Parents Do Need to be Vigilant But, No, Minecraft Does NOT Have a “Doorway to the Black Web”

Outline:Circulating message warns parents that games such as Minecraft have a doorway to the “black web”. The message claims that, if players move their game character through this doorway, they can then become the target for groomers.Analysis:To be clear, if younger children are playing games in which they can interact with other players online, then parents and guardians certainly need to remain vigilant. Predators have indeed contacted and groomed children via such platforms.However, the claim that Minecraft or other such games have some sort of magical doorway to a sinister “black web” inhabited by sexual predators is simply nonsense. There is no such doorway.The person who wrote and first distributed this would-be warning may have meant well, but he or she apparently has very little understanding of how the Internet actually works. Presumably, the author of the warning is referring to the so-called dark web when he or she references the “black web”.  In fact, the dark web can be defined as a “collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers”.

Source: Parents Do Need to be Vigilant But, No, Minecraft Does NOT Have a “Doorway to the Black Web” – Hoax-Slayer 2G

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