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‘Pot Sasquatch’ interrupts live news broadcast 

Forget about Sasquatch sightings, those are sooooo last year. We’ve now moved on to the “‘Pot Sasquatch.” Apparently, he (or she) is alive and well and living in Springfield, Massachusetts. If you don’t believe me, the Pot Sasquatch was caught on video during WWLP’s meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei’s winter storm coverage. It’s crystal clear. Not like those blurry 1970s Bigfoot footage we’re used to seeing. If there’s a Pot Sasquatch—and the proof is right here—then there has to be a hash oil-coated Loch Ness Monster roaming the waters somewhere harshing the mellow of fisherman and sailors, too. I believe!

Source: ‘Pot Sasquatch’ interrupts live news broadcast | Dangerous Minds

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