can fulfill the university’s mandatory diversity requirement, and many sections are offered throughout the school year.

Source: Ohio State class teaches students to detect and respond to microaggressions, white privilege – The College Fix

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CBC crew hits pothole, gets flat tire while gathering video of pothole problem – Newfoundland & Labrador 

Potholes are destroying tires on a number of busy thoroughfares in the St. John’s and Mount Pearl areas — even a CBC crew was taken out of commission by one. On Friday morning, a CBC crew out gathering video of some serious potholes inadvertently hit one – causing a flat tire. The crew had to call a towing company. They’re not alone. Potholes have been destroying tires on a number of busy thoroughfares in the St. John’s and Mount Pearl areas.

Source: CBC crew hits pothole, gets flat tire while gathering video of pothole problem – Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News

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Constitutional Carry Coming to MORE States This Year; Is Yours On the List?

In 2016, several states passed new laws regarding carrying handguns for self-defense outside the home. The states of Idaho, West Virginia, and Missouri all enacted “Constitutional Carry,” removing the requirement that a citizen obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Now, even more states are looking at similar measures.Though to varying degrees in several states, the number of states that have enacted Constitutional Carry provisions has increased exponentially in recent years. Contrary to the ravings of Leftist gun grabbers, bloodbaths have yet to appear (don’t worry, they won’t).As of the beginning of 2017, here are all of the states that do not require a permit to carry a concealed handgun outside the home, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center:

Source: Constitutional Carry Coming to MORE States This Year; Is Yours On the List? | The Federalist Papers

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Obama and the Merchants of Death

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Federal judge: Ohio’s three-drug death penalty cocktail poses ‘substantial risk of serious harm’ 

DAYTON, Ohio — A federal magistrate judge on Thursday barred the use of a three-drug cocktail the state of Ohio planned to use to execute death-row inmates, declaring the method the state prefers to be unconstitutional.Magistrate Judge Michael Merz of Dayton also halted the executions of three inmates scheduled to be executed in the coming months, two of which came from Northeast Ohio.Merz, in his 119-page order, ruled that there were enough problems with all three of the drugs Ohio intends to use in its execution protocol to warrant this disallowance. Two states, Arizona and Florida, have discontinued the use of one of the drugs, named midazolam.”The Court concludes that use of midazolam as the first drug in Ohio’s present three-drug protocol will create a ‘substantial risk of serious harm’ or an ‘objectively intolerable risk of harm’ as required by (Supreme Court precedent),”

Source: Federal judge: Ohio’s three-drug death penalty cocktail poses ‘substantial risk of serious harm’ |

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Boeing’s new spacesuits look like a big upgrade from NASA’s

Some day soon, private companies are expected to take over the task of carrying astronauts to and from the International Space Station. SpaceX and Boeing are leading the pack, with their first crewed flights slated to take off in 2018.Boeing’s Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon will come with their own matching outfits, and Boeing just unveiled its new spacesuit.The “Boeing Blue” suit is intended to keep astronauts safe when they launch to the ISS and return to Earth inside a Boeing capsule. If something goes wrong during launch or re-entry, the pressurized suit can provide a backup life-support system for each astronaut. Astronauts will still use NASA’s heavy-duty spacesuit when they go on spacewalks outside of the ISS.

Source: Boeing’s new spacesuits look like a big upgrade from NASA’s | Popular Science

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Ice Fishing Derby To Take Place With or Without Ice

There’s no ice on most of the St. Lawrence River, but that’s no problem for one north country ice fishing tournament.The “Fire & Ice Fishing Derby” is one of the Alexandria Bay Fire Department’s two biggest fund raisers.Although the river isn’t frozen over, anglers will be able to find some ice in bays and surrounding lakes, or fish from boats or docks.”Last year we didn’t have a lot of ice either, but we still have a good time. People can still fish whether there’s ice or not. There’s fish, there’s water, so we’re having the derby,” said Teresa Henning, Fire & Ice Fishing Derby Committee.There’s a grand prize of $2,000 for adults and a guided fishing tour for children under 12.Winners will be chosen through a raffle. To qualify you just have to catch a fish 26 inches or longer.

Source: Ice Fishing Derby To Take Place With or Without Ice

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Seals hunt down hidden fish by sensing their breath in the sand

It’s a slasher film scenario playing out in nature. Harbour seals use their whiskers to follow underwater vibrations rippling away from gills of fish so they can home in on prey.

Until now we didn’t know how seals manage to locate and catch bottom-dwelling fish that are hidden beneath the sand.

“We have solved a longstanding riddle,” says Wolf Hanke, the biologist at the University of Rostock in Germany who led the study. “These flatfish are very cryptic. They burrow in the ground and they’re covered with sand or silt, but the seals still grab them.”

The only way to avoid being eaten would be to stop breathing until the seal swims on – although it’s not clear if flatfish do this.

Wonderful whiskers

Flatfish constitute up to 70 per cent of the diet of harbour seals, so being able to detect the fish is key to the seals’ success. After watching a hunting seal, with a camera attached to it, pinpointing flatfish with no visual giveaways to their position, Hanke and his colleagues set out to figure out how the seals do it.

To snap up the fish, seals use their whiskers to follow trails in the water.

“To see a seal following an underwater wake is amazing,” says Collen Reichmuth, a marine biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “It’s as if the animal is pulled by an invisible thread.”


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Monk Accused of Hosting Teen Meth Parties at Temple

Police arrested a monk Friday in Si Saket province after he hosted one too many teen drug parties at his temple.

Police said they moved in on 37-year-old Phra Prakong Punyavaro after the governor’s office received complaints from residents about his regular drug parties at the Ban Krapho monastery.

Officers searched Prakong’s residence and said they found a small amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The monk was defrocked and charged with possession of Category One narcotics.

Source: Monk Accused of Hosting Teen Meth Parties at Temple

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Pickle App Lets People Pay You to Do Dares 

The Pickle app is essentially a job-hunting tool for people willing to do almost anything, with users able to set up dares such as “run down the street naked” or “shave off all your hair,” then pay people to perform them.The app uses a geo-location system in order to help users set up a dare and wait for people in their area to respond, with these users able to negotiate on prices before agreeing to do them. Alongside dares, users can pay others to do more traditional jobs for them, such as cleaning their car or delivering a Big Mac to their front door. Users can filter out jobs they’re not able to do, such as hairdressing or building work, and then browse their local area for dares/jobs that they match their criteria.Also: The Meitu App is the Internet’s Latest ObsessionUsers link their accounts to PayPal in order to ensure their transactions are made safely, while Pickle takes a 10% cut of any money that exchanges hands via the app.

Source: Pickle App Lets People Pay You to Do Dares – CraveOnline

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Googly-eyed robot beats ‘I am not a robot’ Captcha test 

 A mechanical robotic arm managed to circumvent a computer password system meant to deter “robots.”YouTube user Matt Unsworth shared video of the robot, outfitted with a pair of googly eyes, as it used a stylus pen to check an “I am not a robot” Captcha security box.The tounge-in-cheek video pokes fun at the language used by the security verification system intended to prevent spam or computer automated extraction of data from websites.The robotic arm slides the stylus up the computer mouse pad before just barely managing to click inside the on-screen check box which proceeded to swirl into a green check mark.

Source: Googly-eyed robot beats ‘I am not a robot’ Captcha test –

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