Nokia Reportedly Set to Relaunch the 3310

Nokia really struggled to continue its mobile phone dominance of the early ‘00s after the emergence of smart phone giants like Apple and Samsung. But now the company is reportedly set to go back to what it knows best by relaunching the classic Nokia 3310 – the always reliable and seemingly indestructible phone originally released in 2000.

Evan Blass broke the news for VenutreBeat, reporting that Nokia will introduce a “modern version” of the 3310 at the Mobile World Congress on 26 February. It will likely be pitched as a second phone to people who want a no nonsense backup to their smart phone and will be sold for around £50 (59 euros).

Hopefully we’ll have more news on this bold move by Nokia following the MWC later this month.

Source: Nokia Reportedly Set to Relaunch the 3310

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