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Your Private Browsing History Alone Can Give Away Your Identity

Advertisers would give just about anything to be able to lurk over your shoulder as you browse the internet. They want to know what sites you visit, how you get to them, how long you spend on them, and where you go next—along with as much personal information about you as they can get.Of course, they don’t have to be in the room to figure any of that out. Dozens of trackers embedded in nearly every website collect information about how you interact with the page, and cookies stored in your browser tell advertisers how often you’ve visited the site before. But the holy grail is the ability to string all this information together to create profiles that corresponds to each individual user—that is, creating a complete picture of each person on the internet, beyond just scattered data points.

Source: Your Private Browsing History Alone Can Give Away Your Identity – The Atlantic

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‘Politics of intimidation,’ or family feud? Anger grows as Dallas Police and Fire Pension System looks for fix 

As the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board braced for possible legal action from four of its own trustees, frustrated Chairman Sam Friar sought retribution.Friar, in his personal capacity, circulated a resolution among police and fire associations. The document proposed to permanently ban the associations from giving any endorsements or other political support for the council members on the board for their “despicable action.”

Association leaders ultimately disagreed with Friar’s resolution. But both his maneuver and the council members’ request to have a court take control of the pension system have added more friction to the deeply strained relationship between City Hall and active and retired police and firefighters.

Some hope still remains that they’ll find a way to save the pension system from insolvency. But so far, talks have gone nowhere, and tensions are running high.

Source: ‘Politics of intimidation,’ or family feud? Anger grows as Dallas Police and Fire Pension System looks for fix | Dallas City Hall | Dallas News

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U.S. charges NSA contractor with taking top-secret material | McClatchy DC

WASHINGTON Prosecutors Wednesday indicted a former U.S. intelligence contractor on charges of stealing highly classified documents, nearly six months after investigators swooped down on his Maryland home and found “breathtaking” quantities of top-secret information, some of it stored in a shed and in his car.Prosecutors slapped 20 felony counts on Harold T. Martin III, 52, accusing him of willful retention of national defense information. Each count carries a potential 10-year jail term.But they did not charge Martin with the more serious crime of espionage, an indication that investigators had found no evidence that Martin passed classified information to a foreign government or anyone else. Rather, he appeared to be a compulsive hoarder.

The 12-page indictment accuses Martin of removing classified information during a 20-year period when he was employed by seven different private companies working for parts of the U.S. intelligence community, then amassing the top-secret material in his Glen Burnie, Maryland, home.Martin “flagrantly abused the trust placed in him by the government,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein of the District of Maryland.Another official said contractors and insiders within the intelligence community could cause ruinous damage when they flouted strict secrecy regulations.

Source: U.S. charges NSA contractor with taking top-secret material | McClatchy DC

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After Targeting Linux, Mirai Botnet Is Here To Hack Your Windows Devices

Last year was full of reports of hacking attacks that were performed with the army of Mirai botnets, which was the very first popular IoT malware. Hackers took control of the devices using their default username and passwords, and used them to carry out one of the biggest ever DDoS attacks.While Mirai botnet (Mirai.Linux) originally infected Linux-based IoT devices, the security researchers have now been able to detect a new version of Mirai that infects Windows computers.

Source: After Targeting Linux, Mirai Botnet Is Here To Hack Your Windows Devices

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European People-Smugglers Are Using Garlic To Sneak Illegal Immigrants Into The UK 

European people-smuggling gangs are using garlic to confuse sniffer dogs as they attempt to sneak people into the UK.The extraordinary ruse came to light at the ongoing trial of four Bulgarian men in England who are accused of people-trafficking.When border officials in the port town of Dover in the south of England found nine illegal immigrants in the hidden compartment of a van, they found a large secret stash of garlic which they believe was being used specifically to distract sniffer dogs.The men are accused of smuggling five Afghans – including three children – plus two Iraqis and two Iranians into the UK.Prosecutor Hugh Forgan told Maidstone Crown Court that the smuggling trip had been just one of several made by the four Bulgarian men in the dock. He said that when the vehicles were stopped they appeared to be empty of any cargo. However, on closer inspection, each had been adapted to hide illegal immigrants.

Source: European People-Smugglers Are Using Garlic To Sneak Illegal Immigrants Into The UK | Heat Street

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A Lightweight Screen Recorder for Linux – OMG! Ubuntu!

Want to record your Ubuntu desktop for a screencast, video tutorial, or bug report? I highly recommend giving Green Recorder a shot. Green Recorder is a minimal yet perfectly functional desktop screen recorder app for Ubuntu. It’s built using

Source: A Lightweight Screen Recorder for Linux – OMG! Ubuntu!

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Password Tips for Kids (and Adults) – Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society

Kids are online all the time and many of the sites they use require accounts with passwords. For #SaferInternetDay 2017, here are some tips for kids to help them keep their passwords safe. These apply to adults as well!Don’t use anything that others can guess about you like your name or your birthday. The best passwords are ones that are hard to figure out.Mix it up. Good passwords use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You can even substitute symbols for letters like using $ instead of an S.Use a different password for each site. This way, if someone guesses your password on one site, they won’t have access to information on all of the sites you use.

Source: Password Tips for Kids (and Adults) – Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society

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‘Top 10 Spammer’ Indicted for Wire Fraud 

Michael A. Persaud, a California man profiled in a Nov. 2014 KrebsOnSecurity story about a junk email purveyor tagged as one of the World’s Top 10 Worst Spammers, was indicted this week on federal wire fraud charges tied to an alleged spamming operation.According to an indictment returned in federal court in Chicago, Persaud used multiple Internet addresses and domains – a technique known as “snowshoe spamming” – to transmit spam emails over at least nine networks.The Justice Department says Persaud sent well over a million spam emails to recipients in the United States and abroad. Prosecutors charge that Persaud often used false names to register the domains, and he created fraudulent “From:” address fields to conceal that he was the true sender of the emails. The government also accuses Persaud of “illegally transferring and selling millions of email addresses for the purpose of transmitting spam.”

Source: ‘Top 10 Spammer’ Indicted for Wire Fraud — Krebs on Security

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How to Protect Your Ideas Without a Patent (with Pictures)

The United States Constitution allows inventors to obtain patent protection for scientific and technical inventions.[1] Having a patent on an invention means an inventor can exclude others from making, using, or selling that invention for a limited time.[2] But what if you have an idea and you’re not sure getting a patent is the right way to proceed? Fortunately, there are other options available for protecting ideas and inventions, including holding information as a trade secret. Often companies or individuals consider this option if the invention may have a long term impact or value since patents have a finite life and the knowledge thereafter becomes public domain.[3]

Source: How to Protect Your Ideas Without a Patent (with Pictures)

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